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Reading – Four Clues

for Chee & Young Cam
Second Grade Weekly Jansen and the Dinosaur
News Game
Miss Miller
Nov 29-Dec 3 III. Math – Counting dimes,
nickels, & pennies;
Contact Info: symmetry & creating a symmetrical design;
408-578-4800 ext 214 Adding two digit
numbers using dimes
and pennies; addition
facts: sums of 15, 16,
Memory Treasures 17, 18
Tuesda (73) Proverbs 3:5 –
y Trust in the LORD with IV. Social Studies – Unit 4
Nov 30 all your heart. – People Make History;
Thursda (77) Galatians 3:26 – Famous Person
y You are all sons of God Biography due Friday,
Dec 2 through faith in Christ December 16
Friday Hymn 610 – Now thank V. Science – Ch 3 -
Due Dec we all our God With People Grow and
3 Change
hearts and hands and
voices, Who wondrous VI. Book Reports – The
things has done, In
whom his world
next one is due Jan
rejoices, Who from our 7 (Friday), 2011.
mother’s arms Has
blessed us on our way VII. Scholastic – The
activation code is
With countless gifts of GLZR9. Since there are
love And still is ours many different catalogs,
today. the book orders are due
from Nov 19 – Dec 10,
What’s going on this 2010. Please look at the
week? catalog to make sure of
the due dates. Thanks!
I. Spelling – hugged,
hugging, nodded,
nodding, skipped,
skipping, since, those,
crown, shout