Relative Economics- A New World Order by Shanti Barmecha

Suddenly there is a buzz in the air and focus lights fall in India. President Barrack Obama’s visit to India early this month and the way india’s growth is projected, well it puts us on the top. However this does not make the complete picture. On one hand we have 40% of the population below poverty line and 35% of the population constantly migrating in search of two square meals leave a lot to be spoken. To address and transform this situation a new model on economics was thought of by the Late H.H. Highness Acharya Shree Mahapragya. He coined this world “SHOPEKSHA ARTHASHTRA” which means Relative Economics, Relative Economics is based on the 7 Pillars viz. 1. Enlightened Economics 2. Resume Development 3. Human Values 4. Observing Good Conduct 5. Sustainability 6. Environmental Consciousness 7. Spiritual Quotient The 7 pillars explained by Acharya Shree were based on the ideologies of Lord Mahavir The six sessions of “Relative Economics” took place at Sardar Saher, Rajasthanat the IASE Deemed University. The event was Co hosted by Gandhi Vidya Mandir and The International Research Institute of Relative Economics. The Director of (RIRE) Mr Shanti Barmecha spoke about the relevance of Relative Economics which will bring about a world of harmony, peace, goodwill and good fortune. Eminent Vice Chancellor, Economist, Academician presented their papers and deliberate on the topic “Rationals of Relative Economics” in the present contest we had Mr. V. Ranganethan Chief Advisor to Somaya trust and Ex Chief Secretary Govt. of Maharashtra give an action plan as to her relative economics should be brought into the main stream. We had Dr Kamlesh Joshipara Vice Chancellor of Saurashtra University speak about various revolutions in the economic models, and we had Shailendra Maharashtra Academic Director at the Indian Institute Of Management, Ahemdabad speak on developing a new insight for the dynamic charge that is taking place in the market place. Nitin Parab CEO at IRIRE emphasized the relevance of the relative economics as a new era and presented his case study. In this way the cumulative thought process at the two day conclave was deliberated and it was certain that a new thought process which will help and benefit society at large could be established.