Retail Management Solution supports bar code readers for faster checkout and inventory control, printing of barcode labels and designing your own barcode numbers if your inventory items are not already bar-coded, count your inventory using our wireless barcode scanner software, either in real time or batched using a barcode inventory data collector.

Efficient: With the aid of common barcode scanners and touch
screen interfaces, you can process your sales quickly and efficiently.

Easy to learn: No expensive training for staff as easy to learn.

. returns.FEATURES Easy to use: Requires minimum keystrokes and the mouse is never required (but you can use it if you want). credits and sales specials in one easy transaction. taxes. Flexible: Handles any combination of discounts.

FEATURES Automatic: Applies automatic discounts or preferred price levels to special customers. Accommodating: If something is not in stock can send a customer order to the purchase order system .

FEATURES Secure: Can view and automatically calculated profit margins and stock counts. Versatile: Prints sales slips. price quotes and account invoices. . Customer-Oriented: Let you know to rewards your best customers with a bonus points program.

barcoded scales and runs on any network. customer display. Email: The email send to the regular customer regarding new scheme for new product. cash drawer. .FEATURES Modern: Works with all the modern retail devices including barcode.

Benefits Save your time. It will enhance operation.all of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing business. . accuracy and control of inventory . increase accuracy and provide greater control over what happens at the sales counter. providing with increased speed.

it's all available in this system. . Everything from suspending sales to creating price quotes .Benefits The POS screen is designed to be fast and easy to use without leaving any product. The different schemes on the products can be defined and be known to the customer by messaging facility.


Retail Management Detail Overview .

Reading product tags. updating inventory are some of the operations performed at the point of sale. points of sale computer systems terminals.DEFINITION The time and place in which a transaction is made. .

In addition to integrating all the components of a Point of Sale system with a central computer terminal. . Point of Sale software typically offers sophisticated organization capabilities. allows capture of all customer information for improved service and permits flexible product pricing configuration with checks to prevent your staff from selling at lower than designated rates.Overview Point of Sale application is software to operate a flexible and automated retail management system. enables inventory tracking in real-time. It provides for detailed financial reporting.

Modules include in POS system Master Details Security Transaction POS Utility Report Alteration Order .

Master Details It contains information regarding following entities:             Books Charges Tax Type Customer Supplier Item Details Branch Category Shift Employee Department Employee Address Type             Country State City Currency Branch Terminal Gift Voucher Scheme Measurement Definition General Contact Message Bank .1.

 Books It manage details of Book type(Register). Book Master . which is used for maintain transaction detail.

Charges Master . Charges It manage details of Charges. which is used for maintain Charges calculation amount on each Book type(Register) for Basic and Discount.

Tax Type Master . Tax Type It manage details of different Tax Type. which is used for maintain tax percentages applied to Item.

contacts. Family and credit that are required to track of transaction for to whom they made transaction. Customer Master . Customer It manages details of Name. address.

Supplier Master . credit. address. contacts. bank and brand that are required to track of transaction for to whom they made transaction. Supplier It manages details of Name.

Item Details It contains information regarding following entities: Department Group Subgroup Attributes SubAttributes UOM Item Ingredients Ingredient Price .

Department Master .token number and employee details for each department.Department It manage details of color code. default discount selection for sales register. sales register under dept..

Department Master . default discount selection for sales register.Department It manage details of color code.token number and employee details for each department.. sales register under dept.

SubGroup is define under Group.Measurement Definition is used for define Man¶s or Woman¶s part for define subgroup.Sub Group It contain details of local and export margin. SubGroup Master . define group as ³Men swear´. under ³Men swear´ dept. For example. contact person and measurement definition. attribute.

Attributes It includes attribute information that will be used for define attribute of item. Attribute define as ³Colour´.For example. Attributes Master .

SubAttributes Master . subattribute ³Blue´ is define under ³Colour´ attribute.SubAttributes It includes subattribute information that is define under attribute. For example.

