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Reston, Virginia

47 acre parcel includes Town Center North and the library site.
Boundaries are Fountain Drive, Baron Cameron, Town Center
Parkway and New Dominion Parkway.

Square feet of total area is 2,043,320±.

Square feet of 100 ft wide buildings built on perimeter is 455,000±.
Diagram shows potential development on the perimeter. Buildings
widths may vary. It is not necessary to build the entire perimeter as
some very tall buildings may be desirable.

To achieve FAR of 1.61, buildings need to be 12 stories which
includes three stories of above-ground parking (includes space for
service entrances).

To achieve FAR of 2.0, buildings need to be 13-14 stories
which includes four to five stories of above-ground parking (includes
space for service entrances).

47 acres at Town Center North will produce about 36.5 acres of
parkland, with lakes, cascading waterfall, botanical gardens, and
functional open space.

Guy L. Rando Kathy Kaplan
Urban Designer and Landscape Architect Poet and Naturalist
1512 Inlet Court 11223 Leatherwood Drive
Reston, VA 20190 Reston, VA 20191
(703) 437-3456 (703) 476-0516