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Why Not

Why Not

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Published by: Kevin Lucas on Nov 29, 2010
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Why Not?

Writing and Living Your Vision

The Manifesto of: Kevin Jackson Lucas

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Introduction............................................................................................................................................................................................................3 Dedication..............................................................................................................................................................................................................7 Who am I?..............................................................................................................................................................................................................8 Stop complaining about what the government won't do......................................................................................................................................10 From Vision to Reality.........................................................................................................................................................................................12 The Power of Internet Marketing.........................................................................................................................................................................16 Conclusion...........................................................................................................................................................................................................20

Why Not? Page 2

For those that don't know. Bethany: Having beliefs isn't good? Why Not? Page 3 . For the vision is yet for an appointed time. and make it plain upon tables.wars. To read his manifesto titled “A Brief Guide to World Domination: How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World and other important goals” just click the link. The idea is to inspire yourself as well as others to follow their dreams which is where I got the title “Why Not?”. but it bothers Him to see the shit that gets carried out in His name . wait for it. Family. Complete Strangers and so on. it will not tarry. dreams and intentions no matter how big or small. What happened was people began to take great ideas and teachings and turn them into religious doctrines and traditions for the sake of control.Introduction This is my first time writing a manifesto. and not lie: though it tarry. He said humanity took a good idea and. but at the end it shall speak. bigotry. After a while religion became so diluted that most people lost sight of the true meaning behind scriptural teachings. a manifesto is a detailed reflection on one's life. built a belief structure on it. Some got so fed up with the control of religiosity that they removed themselves from religion altogether. I think it ultimately makes sense anyway for everyone to write a manifesto at least once in their lives. It has been used in religious teachings all over the world for centuries. The other stipulation to writing a manifesto is to tell the whole world "Write about it: Friends. After all the Bible does say the vision. because it will surely come. that he may run that readeth it. like always. My own inspiration to write a manifesto came from reading the manifesto of Chris Guillebeau. You see the idea of the Law of Attraction is not a new one at all. There is not a proper way to write one but usually you will include some your goals. televangelism. I love the quote Chris Rock (playing the 13th apostle Rufus) has in the movie “Dogma” about Christianity: “Rufus: He (Jesus) still digs humanity. hopes." (Habakkuk 2:2 KJV). But especially the factioning of all the religions.

Changing a belief is trickier. but in life as well. Remember as a child when you used to imagine whatever fit your fancy. a police officer and an astronaut. act and talk. get a “real” job. You are taught from early childhood to believe that in order to be successful. and unfair (much like Feudalism in the Dark Ages). You have ultimately been programmed since the time you could talk to live a miserable existence. and you can only pick one career. who you can and can't associate with and so on. grow old and die. Life should be malleable and progressive. If that isn't enough society brands in your mind that there is a certain way you have to look. working from idea to idea permits that. he decided he wanted to change the world. Your race. How many people have left conventional ordinary lifestyles to become largely successful in their own right? More importantly.Rufus: I think it's better to have ideas. how many Why Not? Page 4 . your teddy bear isn't alive. Then you are told that your dream to become an actor or singer or artist is “not realistic” because no matter how talented you are. what type of movies you can watch. You get that line shoved down your throat until you feel that is your only purpose in life by the time you're a teenager. graduate high school. maybe if you have time you'll become a singer or an actor or a basketball player as well? Then one day “reality” tells you that Superman isn't real. Amelia Earhart wanted to be a pilot. You used to run around the house with a towel on your back bringing imaginary criminals to justice. Instead. financial background and social status determine what type of music you can listen to. You can change an idea. your entire life has been built around a belief system. new ideas can't generate. The worst part is that most people in life are subconsciously trained to accept their “place” in life and that life is supposed to be harsh. Everyone expected Jesus to be a carpenter like his daddy. pay your bills. very few make it and you'll risk becoming a “starving artist”. you have to go to school. and you would reply without hesitation that you wanted to be a doctor. If you think about it. In the meantime Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became billionaires by dropping out of college and doing what they loved to do: create! Biggie Smalls went against his mother's version of a safer life and the streets version of a safer life to become a pioneer in the music industry. get married. go to college. even though that was not what a little girl should want to be. a firefighter. cold. Life becomes stagnant. So for fear of being broke you begin to choose a “safer” version of life. or taking your teddy bear and using your doctor toys for a “check up”? Remember being maybe 5 or 6 and people would ask you what you want to be when you grew up. Beliefs anchor you to certain points and limit growth. have children.” This quote is not only profound in just a religious aspect.

