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{Loun Cemar Deen Ge TOWN CENTER DESIGN CONTEXT directly accessed from |-270 via MD-11B, Middlebrook Town Center Road, and Father Hurley Boulevard, The Town Center Core is approxi- mately one mile sovthwesl of the MD-118 ond 1-270 interchange, A way, MD-118 is currently constructed te Wisterio Drive. Its planned extension will connect 19 Clopper Road {MD-117). Engineering has been campleted and the construction of the extension of MD-118 is scheduled Io atart in May 1992. Access from the south- west is curently vie Old MD-118 to Wisteria Drive or via Great Seneca Highway. The other major highways thet currently provide access 19 Town Canter ore Father Hurley Boulevard ond Middlebrook Rood. Fo~ ther Hurley Boulevard is currenily constructed as @ four-lane divided highway behveen Wislarie Driva and Crystal Rack Drive; however, the median is designed to provide two edditional lones. When extended southward, Father Hurley Boulevard will connect to MD-114 north of its intersection with Clopper Road. North of the Town Center Father Hurley Boulevard will provide acosas te and from the north and eastern creas ‘af Germantown and will provide # new intarchange wih |-270. Middlebrook Road runs southeast from Fothar Hurley Anulevard through the Town Center, ocross MD-118 to © parffal inter= change with 1-270 which is now under construction, Middlebrook Road ‘s currently four lanes divided and is designed as a six-lona divided highway. Significant righbot-woy exists for widening both nerlh end south of MD-118. Crystal Rock Drive also provides access 0 Town Canter from the north. Running northwest, it connects MD-118 with Fother Hurley Boulevard. Crystal Rock Drive iz o four-lene sivided highwoy also designed with sufficien! righf-ofsway to accommadete six lanas. Wisteria Orive is 0 four-lane arterial roadway that paral- lels Middlebrook Read to the south. This toad also connects Father Hurley Boulevard wih MD-118 ond Great Senece Highway. Until the completion of both Father Hurley Bovieverd and rew MD-118 {relo- cated), Wisteria Drive end Middlebrook Road provide the mojar con- nections ts Old MD-118 ond Great Seneca Highway and the area to the south of Town Center. There are curzenily few ather roods within the Town Can- for, Losbury Drive forms the northern boundery of the Tewn Canter Core (TC-1}. Although if curranily deed-ends offer crossing Middle ‘TRANSPORTATION ‘VEHICULAR CIRCULATION pti ‘oem Cer Deen Conteh Gemntown frente DengeSade Fl rs enietisinn iain) TRANSIT ACCESS: PEDESTRIAN CIRCULATION brosk Foad, I: will connec with Waters Road. Waters Road runs west and north from its intersection with Old MD-118, just north of the CSX Railrond bridge. Both Locbury and Waters are currently two-lane roads, mostar planned for four lanes. Aircroll Drive is @ two-lane road that currently connects MD-116 to Cantury Boulevard ond Crystal Rock Drive to the north. ‘Century Boulerard is @ fourslene arterial thal curves fo paralie! Crystal Rock Drive as it heads foward Fothar Hurlay Drive, Tha southern and of this road iz proposed fo be mdanded across Aireralt Road to Crystal Rotk Drive (and the Tewn Cerrar Core). In summary, a netwask of major highways provides access 4o the Town Center. The intersection af MD-118 and Middlebrook Road lies of the center of the Tawn Centar Study Aroa. Crystal Rock, Middle- brook ond Wisteria oll cross MD-118 dividing the Town Canler inio three maior areas. Only Warers Road and, 10 9 laser extent, Old MD- 118 cross these areas. Because MD-118, Father Hurley Boulevard, Crystel Rock Drive, Middiokrook Road and Wisteria Drive are ell either four- or six- lene rocds, considerable vehicular access is provided te the Tawn Can- ter. Access fo individual sites is constrained by the limited number of ‘median breaks and curb cu's thal are allowed on these divided high- ways. Forlunalely the opportunity exsts fo structure a new road system ‘within the Town Carter thal provide: intemal access, ¢ reanse of order ‘and place, and pedestrian sale. Currently the Town Center is served by bus service that izes the vehicular circulation systems and by cornmuter rail. Rail serv ina runa on the CSX Railroad tracks located on the sovthwrestom bound- ary of the Town Cerler Sludy Ares. The station has recently upgraded by the conshuction of « functioning replica of the old sialion building and the addition of @ park-cnd-ride lot with access from Old MD-178. The program of additional porking capacity is curently proposed with the construction of another lot immediately ecrezs old MD-11 Tre Town Cantor Stotion of the Corrider Cities Transit Covridior Eesement is proposed in the TC-2 aren bordered by MD-118, Crystal Rock Drive, Century Boulevard and Aircraft Drive. Although sil unde" study, the alignment that is shown in the Master Plan is incorpo rated into this study. ‘The exisfing pedesirion circulation system within the Town Center consists primary of the sidewalks associated with the major shawts ond those associated with the existing shopping centers. Al though tha Mosier Plan proposes sidewalks for both sides of all sireets, the currant sidewalk system ia discontinuous and fragmented. Current development it highly automobile oriented. “awa Ger sgn Ondee Grmemsoen‘Tren Cree Det Sy ‘SSHDOV UVINDIHZA ONILSDG 2 elie