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had to retain its loyalty and also cultivate new consumers. Cold creams had come to be used as emollients. Pond¶s cold cream being one of the early entrants in this market. Making a good advertising positioning strategy for future was a challenging task for the top label management. especially in the winter months rather than as a foundation for make-up and its removal. The task of effective communication was becoming more challenging in view of the increasing competition .INTRODUCTION ‡ Pond¶s cold cream was an established market leader in a competitive cold-cream market in India. reveal ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

5 million was held by cheseborough pond¶s Inc. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .145.800.COMPANY BACKGROUND ‡ ‡ Pond¶s (India) limited a public limited company.160 million in the accounting year July 1978-june 1979. Angel face Vaseline and Cutex. Pond's products were market. for 1977-78.USA. 10. on a gross sales turnover of Rs. yielding a profit after tax of Rs.2 million.4 million. Its estimated 25 million consumers largely urban women aged 15-45.leaders with shares ranging form 20-25%. The company¶s profit before tax. Its entries in the hair preparations segment included pond¶s shampoo and Vaseline hair tonic and scalp conditioner. 40% of the company¶s equity of Rs. 2. The dividend was 12%. among others. with monthly household incomes exceeding Rs.5 million was Rs. Dream flower.9. It marketed these products under the well-known brand names of Pond¶s . It was manufacturing and marketing toiletries and cosmetics with an annual gross sales turnover in excess of Rs.

however. Over four-fifths of the total sales were made in metropolis cities and class 1 towns.COLD CREAM MARKET IN INDIA ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The concept of cold cream. The Eastern region followed with slightly over a quarter of the total market while the western and southern regions were way behind with about 15% and under 10% respectively. In India. as developed in western countries was of a cleansing cream especially used for removal of make up. 60 million in 1978. The market in volume terms. had grown in recent years at the rate of 6% per annum and in value terms. ‡ ‡ . The market catered to by manufactures in the sector. by 10% per annum. The cold cream market remained highly urbanised. was estimated at about Rs. cold creams would be used a great deal as winter emollients.

Pond¶s cold cream Promotion ‡ Pond¶s has been traditional market leader in cold ±cream market in India. ‡ It was middle range amongst the half a dozen known brands. ‡It is closely attached with the middle class and upper class segments of urban society of India ‡ It had been promoted as an essential item in minimum cosmetic requirements for an average middle class young lady. ‡ Pond¶s cold cream emphasized the discovery of one¶s real complexion in a matter of seven days. . ‡ changing in new campaign compare to previous campaign. ‡ Two applications were recommended.

60 6.55 9.80 9.55 Lemon cold cream RS.85 18. P 4.85 Not applicable Not applicable .Pond s cold cream prices SIZE Quantity Cold cream RS.60 14.35 6. p Small Medium Large Family Economy 14g 30g 60g 100g 140g 4.

80 _ 18. P _ _ 7.00 Lakme RS. P 6.50 7.30 _ 11.00 _ 10.Market prices of major competing brands Pack size Nivea RS.90 _ 7.75 _ 19.62 _ 10.50 _ Charmis RS.80 _ _ 25g 30g (Tube) 40g 50g 80g 125g 160g . P 4.

‡ Compare of earlier campaign and past three years . (2) Need for softness and smoothness. . ‡ Application of cream recommended to apply other parts of the body. ³ Laugh dry winter skin away with cold cream by Pond¶s´ ‡ The copy emphasized that it content extra-rich natural. as given below in their rank order :(1) Overcoming dryness of the skin. ‡ This data brought forth varying to characteristics of the skin with regard to the need for a cold cream. (3) Protection against the weather.The development of a new campaign ‡ The existing campaign was developed on the research data .

.  Cold cream were associated with the female population. Calcutta and Delhi.  In 3 metropolis cities where cold cream usage is high such as.  Charmis and Lakme were the two other popular cold creams. Son and John was the main competitors for the Pond¶s cold cream.COMPETITIVE SITUATION  Pond¶s cold cream was the market leaders.  Nivea cream which was manufactured by J. Eastern and Southern region.Morison.L.  In regional areas pond¶s was substantially ahead of Nivea such as. Bombay .

Max factor  They advertise as a µlight deep cleanser¶.  They referred to its delicate flower -fresh fragrance.COMPETITIVE ADVERTISING In the cold cream markets there were many competitors which were giving challenge to the Pond¶s Nivea Cream  Nivea cream continued to emphasize the beauty application. . Charmis All purpose-cream  Creams were used in the both during Day and night and winter as well as summer.  The all-whether usage was projected only as a sideline.

Pears skin cream  Advertisement for Pears skin cream. .  ³Emami makes you beautiful´ .  ³Does your skin pose a problem´ ? Emami  Emami cold cream with almond oil which is introduced by Emami Talcum Powder . Boroline  They were using magazines for advertisement like Filmfare and Femina with full page advertisements. released in selected test markets of North India.

.  Still pond¶s cold cream was stronger than that of Nivea in middle-income groups.  user was getting better value for their money spent in the product. Pond¶s cream was perceived as a product more suited to less sophisticated consumers.  It considering pond¶s cold cream was now in the mature stage of its product life cycle.  It proved that to be quite effective for winter beauty care.REVIEW OF POND¶S PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY  It had become increasingly obvious that the positioning of the Pond¶s cold cream.

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