you might as well go home. 1954 and ran it in 3 minutes and 59. do you think called them crazy for doing so. The people will always ultimately hold the power. Now a 4 minute mile is the standard in the Olympics. Even as I am challenging myself. Just look back and think about how many things have happened that. you will still be in a box. and while they're living the life you always wanted. Stop limiting yourself to a box and know that anything is possible. Besides. I challenge you. we just haven't figured out how to do it yet. Roger Bannister came along on May 6. Because of that I get to enjoy interacting with wonderful people of all races nations and creeds. So as you read this manifesto. Imagine if you had a time machine to go back to 1980 and explain touchscreen phones. the reader.” Can you imagine how many people thought Dr. Why Not? Page 5 . someone eventually will. But power is useless if you don't exercise it. he continued to march all over the country. that he was risking his life for every word he spoke against racial discrimination. the inhabitants thereof have never been a better example of wasted potential. It used to be a “belief” that running a 4 minute mile was impossible for a human being.people initially. Stop listening to everyone else and listen to yourself. you would have thought it “impossible”. He could've been like so many other African Americans at the time and just accepted that racism was just a fact of life. Martin Luther King Jr. or iPods or the internet. as well as everyone else. if you can't do that.4 seconds. if you don't do it. Unfortunately. I want to encourage you to be different. if you heard about it 10 years ago. But he didn't and even though he knew. Eddie Griffith in a stand-up routine said that. was crazy for wanting to change American society? I can hear him now stating his dream to others “I am going to end racial hatred in America and I will do it without violence”. (and I am paraphrasing) “Beethoven had to be crazy to be deaf and want to make music. Thomas Edison had to be insane to want to create a machine that allows you to talk to people that aren't even in the building. to look beyond the box society has placed us in. We live in a world that has more opportunity than ever before. Nothing is impossible.

”(Luke 17:6) -Jesus Christ Why Not? Page 6 . Be rooted up and planted in the sea. and it would be done. If your faith was only as great as a grain of mustard seed. you might say to this tree.“And the Lord said.

Kevin J. at school. my four children. Thank you for feeling that my thoughts were important enough to take time to read.Dedication I dedicate this manifesto to my wife. Most important. Lucas Why Not? Page 7 . or at work. This is for my uncles and aunts cousins and grandparents (rest in peace). my father in-law and mother in-law. To anyone I have considered my friend. at church. my parents. May you all be inspired to live out your dreams. In the Air Force. my brothers and sisters in-law. my sister. at college. this is dedicated to the person reading this right now. past or present. To those I've met throughout my life whether it be from the block. Eternally Grateful.

and where I am going. Why can't I find a better job than listening to people complain all day about a product you didn't sell them? Why is it so hard for me to find a job anyway? So I got on the computer and started researching. What made things even more frustrating was that I am actually a pretty versatile and talented guy. Along the way I picked up some extra skills and learned a lot about how business operates. One thing unemployment does is gives you plenty of time to think about life.. I was smart enough for college. I have always loved reading personal development literature and what better time to read than when you Why Not? Page 8 . I am going to let you know who I am. I began to question why was I not doing better.. I am a computer wiz. 40 months later I got Honorably Discharged and headed off to Tulsa. especially when you have a family to take care of. call centers. I was born and raised in Chicago. I can sing. I can sell. Some of you have never heard of me. OK with my new wife and two boys. I would have at least thought I could have a $50.000 a year job. I came from a middle class family and attended some of the best schools in the city. I also eventually found my way back in school pursuing my degree.Who am I? Hello my name is Kevin. in fact. IL. I play drums. retail stores. I can clean. and place him in a parent free environment for a year with no worries about food or shelter? The Answer: an 18 year old that is back home with mom and dad. that I graduated high school on my 17th birthday with a full scholarship (room and board included) to the Illinois Institute of Technology. So I immediately went to plan B. but after a quarter century of existence. The military provided some of the best experiences of my life and also provided some of my closest friends. Riddle me this: what happens when you take a 17 year old kid. but not disciplined enough. Either way. Since then I have worked at print shops. I can shoot and edit video. I play sports. I can cook. I even did a 3-4 week stint at McDonald's. So smart. people always said I was a smart kid. Long story short. I also learned that recessions suck. where I came from. I know accounting. I enlisted in the United States Air Force. Some of you reading this know me already. Initially I started finding books on becoming successful. I can research. Napoleon Hill. I love martial arts. I can write about almost anything. Ever since I could remember. Stephen Covey – type of books. Not that I expected to be a multimillionaire by now. It's nice to meet you.

