LESSON PLAN I School Subject Class/Semester Competence Standard Basic Competence Indicator Time allocation I.

Objective : SMK Swastisari Kupang : English : X/1 : English communication at novice level. : Describing things by mentioning their characteristics. : Describing things dealing with colors, shapes and size. : 2 X 45 minutes. : At the end of teaching-learning activities, students are able to describe things by mentioning colors, shapes and size.

II. Teaching Material: * First Meeting → Preliminary conversation • What is your favorite color? • What color is the wall of the classroom? • What color is your bag? • What color is your uniform? • What color are your shoes? * What picture is it? * What color does it have? * What shape is the classroom? » How big is the classroom? → The colors • Red • Pink • Orange • Yellow • Light green • Dark green • Light blue • Dark blue • Violet • Purple • Black • White • Brown

: Merah : Merah muda : Jingga : Kuning : Hijau muda : Hijau tua : Biru muda : Biru tua : Ungu kemerahan : Ungu : Hitam : Putih : Coklat


: Abu-abu

→The Shapes Square Persegi

Rectangle Persegi Panjang Triangle

Circle Lingkara n Cylinder/Tube Tabung

Trapezium/Trapezoi d

→ The size: • Little • Small • Medium • Average • Large • Big • Long • Short • Wide • Narrow

: sedikit : kecil : sedang : rata-rata : luas/ besar : besar : panjang : pendek : lebar : sempit

→When we ask questions about size, color and shape, we usually use a question word “What” or “how”. Example: • What color is it? • What color is your new bag? • What shape is the table? • How big is his house? • What size is your shirt/shoes? etc. → Practice the dialog in pairs A : Well, here’s the kitchen B : Hmmm…, it’s very small A : Yes, it isn’t big, but there is cooker and fridge. There are some cupboards under sink. The floor is a square tile. B : Are there any plates? A : Yes, there are some circular and few ovals shaped. B : Good, are there any chairs in here? A : No, there aren’t, but there are some in the living room. B : Hmmm…, there aren’t any glasses. A : Yes, there are some conical glasses in the cupboard. B : By the way, is there any television in the living room? A : Yes, a big, black and white television. B : What color is the wall? A : They are blue and white. III. Teaching Method: • Questioning- Answering (Role-Play) • Explanation IV. Teaching- Learning Process a. Warming Up o Teacher greets the students. o Teacher calls their names. o Review the last material for some minutes. b. Main Process o Teacher gives pre-test before give explanation about the new topic. o Teacher gives explanation about the new topic. o Teacher asks the students to do some tasks in the class. c. Closing o Review the material given for some minutes. o Teacher give task to do at home

V. Supporting facilities a. Tools : Whiteboard and board marker, pictures. b. Resources : English module, English in vocational context (LKS) VI. Evaluation Student’s Handout 1. Make a conversation by using expression “what colors, what size and what shape.” About what students have at home. 2. Draw things that have the following shape! • Circle • Cylinder • Trapezium • Cone • Triangle • Square • Kite • Cube

Kupang, 3 September 2010 Prospective Teacher Benediktus R. Rattu NIM. 0601020007 Critic Teacher

APROVED BY Supervisor

Drs. Godlief Vertygo , MA

Ernesta E. Kama , S.pd

ACKNOWLEDGED Headmaster of SMK SWASTISARI KUPANG Dra. Jublina Lalel NIP. 195501021968032003

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