International Business

Master of Business Administration ± MBA Semester 4 MB0037 ± International Business Management - 3 Credits Assignment Set- 1 60 Marks Note: Each

question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.
Q.1 a. How has liberalizing trade helped international business? (6 marks)

b. What are the merits and demerits of international trade? (4 marks) Q. 2 Discuss the impact of cult ure on International Business. (10 marks)

Q.3. a. Explain the brie f structure of WTO. (5 marks) b. Highlight the drawbacks of GATT. (5 marks) Q.4. a. Give a short note on the regional economic integration. (5 marks) b. Mention the benefits of WTO. (5 marks) Q. 5 a. Explain five -element product wave model. (7 mark s) b. What do you mean by globalization? (3 marks) Q. 6. Give some examples of companies doing international business and discuss how they have they have managed their business in the international markets. (10 marks) Fall 2010

(10 marks) Q. Mention the different entry strategies to enter international markets. What are the features of exchange and currency markets? (4 marks) Q.2 60 Marks Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Q. (10 marks) Q. Write a short note on branding and trademarks. (6 marks) b.1 Evaluate the monetary system and currency markets in international business management. How has E-commerce helped in international marketing? (6 marks) Q.2 a. Answer all the questions. 6 Discuss the various International product and pricing decisions. 5 a.4. (4 marks) b.3 a. Explain the importance of STP in international markets. (8 marks) b.MBA Semester 4 MB0037 ± International Business Management .Master of Business Administration . Explain Bill of Ladin g and Letters of credit. (10 marks . What is UNCITRAL and what it does? (2 marks) Q.3 Credits (Book ID: B0861) Assignment Set.

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