On the Edge

Hope for Animals and Their World Endangered Species Fact Sheet Species Name: Common and Scientific Number Remaining:
Wild Captivity

Status: Endangered or

### ### Range: Where is the species from? What is their natural habitat?

Image of the Species
Make sure you have the rights to the image. ARKive.org is a great resource for them.

Size: (height, weight, length, etc.)

Diet: (omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, specific plants/animals)

Social/Family Structure: (Who is the head of
the family? Who raises the offspring? What type of groups do they live in?)

Physical Characteristics: (What is the animals coloring? Does it have scales, feathers, or fur? Describe the animal in as much detail as possible.)

Behavioral Characteristics: (Is the
animal vocal? Is it nocturnal? Are there any things that it does that makes it particularly unique?)

Major Threats: (What is causing this species to be threatened? Look into possible causes such as environmental, economic, human, & invasive species)

Fun Facts: (Include any facts that you found interesting that did not fit into the above categories.)

Sources: Where did you find the information about your species? Include authors, book titles, website addresses. Anything you used for information on your species.

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