I had always wanted to do so before . The Power of Internet Marketing Why Not? Page 9 . yet everyone is struggling”? I began to try and find the opportunities around me. Reading that caused me to think. with all of this technology and information surrounding us. For those who haven't read it. my sights were too narrow. It turns out Mr. “What if Russell Conwell were alive today. At the time my focus was too narrow. but further research pointed me into the right direction. that a light bulb went off. Like I said before. Conwell was right. The next few sections will cover: 1. Why it's not the Government's fault 2. I'll talk more on that later. The whole premise of the lecture is that opportunity is all around you. Kevin Lucas. “Acres of Diamonds” is a motivational lecture written about 20 years after the Civil War. Now I am finally ready to take a risk and become an entrepreneur. opportunity was right in front of my nose. Turning Vision into Reality 3. I thought that writing articles or blogging for pay was an over-saturated market and that it would be impossible to make more than gas money. It was when I read Russell Conwell's “Acres of Diamonds”. So here I am. but I could never figure out what I wanted to do.have nothing better to do. You just have to dig deep enough. for the first time going into business for himself. You see I had a basic idea of money making opportunities on the internet.

it is safe to assume that only 1. So each member of Congress and the President is individually responsible for making roughly 600. At least your voice would be heard. If you didn't vote. Now the Department of Commerce is responsible for the economy but they can't do much because we are a Capitalist nation (some would argue mixed economy). It goes without saying even less people vote for mayors and governors My next point is that the government is not responsible for your happiness. Then I thought about it a little longer and had an epiphany. First of all. Democracy is dead in America and we killed it. that makes 536 people. we still pour our money into these businesses instead of demanding they change. that means somewhere between 31% and 35% percent actually got who they wanted in office for President and Congressional seats. In other words. Yes.5% of eligible voters got who they really wanted for president and congress. On top of that. Furthermore only 6% of the voting population actually determines the presidential nominations. The estimated population of the United States is 310 million people. 85 million did not vote in 2008 and that was one of the largest voter turnouts ever. have you attempted to write your Congressman with your complaints? Believe it or not local congressmen are pretty good about responding to complaint letters. It's not the government's fault. Why Not? Page 10 . Once again it is our fault. Upset with the government for “allowing” the recession to happen. Who honestly expects one man to keep 310 million people happy? Even if you add Congress. Which brings me to this point. So if only 60% voted. So its obvious that we can complain about the system but no one wants to actually participate and make it better. My suggestion is that you shut up and color. In other words the economy sucks because we depend too much on big businesses who in turn have slowly outsourced millions of jobs overseas to retain greater profit. out of 216 million eligible voters.000 complete strangers happy. The President is ultimately responsible for enforcing those laws by appointing Supreme Court members and heads of federal agencies.5% of the country to win majority vote. you can't complain about how screwed up the White House is because you allowed 1. My second point is this.Stop complaining about what the government won't do I was like many of you. Most of us can't even make our spouses happy. for skyrocketing unemployment rates and an outrageous amount of national debt. out of 216 million people our entire government was ultimately chosen by about 3 million. Congress is responsible for making laws that uphold the Constitution and declaring war. Seeing how those votes are split about half democrats and half republican and there are multiple candidates for each party.

not the action of the President. The average household debt is about 50.000 per person. Could it be that just maybe. Why Not? Page 11 .000.My final thought on this subject is this. our inability to stop spending is why our leaders see no problem with it either. Divided amongst every U. Real change comes from the action of the people.7 trillion. The national debt is currently at about $13. no one is going to change it except for you. Citizen that is about $44. If you aren't happy with your life. the government mirrors the actions of it's people. Stop blaming the Government for all of your problems.S.

