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2009 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 150/9

Information communicated by the EFTA States regarding State aid granted under the Act referred
to in point 1j of Annex XV of the EEA Agreement (Commission Regulation (EC) No 800/2008
declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the common market in application of Articles 87
and 88 of the treaty — General block exemption regulation)
(2009/C 150/11)


Aid No GBER 2/09 R&D

EFTA State Norway

Region Name of the Region (NUTS) Regional aid status

Sarpsborg, Østfold County

Granting authority Name Østfold county council

Address P.O.Box 220, N-1701 Sarpsborg


Title of the aid measure Value-driven service innovation

National legal basis (Reference to the relevant — ‘Handlingsprogram for Kompetanseoffensiven 2015’ dec. 2007
national official publication) — Protocol from the board of Kompetanseoffensiven (Østfold County
Council), decision on issue 13/2008
— Final confirmation regarding fullfilment of recuirements, dated
6.2.09 — document 2009/478-4676/2009

Web link to the full text of the aid measure

Type of measure Scheme

Ad hoc aid X Name of the Beneficiary

Borg Innovasjon AS

Date of granting Ad hoc aid Confirmed granting 6.2.2009

Economic sector(s) concerned Limited to specific sectors — 72,20

Please specify in accordance with
NACE Rev. 2.

Type of beneficiary SME

Large enterprises X

Budget Annual overall amount of the NOK … (in millions)

budget planned under the scheme

Overall amount of the ad hoc aid NOK 1,2 (in millions)

awarded to the undertaking

For guarantees NOK … (in millions)

Aid instrument (Article 5) Grant 1,2 MNOK

C 150/10 EN Official Journal of the European Union 2.7.2009


Maximum aid intensity in

SME — bonuses
General Objectives (list) Objectives (list) % or Maximum aid
in %
amount in NOK

Aid for research, Aid for research and Fundamental research … %

development and development (Article 31(2)(a))
innovation (Article 30- projects (Article 31)
37) Industrial research 50 %
(Article 31(2)(b))

Experimental development … %
(Article 31(2)(c))