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C 113 E/104 Official Journal of the European Union EN 8.5.


Wednesday 12 March 2008

7. Sustainable agriculture and biogas: review of EU legislation

Report: Csaba Sándor TABAJDI (A6-0034/2008)

Subject Amendment No Author RCV, etc. Vote RCV/EV — remarks

§5 § original text sep +

§ 18 § original text sep +

§ 23 § original text split

1 +

2/EV - 313, 320, 10

§ 27 § original text sep -

§ 41 § original text sep/EV + 304, 251, 15

oral amendment

after § 46 1 ALDE +

vote: resolution (text as a whole) RCV + 606, 24, 12

Requests for roll-call votes

IND/DEM: final vote

Requests for separate votes

PPE-DE: §§ 18, 5, 41
Verts/ALE: § 27
Requests for split votes
§ 23
1st part: ‘Considers that … commercially viable’
2nd part: ‘calls, therefore … German Renewable Energy Act;’
Csaba Sándor Tabajdi (rapporteur) moved an oral amendment to paragraph 41, to read as follows:

41. Proposes that the promotion of biogas be fully included in the framework of the proposed
directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (COM(2008)0019), with
special emphasis on the following:
(a) (deletion)
(b) annual statistics and reports on agricultural biogas production in order to be able to follow up on
the targets,
(c) measures for the construction and promotion of biogas installations based on a national or
regional impact assessment, promoting those installations that, nationally and/or regionally, are
most beneficial to the environment and which are economically sustainable; measures for the
dissemination and promotion of results gained from prior experiences or demonstration projects
need to be included in all plans; if regional and rural development regulations do not allow
funding of such measures, they must be amended,
(d) provisions encouraging or requiring Member States to engage in national and regional planning in
order to limit legal and administrative impediments, for instance natural gas or other fossil fuels
should not be preferred in areas in which it is feasible to sell heat generated from biogas to local
heating providers;