Determining your own vision is not an easy task for some.From Vision to Reality “Where there is no vision. This goes beyond the superficial things you like to do. It may take patience and a little work. so is he” (Proverbs 23:7) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for. All of you sports fans may hear of your favorite players using this technique when they have to catch a ball or make a basket. intelligent foresight and 4. everyday. what do you love to do? For a long time I felt like my vision was to play drums all day. For those that have suggested that the Law of Attraction is not a biblical concept. the evidence of things not seen. The more you focus on anything. I can think of at least 3 verses off the top of my head in which I can prove it is. for everyone. For me. This is usually known of as visualization. the more detailed your vision is. the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18) What is vision? Vision is given 6 definitions in the dictionary. There is no doubt that I have a serious passion to play the drums. but I had to go deeper into why I love the drums. The trick to visualization is. A mental image produced by the imagination. Vision is the first step in making the Law of Attraction (as it is now called) work for you.” (Hebrews 11:1) I digress. they set the emotion of the song. I began to realize that my vision was deeper than that. If the drummer isn't in tune with the emotions intended for a song then the whole song is off. the more likely it is to happen. Think of your vision often. You have to really soul search and think of what it is you truly love to do. When I Why Not? Page 12 . but when all of that gets old. the more you attract it towards you. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) “For as he thinks in his heart. in order to attract what you desire in your life you must first be able to see it happening within your mind. We would all love to have days where we could sleep all day and play video games and party. The two I want to draw attention to are: 2. but in the end it will happen for you. Unusual competence in discernment or perception. the drummer is the motivator in the band.

If you look at a war. In a nut shell my vision is to create a company that helps others to develop and achieve their life's goals. you have to work at it in order to be successful with it. When I play. I think if you educate people. I want to create a company that inspires and teaches others how they can lead the lives they want to lead. playing on the high school varsity team.P. DVDs. Ultimately. Your vision may be to become the next Michael Jordan. my own website. what I want my children to learn from my life. This was just one of the things I considered when developing my vision. Goals are your stepping stones to achieving your vision. Don't worry. The key in turning your vision into a reality is G. interests. I always considered that time period one of the strongest points in my life. Why Not? Page 13 . what friends value in me. volunteer jobs. While others used such a position to boss people around and elevate themselves. scoring 70 points a game. You see the Law of Attraction was never meant to just be a genie in the bottle or a wish upon a star.hear an amazing rhythmic pattern or a tight drum solo. I want to also teach people how to become independent from the corporate and welfare systems which are both grossly overcrowded. I want to recreate that same feeling I get when I listen to music. Plans. there is the war as a whole and there is a Not because I had a position of power. and Action. what I valued in friends.P.A.A. even though they do work together. I literally began an inventory of my skills. possibly even a school for adults and children. workshops. G. stands for Goals. It is said that Napoleon Hill had a similar concept when he developed the courses for the Laws of Success. aren't goals and vision the same thing.A. G. for someone else. was in helping and inspiring others. While I may have not been the cool kid in school. The Law of Attraction just makes things easier from there. Goals I know what you are thinking. My vision is a large one. learning everything about basketball. going to the University of North Carolina. I get goosebumps. I feel inspired. jobs.P. I began to look at the times when I felt like I was on top of the world. My vision includes writing books. Let's examine each in a little bit of detail. this is not a school ranking system. motivational speaking. getting in shape. Not exactly. hobbies. likes. consultations. I feel happy. I was fortunate enough to know what it was like to be looked up to and depended upon during my training in the military. from a vision. I used the position I was given to motivate and build up others. is what separates a dream or a wish. It was only in reflection and soul searching I learned my true passion. educational software and battle within that war. Your goals would then include. but because of how I used that power. etc. making the first round draft in the NBA. they will begin to figure things out for themselves.

