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STS-114 Press Kit

STS-114 Press Kit

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Published by Bob Andrepont
Press kit for STS-114
Press kit for STS-114

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Nov 30, 2010
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The STS-114 mission’s top
priority is to inspect all of the
reinforced carbon-carbon heat
protection material on
Discovery’s wing leading edge
panels and to downlink data from the 176
wireless impact sensors mounted inside the
wing panels for evaluation on the ground. The
on-orbit inspections will be carried out using a
variety of methods, including umbilical well
and hand-held photography of the external tank
after it is jettisoned, and an Orbiter Boom
Sensor System (OBSS) with lasers.

Figure1 Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS)

Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS) inspects
reinforced carbon-carbon of wing leading

Second on the list of priorities is inspecting all
of the Shuttle’s silicon-based tiles. The third
highest priority is to transfer water from the
Shuttle to the Station for use by the crew.
Other mission objectives include (in order of
• Perform Detailed Test Objective 848 –
Orbiter Thermal Protection System Repair
Techniques (see "Spacewalk" and "Detailed
Supplementary Objectives and Detailed Test
Objectives" sections in this kit for more
• Transfer critical middeck items from the
Space Shuttle to the Space Station

• Perform removal and replacement of the
Control Moment Gyro-1 (CMG-1) using the
Station arm
• Return the failed CMG-1 to the Lightweight
Mission Peculiar Equipment Support
Structure Carrier (LMC) using the Station arm
• Berth the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
(MPLM) Raffaello to the Station's Unity
module using the Station arm; activate and
check out the MPLM
• Transfer critical items from the MPLM to the
• Return the MPLM to Discovery's payload bay
using the Station arm

Figure2 RaffaelloMulti-PurposeLogisticsModule(MPLM)

Canadarm2 berths the Raffaello Multi-Purpose
Logistics Module (MPLM) to the International
Space Station’s Unity module

• Install the External Stowage Platform-2
• Transfer and install the Human Research
Facility-2 rack in the Station's Destiny lab
• Transfer mandatory cargo

• Transfer required cargo

• Remove and replace Hyzod cover on Node 1
nadir hatch window

July 2005



Figure3 Space Shuttle Discovery prepares to dock
with International Space Station

• Remove and replace S0 Global Positioning
System (GPS) antenna No. 2
• Install Video Stanchion Support Assembly
(VSSA) at the external camera port No. 9
• Install the external television camera group
No. 3 to the VSSA on camera port No. 9
• Perform Materials International Space
Station Experiment (MISSE) Passive
Experiment Container (PEC) 5 deployment
• Perform MISSE PEC 1 and 2 retrieval

• Perform orbiter middeck payload operation
activities to support powered payload daily
status checks
• Perform critical U.S. and Russian daily Space
Station payload activities as required to
prevent loss of science
• Remove the ESP-2 Flight Releasable Grapple
Fixture (FRGF) and return in the Starboard
Tool Stowage Assembly (may be deferred if
the spacewalk is behind schedule)
• Perform Joint Airlock flush with
• Transfer remaining cargo

• Perform middeck sortie payload activities

• Reboost the Space Station with the Shuttle to
no more than 357 kilometers (192.8 nautical
mile) average orbital altitude
• Perform spacewalk get-ahead tasks (see
"Spacewalk" section)
• Perform U.S./Russian payload research
• Perform Space Station Structural Life
Validation and Extension
• Rotate Resupply Stowage Platform to
evaluate the redesigned drive pins and verify
the ease of on-orbit rack tilting (only if crew
time available)
• Perform imagery survey of the Space Station
exterior during the Shuttle fly-around after
undocking (if propulsive consumables are
• Perform Detailed Test Objective 805
operations (see section on "Detailed
Supplementary Objectives and Detailed Test

July 2005



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