Born On the Playing Field
Gatorade was created in the 1960s by researchers at the University of Florida to help the Gators football team prevent dehydration when they played in the swamp-like heat. Since the Gators’ 1967 Orange Bowl victory, Gatorade has grown to become an essential piece of sports equipment, and can be found on the sidelines, in the locker rooms and on almost every field of play. Backed by more than 40 years of scientific research, Gatorade has proven rehydration and performance benefits over water. No other beverage or sports drink company has established such a strong expertise in rehydration and sports nutrition. In 2010, Gatorade unveiled the G Series and G Series Pro – two new lines of products grounded in the latest sports performance science and developed in collaboration with the world’s greatest athletes that go beyond hydration to provide the fuel, fluid and nutrients athletes need before, during and after activity. G Series Pro products were designed exclusively for collegiate and professional athletes, but for the first time are available to elite and endurance athletes at sports specialty retailers like GNC and Dick’s Sporting Goods. This is a major step in the iconic brand’s evolution from a sports drink company to a sports performance innovator.

Each product of the G Series is designed to meet the distinct nutrition and hydration needs of competitive athletes before, during and after a workout or game. It starts with Gatorade Prime 01, which is pre-workout or pre-game fuel. With 25 g of carbohydrates in a 4-oz. pouch, Gatorade Prime helps kick-start activity by making carbohydrate energy rapidly available to muscles. In the moment of activity, Gatorade Perform 02, which includes the trusted Gatorade Thirst Quencher and G2 beverages, is scientifically formulated and athletically proven to quench thirst, replace fluids, and provide carbohydrate energy to enhance athletic performance. Gatorade Recover 03 is the first protein beverage formulated with the consistency of a thirst quencher that provides hydration and muscle recovery benefits after exercise.

Gatorade is currently available in 80 countries, with more than 30 flavors available in the U.S. and more than 50 flavors available internationally. Gatorade expanded to Canada in 1984, Japan in 1982 and Europe and South America in 1988.

The Gatorade Company, a division of PepsiCo, is dedicated to the worldwide commitment to delivering “Performance with Purpose” to the communities it serves. All PepsiCo divisions are committed to our consumers and customers, suppliers and employees, our shareholders and the community and the environment that we all share.

and Multi-Serve Powder GATORADE PERFORM 02: G2 Low-Calorie Thirst Quencher in Ready-ToDrink and Powder Sticks GATORLYTES Specially formulated for cramp-prone athletes AFTER GATORADE RECOVER 03 Post-Game Protein Beverage PROTEIN RECOVERY SHAKE Carbs + Protein + Electrolytes ABOUT THE GATORADE SPORTS SCIENCE INSTITUTE Virtually no one matches the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) when it comes to hydration and nutrition expertise for athletes and active people. elite.TM Gatorade 2010 G SERIES PRO NUTRITION SHAKE NUTRITION BAR Carbs + Protein Blend G SERIES PERFORMANCE BEFORE GATORADE PRIME 01 Pre-Game Fuel Carbs + Protein Blend CARBOHYDRATE ENERGY DRINK B Vitamins + Electrolytes + Quad Carb Blend GATORADE PERFORM 02: GATORADE THIRST QUENCHER ENDURANCE FORMULA Specialized Electrolyte + Carbohydrate Blend DURING The Trusted Sports Drink in Ready-To-Drink. on the road and in the field of play to understand their unique challenges in order to develop solutions to maintain optimal performance. Over the past 25 years. GSSI has tested athletes in the lab. As the leading facility of its kind. amateur. . GSSI has tested youth. Established in 1985. GSSI has conducted and published extensive research and educated health professionals and athletes on sports nutrition and exercise science around the world. Powder Sticks. collegiate and professional athletes to show how hydration and nutrition affect performance.

TM Gatorade 2010 Gatorade is the official sports drink of the NFL. and 2008 gold medalist in Beijing Six-time NBA All-Star. three-time MLS Cup Champion Kevin Garnett NBA Champion. 2008 gold medalist in Beijing ENDURANCE SPORTS Chaz Ortiz Chris Legh Elite triathlete. 1978 NFCPlayer of the Year Super Bowl XLII MVP. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year TENNIS MOTOR SPORTS Serena Williams TRACK & FIELD Candace Parker Dwyane Wade Jimmie Johnson Two-time gold medalist. and numerous professional. 1 overall pick in 2004 NFL draft Ellery Hollingsworth SOCCER Member of the U. 2009 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. six NBA Championships. Chicago Triathlon and Ironman World Championship. winner of 25 Grand Slam titles 2008 WNBA Rookie of the Year. collegiate and amateur teams and events throughout the world including the New York Marathon. and the first man in history to set world records in all three at a single games BMX SKATEBOARDING VOLLEYBALL Nigel Sylvester Sean Malto Misty May-Treanor Kerri Walsh Owner of Format. NHL. and 360 flips 2004 beach volleyball gold medalist in Athens & 2008 gold medalist in Beijing 2004 gold medalist in Athens. 2004 NBA MVP. 13-time NBA All-Star Mia Hamm LaDainian Tomlinson HOCKEY Dwight Howard Four-time NBA All-Star. 200.S. 2009 MLS MVP. 2008 gold medalist in Beijing 2006 NFL MVP. NBA All-Star All-time leader in scoring and assists for the US National Team. NFL record holder for single-season touchdowns 2004 gold medalist in Athens and international soccer’s all-time leading scorer (man or woman) Abby Wambach Michael Jordan Sidney Crosby 2009 Hall of Fame inductee. MLS. Hardflips. Boston Marathon. Snowboarding Team BASKETBALL Kevin Durant Landon Donovan 2008 NBA Rookie of the Year. 2009 Stanley Cup Champion. Association of Volleyball Professionals. MLB. and rides for photo shoots and films Skating phenom best known for hisNollie Grinds and flips. five-time NBA MVP 2007 Hart Memorial Trophy winner (NHL MVP). 5-time World Series Champion and 2000 World Series MVP Peyton Manning Archie Manning Eli Manning Super Bowl XLI Champion and MVP. three-time U. 2006 Daytona 500 Champion Usain Bolt Matt Kenseth 2009 Daytona 500 champion. 2008 gold medalist in Beijing and 2006 NBA Finals Champion and MVP Record four-time NASCAR Series Champion. the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. 2010 gold medalist in Vancouver 2004 gold medalist in Athens. WNBA MVP. record four-time NFL MVP Two-time Pro Bowl selection. a BMX-lifestyle shop in NY. ESPN SportsCentury’s greatest North American athlete of the 20th century. WNBA. and 4x100 meters relay. GATORADE ATHLETES BASEBALL FOOTBALL SNOWBOARDING Derek Jeter Ten-time MLB All-Star. 2009 AP Male Athlete of the Year.S. two-time Ironman Champion 14 year-old winner of the overall 2008 Dew Tour title in Skate Park John Maclean First wheelchair athlete to compete in Ironman Triathlon World Championship . NBA. NASCAR 2003 Champion World record holder for the 100. No.

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