but it is important to understand things may go entirely different from how they played out in your head and that's not always a bad thing. Remember the movie “300”? Plans are your specifics. finding a trainer that has extensive knowledge of the subject.T. They can evolve. Realistic. interviewing some of the former champions. there is still hope. Remember the vision is just an idea. it is most likely not going to happen. If you aren't dead. Remember Rufus in the introduction? Ideas are always better because they can be changed.M. it is very wise to have a battle-plan or else you may lose more than you bargained for. Just like goals can change. workouts and styles of every WBC world champion and incorporate the best moves and workouts into your own style and regiment within 6 months. by evolving. and Time-based. I don't repeat this to frustrate anyone. a big idea. Using the war analogy again. but by being dynamic. one of your goals may be to study the habits. Specific. Your plan in achieving this specific goal may include watching old fights and documentaries. and so on. just like losing a battle doesn't mean you automatically lost the war. but still an idea. unless you act on them. your details. No one becomes better by being static. every general goes into battle with a battle-plan Even if it is obvious your army outnumbers theirs. You may just have to re-evaluate the path to your vision. useless. Here is an interesting revelation Plans Just as accomplishing goals lead to the attainment of your vision.winning 6 championships. Goals also have to be S. So if your Action All the most brilliant goals plans and ideas in the world are on goals that I want to share with you: Not achieving a goal doesn't mean you've failed in achieving your vision. Attainable. Your vision may be to become a world class doctor. What if in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed and then everyone just went home? What if Why Not? Page 14 . Measurable. vision is to become a championship boxer. or the entire vision. by adapting to new situations. You may even have to change aspects of the vision. Keep it moving and it'll work itself out.R.A. plans can change too. but if you try to graduate medical school before graduating high-school. and ultimately they will be better for you in the long run. plans are your blueprint for achieving your goals.

The key words are “WALK BY FAITH”. but you have to work to get it. in other words. The problem with potential energy. your goals. Potential energy is energy that is stored due to the position of an object. Your potential energy is your vision. It is the motion of the energy that causes change. your plans. and your friends. In other words you have to believe. Why Not? Page 15 . That has been my life for a long time. You may remember learning about potential and kinetic energy back in high school physics class. your skills and talents.George Washington decided that things were too cold in Valley Forge and moved to Florida? My point is that you can live the life of your dreams. not by sight”. 2 Corinthians 5:7 states “For we walk by faith. is that no matter how great it is. and you also have to walk. it is useless without potential energy because you can only have as much kinetic energy as you originally had potential energy. talk by faith. you have to plan. Though kinetic energy causes change. it never causes change. Your kinetic energy is when you put all these things into motion and watch the change that happens. your education. they just have to be. not sit by faith. goals. and plans don't have to be perfect. is energy put into motion. wish by faith. your resources. I once read a quote (I can't remember who said it) that goes “the mediocre plan followed through to the letter is always better than the perfect plan that is not followed through at all”. your strengths. Visions. but walk by faith. Kinetic energy. action causes change. everyone would do better to live by these words. and by never moving. Regardless of your religious affiliations or beliefs. I always felt that I could do great things but I was not doing anything great. it never moves.

