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Anshul Training Report

Anshul Training Report

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Published by: jyotihunny on Nov 29, 2010
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The share capital is the part of the total liabilities is 6% and Reserves and Surplus has almost 12%

part in the funds of the company. The borrowed Fund is 36.24% of the Total Liabilities, out of

which secured loan is 26.34% and unsecured loan is 10%.. The total amount in current liabilities

and provisions is 41.71%.

The Application of Funds has been done in Net Fixed Assets and the Current Assets Loans and

Advances. In Net Fixed Assets 56.29% has been invested whereas in Current Assets maximum

part of it has been in Sundry Debtors i.e. 17.73%, the cash and Bank balance is at 2.5% of the total

Assets and Loans and Advances stands at 10.65%.

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