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UKorg: In association with UKorgBurma//Combined Forces Industry (CFI)

‘Candor viribus alas’

(Sincerity gives wings to strength)

Public statement in compliance with the ‘Freedom torch award’ presentation

UKorg & Associates, honours committee
With unanimous collective support
Hereby, bestow the honour:
‘Freedom Torch Award’,
Conspicuous & Meritorious
Service to Burma in the struggle to restore democracy
To the:
‘Parliamentary Democracy Party’ (PDP Burma)
‘Special recognition has been bestowed upon its three most senior leaders’

‘For outstanding dedication & leadership’

‘Bo Aung Din’
Parliamentary Democracy Party (Burma)
‘U Soe Aung’
General Secretary
Parliamentary Democracy Party (Burma)
‘U Aung Thane’
Vice General Secretary
Parliamentary Democracy Party (Burma)