All business is driven by one thing.418. If there was a PhD. Did you ever stop to think that if you could somehow get a penny from every man. without charging the viewers (cable/satellite companies of course provided an answer of “charge them anyways”)? Somewhere along the lines.1 million dollars. said someone then proceeds to find a way to tell the whole world about said product. on the study of this thing.36. the product makers pay for the programming by paying to advertise on the show. the program creators get their money for their creative works. If you were to stop at Day 17. What does this have to do with the Internet? Read On.737. the more we charge the advertising company. But. There is something you can teach to others. until radio arrived. other peoples products are advertised on the show. the advertising company gets more customers (and more money). people interested in said product buy it from said someone. Did you know that a penny doubled every day for 30 days (to clarify if I had . you would have it. Your basic business model is as follows: people have a need. Radio and later television stations were faced with a dilemma. everyday..24? What is even more interesting is that close to 97% of that money was actually made in the last five days.01 on day one and counted to day 31) would give you $10. and keep that first paragraph in your brain. They had a product: entertaining programming. it has been this way. someone develops a product in response to that need. They had a way to tell the world through everyone's home TV's and radio's. And 100-150 million people get to enjoy the Superbowl every year for free. the television station gets its money for airing the show. family. There is something you know more about. the more people that watch the show. to anybody. than all of your friends. people go to buy the product. No matter what that thing is. and associates combined. you would have 3. There is something you do better than anyone else you know. Since the invention of the wheel. you would only have $655.7 million. marketing.The Power of Internet Marketing You are interesting. woman and child in the country. but nowhere near 10. the brilliant idea came about to add the following the standard business model: TV show is created. Did you know that Why Not? Page 16 .. Please keep that in mind as you read this section. There is something in the world you can talk or write about all day. there are at least a thousand people somewhere in this world that would love to hear your version of it's story. for instance. how do you make money. Not bad considering you started with a penny. that is.

00 from 310.000 people is just as profitable and more realistic. there is the needed purchase of your own computer and an internet connection.the GDP (the estimated total value of all goods and services produced in a country a. the most profitable way is a combination of the two business models I mentioned Why Not? Page 17 .000. The first reason is risk. I don't know about you but I don't make anywhere near that much and I have a family of six). Potential money for US citizens) in the U. My point is it is cheaper to do these things than to open a physical store. That's still not bad. anything you place on a website that is your original work is automatically protected by copyright. There are currently approximately 2 billion people on the planet with an internet connection on this planet. That is over 4 times the amount estimated 10 years ago and there are still a lot of people left to go. What does the entire world being connected on the internet mean to a business man. Okay now onto why the internet is the key to independence from Corporate America. It's called the referral system of marketing and it is also the most basic and still most effective form of marketing. No wonder we are considered one of the richest countries on earth. a free paypal account to collect electronic funds and thanks to current copyright laws. but its number six in the world with Luxembourg at number one with $105. If there was ever a cheaper way to start a legitimate business. but I am sure you can find another use for them if this whole business plan doesn't work out. 2nd Place is Japan at 5 trillion.8 billion people who know who you are and what you do.00 a year to have your own dot-com (free to use someone else's).000 (put another way a family of four should get $184. and you have to understand how the business world thinks. A business minded person understands that while it is very difficult to obtain a single penny from 310 million people obtaining 10.3 trillion dollars. is size and growth. 10. free software to help you design your website. What does all this have to do with internet marketing again? To understand how money is made on the internet. you have to understand that you are still running a business. So how does all this work? While there are many ways to make money on the internet.S. is 14. Hopefully that got some wheels turning in your head along the lines of “where's my cut of all this?” I know that's what I thought... free hosting from different places. That is the most in the world.000 a year if everything were divided evenly.k. A business minded person also understands the concept of doubling a penny by using a similar practice of doubling customers. Next. It means access to 58 trillion dollars of the world's physical wealth by anyone smart and brave enough to conquest it.a. It is literally the chance to take over the world in your own way without having to step foot outside your home. But if you divide that 14 trillion amongst the population (GDP per capita) you get $46. Of course. It means a potential 6.

