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Oil Argument Debate

Oil Argument Debate

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Published by Sara Amodeo

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Published by: Sara Amodeo on Nov 29, 2010
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Loic Fauchon said that “Water is endangered, and with it, so are we,” at the World Water Forum and this statement is true. Water to be used as fuel, energy is helpful to the environment but it also allows a few conflicts to occur in the world. First off would be the control of the water supply. If water becomes the “oil of the future”, the more likely conflicts will be over water, there will be more frequent, more numerous, more widespread. 97% of the world is water, but 96% of that water is salt water and therefore is undrinkable and unusable.

Water is our most valuable thing, we need it to live and if the world goes through the fresh water that is already diminishing then we really will be in endangered because we will use that 1% of fresh usable water and be left with salt water. A person who drinks only seawater will eventually die. The body's cells will dehydrate as they try to get rid of the excess salt from the seawater. Nor can people use seawater in agriculture or industry. It kills most crops, and quickly rusts most machinery. To distill water costs $4 to about $7 to produce 1,000 gallons (3,800 litres) of fresh water from seawater but that 1000 gallons wouldn’t just be for our drinking. We would use it for hydro energy, running water in our homes, in factories and for our bottled water.

Oil is unchangeable. You would have to chemically change the structure of the molecules to make oil into gas. Water is easily changed by the climate, pollution and by various other natural reasons. Water is easily frozen into a block of ice, oil is not and water is easily evaporated which again, oil is not. Water when broken down is just hydrogen and oxygen which are both gases and cannot be used for anything. Oil however when broken down can be turned into natural gases and that gas is used to fuel our cars, heat our homes and cook our food.

create energy that is long lasting and renewable electricity.The oil that we use today is easier to use as it’s already in the state that we need. . Large quantities of usable energy can be created from oil that water cannot provide because the heat would cause it to evaporate too quickly. Oil also creates a high amount of energy upon combustion and helps in locomotion such as transportation and can be used to create electricity and various forms of other energies. Oil is also extremely easy to transport through the pipelines and sea tankers and can get from one country to another whenever it’s needed and can be distributed around the world as well. Oil is easily combustible and can be used in factories and not evaporate as water would. it’s used to heat our homes and help cook our food. Water needs to be saved to help us as a species live instead of replacing oil. Oil is apart of our daily lives. Oil is also rather inexpensive for all of the uses that it has due to the large reserves and is easily accessible by any country.

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