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Tired of paying higher fares and waiting longer

for your VTA bus or light rail train? Here's your
chance to state your concerns to people like San
Jose Mayor Chuck Reed who manage VTA.

Details on our group's next meeting:

TRANSIT WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 @ 6pm SHARP
WHERE: San Jose Peace & Justice Center, 49
South 7th Street, San Jose. Meet on the first floor
of the building.

GETTING THERE: The 22, 63, 64, 72, 73, and
522 Rapid bus lines stop within a short walk of
the San Jose Peace & Justice Center. Plan on
carpooling there? Free parking is available on
surface streets.

Can't make our group's next meeting? Want to
get involved? Please call group founder Eugene
Bradley at (408)888-2208 or email him at

Alternately, visit our web site at and learn how YOU can
get involved.

Only by getting involved will
you have a chance of saving your
bus or train.

Want to save your bus and light
rail line from being completely
eliminated? Read on...

ACE. we are NOT affiliated with. the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in any way whatsoever. As a reminder. fastest)___ Participating in protests___ Surveying bus and light rail conditions___ Speaking out at VTA Board meetings and Workshops ___ Other____________________________________________ We will NOT give your information to third parties.Silicon Valley Transit Users Membership Form NAME_______________________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________ CITY_____________________________________ZIP_________________ PHONE:______________________________________________________ EMAIL:______________________________________________________ VTA bus/LRT lines taken:________________________________________ Do You Use Caltrain. or BART?______________________________ How would you prefer to help us? (check all that apply) Passing out leaflets to fellow transit riders___ Virtual (email only. . nor endorsed by.