You will not be able to work 10 hours a week on this and expect to make even enough to quit your day job. Yes it is the original business model. It is the whole “suffer now and enjoy the benefits later concept”. and then work even harder to get regular viewers on your website. The good news is once you get to the point where the first step brings in that 5 or 6 times a day. an e-book of poems or short stories.000. that works too but only if you generate at least 100. this is different than those pay per click banner ads where you get like 2 cents per click.earlier. But what do you sell? Whatever you want that relates to your blog. See this is the fun part because if step one is bringing you 5 or 6 sales a day then you have just set up the foundation to make a full time income off of 10 hours a week. This will be your second job if you have one already. then you will ultimately need to make 5 sales a day to bring in about $55. Plus you'll be making 100% off of whatever you sell that’s yours plus the commissions you're still getting on selling other people's products. then work even harder to let the world know you exist. Remember the part about at least 1000 people would like to hear what you have to say? It's true. there are at least 1000 people somewhere in the world that would love to read your thoughts on porcelain kittens. Second this is not a get rich quick scheme. Just like a real business you will need to work hard to develop content on your website. That blog becomes popular.000 people. Two things I want to mention briefly here is: first. Music. In fact a certain person best known to the world as Tila Why Not? Page 18 .00 per sale. an instructional e-book written by you that game you've spent 5 years straight programming an developing. The first step is based on the Media model.00 commission. Whatever that thing is that you have a passion for is going to make you money. Still not convinced? Go to any major website that you think is “free” and see for yourself how many advertisements are on there. I want to motivate whoever is doing this to give it a try but at the same time I don't want to fill your head with pipe dreams. sometimes with residuals. You love comics. you advertise other people's products on your blog (it helps to advertise a product relevant to your blog's topic) and you get paid a percentage (usually 30-50%) of what ever your reader bought. So if you sell a product that gets you a 30. You develop a blog. then you are ready for the second step.000 hits per day. This method is actually calculated per sale and people make anywhere from 10. and you may not see a single dime for up to six months (that's if you do everything right). you might be able to find 10. Step two is where you create a product yourself and sell it on your site.00 to 150. If you like collecting porcelain kittens. So where do you fit into this wonderful business plan? How can you turn what you love into a business opportunity? Did you keep the first paragraph in this section in the back of your mind? Good. Want to become a model? The internet has been a starting point for a lot of others. art.

How many more people look stupid to find out her plan worked? Like to sit around and talk to friends all day? Start a talk show and podcast and webcast it. A friend of my wife's once wanted to know how to get her poems published. If you haven't realized it by now.Tequila started her entire career (modeling. I wish at the time I knew then what I knew now. I wonder how many people thought she was stupid for trying something so weird. Have a band? Write a blog on the challenges of forming a band and put videos of practice sessions and concerts on your site. but tell at least 10 of their friends each about your blog and how great it is. These followers are those people that not only read your blog every time you post. Love videogames? So do millions of other people. Studies are showing that more and more blogs are using audio and video to enhance their blog and its bringing in more traffic. and endorsements) off of a MySpace page. start a blog with tips and reviews and happy hunting (p. your job when you start out doing this.s. Send me a link).000 followers. is to find your 1. Add some free mp3 downloads of your music. Why Not? Page 19 . TV shows.

I didn't think I had it in me to write over 6. But it does not have to be hard all of your life. I encourage you to take things to the next level whatever that may be for you. Once you have gained that stage. Life is hard. I almost forgot. I talked a lot about marketing on the internet because I feel that is one of the best ways to get started. please. and that you have the ability to contribute something to its betterment. Good Luck and God Bless. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. in which others have acknowledged you. I own all the legal copyrights on it but you can feel free to quote it or distribute it (for free). You can also follow me on twitter @selfevolblog. The internet is simply a vehicle to let the world know that you exist. I don't feel that it is the end all be all of your growth in the business world. don't just try to steal it and make it yours. but I did Once again. Please tell me what you think of my ideas and my writing. it is my sincerest wish that everyone who read's this is inspired. Kevin J. just type in The Self Evolution Blog. I have to admit I am drained. I don't know everything but I can at least point you in the right direction. please check out my blog The Self Evolution Blog and let me know your thoughts and ideas on the subject of personal growth and development. To be successful in life is hard work. If you work hard at the right things and take the time to lay a strong foundation for your work then you will be able to rest and enjoy life on your terms.Conclusion So we've finally reached the end of my manifesto. by all means send a copy of it to me either by facebook or twitter or send me a link in my blog comments. I could use as much helpful feedback as possible. Lucas Why Not? Page 20 . please. If you have any questions on how to start your own blog let me know. please pass this on to everyone anyway you can.500 words. If you come up with a manifesto of your own. You can find me on facebook. Finally.

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