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Life Lessons(Memorable Moments)

Life Lessons(Memorable Moments)

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Published by Dixie Jane Smith

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Published by: Dixie Jane Smith on Nov 30, 2010
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Dixie Smith Dr.

Jan Rieman English 1103 October 4, 2010 Life Lessons


My first recollection of reading was before I started elementary school. I wasn t really able to read yet, but I loved looking at book s pictures and trying to figure out what the story was about. I remember sometimes I would even make up my own stories to go along with the pictures. If I m truly honest I would have to say that even to this day, it s the pictures, or rather, the cover of the book that draws me in. I know the saying, you can t judge a book by it s cover, isn t meant in the literal sense, however for me it is true in the literal sense. So it makes sense that my first favorite book was a simply worded book based on the Nutcracker. My Nutcracker book had beautifully illustrated pictures that captivated my little girl imagination. However somewhere between then and first grade that love got lost. However I have a theory, or two about how that happened. When I was in the first grade my teacher, Mrs. Long, wasn t a very patient lady to say the least. So when I had trouble completing activities, or didn t perform as well as she thought I should, she harshly criticized me; putting me down and making me feel like I wasn t good at anything. I specifically remember one such occurrence when the class was writing stories, I wasn t progressing with my story as quickly as Mrs. Long preferred. She stalked over to my little desk and told me to stop daydreaming! Then she informed me that I wasn t going to be worth anything the way I was, and then she strutted off. It was about that time when the assistant teacher came over and sat down beside me. Of course, like any little girl, I was trying to hold back tears. My

Smith2 assistant teacher helped me to keep from crying, and then she simply took the time to guide me through writing my story. All I needed was a little bit of encouragement and guidance. Another memorable experience that stands out to me is the first time I read my favorite book, Redeeming Loveby Francine Rivers. Redeeming Love is based on the book Hosea from the Bible. Hosea tells of a righteous man that God had instructed to marry a prostitute. Hosea follows God s instruction and marries the prostitute, but she leaves him again and again to go back to prostituting. Even though it was difficult for Hosea to do so, he obeys God s will and continuously brings his wife back. Until, like God promised, Hosea s wife learns to love him and lives out the rest of her life with him and the family they made. Although when Francine Rivers wrote her version of the story, she set it in gold rush California, and her Hosea was a farmer, and her prostitute was a woman called Sara or Angel . In River s retelling, Sara was given to a rich aristocrat as a little girl by her step father who thought the rich man could give her a better life, but as it turned out the man had a fetish for having beautiful little girls in his bed. So set the course for Angel s life. The book was such a touching, heart wrenching story, that I m sure will stay with me for the rest of my life. I remember crying while I read that book, and not just the first time either. It is such an amazing tale of grief, human evil, forgiveness, and mostly the miracle of love. When I think of the memorable moments in my literary history, I think it is important that I remember how I felt in those moments in order to carry with me the lessons that I learned from those experiences. Whether it is to simply take the time to really help the students in my future teaching career, or not to judge someone because you don t know their story or where they ve come from. I think really our memorable moments are more than that; they are life lessons.

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