UOM Master . Grams. For example.UOM (Unit Of Measurement) It include information of UOM for define Unit of item.. Piece.

inventory. pricing and ingredient. address.Item It include information of defined supplier. Item Master .

Ingredient Master .Ingredients It include information of ingredient that are used to make item. Also define unit of ingredient.

Ingredients Price It include information of as on date ingredient price. Ingredient Price Master .

Brand Master . Brand It manages details of brand details of item that is define with supplier information.

Category Master . supplier and transporter. Category It manages details for category of customer.

Define starting and ending time for shift. Shift Master . Shift It manages shift details for employee.

Employee Department
It manages department details of employee.

Employee Department Master

Address Type
It manages address type details for address. For example, Home,office..

Address Type Master

Country, State and City
It manages country,state and city details. All these are used for address details.

Country Master

State Master

City Master

 Currency It manages currency details as per country. Currency Master .

financial and default register setting of Branch. Branch It manages address. Branch Master . transaction.

Terminal Master . Terminal It manages payment type authentication from the define terminal.

Gift Voucher Master . Gift Voucher Generation It manages gift details on some range of purchase amount by customer.

Scheme Master . Scheme It manages scheme details.

 Measurement Definition It manages body part of male and female. Measurement Definition Master .

 General Contact It manages category. address and contact details. General Contact .

Bank Master . Bank It manages bank details with commission.

Transaction Details It contains information regarding following entities:    General Transaction details Approval Details Branch Transfer Details .2.

 General Transaction Details It contains information regarding following entities: Goods Received Note Purchase Purchase Return Delivery Challan Sales Sales Return Cashier Cash pick Up Terminal wise cash Balance Item Alias Physical Stock Taken .

Goods Received Note It manages details of inward items with supplier and item details including attributes. price and tax type details. ingredient. .

price and tax type details of item. . ingredient.Purchase It manages details of purchase items against GRN or purchase order with including attributes.

.Purchase Return It manages details of purchase return items against purchase.

.Delivery Challan Return It manages details of delivery challan against inward or outward item.

.Sales It manages details of details of sales item with charges calculation.

.Sales Return It manages details sales return including charges details against sales.

.Cashier It manages details of Cash when process for sales is completed and customer comes with token for payment.

.Cash Pick Up It manages details of Cash pick up from drawer of cash as per terminal and with terminal user wise.

cash.Terminal wise Cash Balance It manages details of Terminal ±opening pickup. .actual cash and deficiency.

Item aliasing It manages creation of new Lot no. to change price of item. . for item from old lot no.

.Physical stock taken It manages difference of closing and actual physical quantity of item as per selection of date.

 Approval Details It contains information regarding following entities: Goods Inward Approval(Supplier) Goods Return Approval(Supplier) Approval For Customer(Dispatch) Approval For Customer(Received) .

Goods Inward Approval(Supplier) It manages inward item details against supplier for sample purpose. .

Goods Return Approval(Supplier) It manages outward items to the supplier against goods inward from supplier that is given as sample. .

.Approval For Customer(Dispatch) It manages outward items to the customer as dispatch of item as sample.

Approval For Customer(Received) It manages received items from the customer against dispatch of item as sample. .

 Branch Transfer Details It contains information regarding following entities: Transfer In Transfer out .

.Transfer In It manages details of transfer in quantity that is transfer between branch.

.Transfer Out It manages details of transfer out quantity that is transfer between branch.

Alteration Details It contains information regarding following entities:   Alteration Return Alteration .3.

. Alteration It manages alteration details against sales when item come from alteration.

. Return Alteration It manages alteration return details against alteration.

4. Order Details It contains information regarding following entities:      Purchase Order Sales Order Quotation Purchase Order Cancel Sales Order Cancel .

 Purchase Order It manages purchase order details without or against Sales Order. .

 Quotation It manages sales order details with Item. charges and delivery address. .

. Purchase Order Cancel It manages purchase order cancellation against Purchase Order.

 Sales Order Cancel It manages sales order cancellation against sales order. .

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