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Sport Salaries

Sport Salaries

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Published by: Andrew Taylor Woolley on Nov 29, 2010
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American Sport Salaries

By: Alec Woolley A3 10/25/10

In this paper I will touch on the 5 sports most commonly played in the USA. Five years later it almost doubled.000 $275. The NFL player s salary per year has gone up a lot since the 1980 s. That is way too much money again for the players that sit around and swing a bat all day.000 $501.000 $354.7M $1. Five more years later it was another big leap 2000 average salary was $1. He was a great player and he only got paid $1. I think football players are getting paid way too much money. and NFL. They used to play football for free in 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 college and high school. From 1980 to 2007 the salary has gone up almost $1 million. In my opinion the best baseball player overall was Babe Ruth.000 $537.000 $569.630.895. In 2009 it grew to nearly 3 million dollars.571. 2005 it went up to just under 2.000 $1. That is a real player not trying to take as much money . they fake injuries so they can just sit around and do nothing and get paid for it. In 1980 the average salary for a MLB player was $143. Most of them don t even play.300 a year to play. over the next five years the average salary went up to $371. MLS.1 Million.000 $534. and went to $1.000 $584.The cap for the NFL in 1994 was $34.4 million.110.18M $1.000 $787.000 $301. The leagues are the NBA (WNBA).5 million.000 $441.000 $772.000 $525.75M $50.000 $722.000 Median salary MLB.000 $160. Why can t they get paid the same amount as an average working person? Just like the NFL the MLB player s average salary started out really low and has grown in the last 30 years. Year Average player salary 1980 1985 1990 1995 $79.766. The average salary in 2006 was $1.33M $1.6 Million and rose dramatically in 2009 to $112.756.000 $986. It rose slowly over the next couple of years than in 1990 it went to just over half a million.26M $1.000 $217. NHL.4M $1.

The player getting the most money when the league became more public was Landon Donovan in 2002 . The average amount of money MLS soccer players have been getting since the league started is $1.36 million. In the 2006-07 season the player getting paid the most was Jaromir Jagr with $8. You take one of the best players of today and you put him next to the all-time greatest. In the 1989-90 season the player getting paid the most money was Mario Lemieux who played for the Pittsburgh Penguins and he got $2 million. this is my personal favorite sport.75 million. The closest person in price is Cuauhtemoc Blanco with $2.as they can for a little amount of work that they do. The next season was Wayne Gretzky playing for the Los Angeles Kings and getting paid $3 million.943. The league was started in 1996 with 10 teams. The salary cap per team has just come around in the 2005-06 season with the cap being $39 million for a whole team. When the league first started the players weren t getting paid near that much money. The average that year was $1.500. That number didn t get much higher than that until the 1997-98 season when Joe Sakic who played for the Colorado Avalanche got paid $16. Now the player getting paid the most is Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning getting paid a mere $10 million. MLS Major League Soccer. So the debate is. Now onto a man sport that they should get paid a lot more just for their dental insurance.45 million.000 a year. The player in the MLS getting paid the most right now is David Beckham with a whopping $6.46 million. get paid more for not as much fame? Or get paid less for more fame? I choose the second option. but on the other hand the all-time great has his name in record books. yes the NHL. One plays not as good gets $6 million more a year.000 a year.

while the NBA players get $826.163 per year. salary was $89. The average would have been just around $55. why are the superstars getting paid almost $17 million more than the average player? They both work just as hard the average player probably works harder than the average superstar .356 million. I don t think these numbers are nearly as high as numbers in other US sports and compared to the European soccer leagues. but for what? A $17 million dollar difference? The WNBA player s salary cap for a 3 year contract is $51. baseball. Why are the average NBA players making more money than one whole WNBA team does? Is it just because they are women? They work just as hard as a man does. I say take some NBA money away and give it to the WNBA to pay the players more money.200.269 for the exact same amount of time. In 2005 WNBA maximum. . starting with the NBA. Since 8 years ago the league has grown and gotten more money so they can now pay more people to play. or soccer here in North America.000 while the average player would only bring in around $428.the average NBA salaryfor is $5.000. The average overall salary just for an average player was$5.000. Why do we pay these athletes so much money? More money than football.000.000. Do we cherish basketball that much more than every other sport? In the 2007-2008 season the player getting paid the most money was Kevin Garnett with $22. the highest of any major North American sports league. The best players still get the most money even if it is ridiculous how much that is.000 and the minimum was $31.356 million per year. Now here s a question you don t normally ask yourself.with $975. Now onto the NBA and the WNBA.

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