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Japan Raif Pass


Visit respective JR Group companies for more information at

For more details about the whole system see the larger map on p.6.

For more information about the JAPAN RAIL PASS visit us at http://www.japanrailpass.netl

9/2008 Printed in Jopan



JAPAN RAIL PASS ... The Key To Convenient Sightseeing In Japan


offered by the six companies that make up the Japan .Railways Group (JR Group) ..


.JRll~ .JRI!lIIllI .JRi1§B:$ .JR.:!!! .JRIIB:$ .JR It:lii iii


The JAPAN RAIL PASS Is the most economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail. Please be aware, however, that some restrictions apply (see page 5 for d eta I Is). The pass Is not vatld for NOZOM I trains on the Tokaldo and Sanyo Shinkansen lines.

How to obtain a JAPAN RAIL PASS

A JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be purchased inside Japan.

Purchase an Exchange Order before you come to Japan

from an authorized sales office or agent (JTB Corp., Nippon Travel Agency, KINTEJSU INTERNATIONAL, T'op t o u r, J a p a n Ai r l i n e s=, All Nippon Airways, JALPAK, all d The; /' associated: ag en ci e s },

* Irr tM.f n1.\·~, )'011 m.u,n book IJ JILL Gn;wpjliglrJ.

Present your Exchange Order and obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS after you arrive in Japan

You have to 111m in your Exchange Order (with your passport"} /0 receive your JAPAN RAIL PASS at all applicable JR station. that has a JAPN'I RAIL PASS exchange office (see pp.6-S).

t: U'lriww ~'vr.rr IktJ1J.~(nJrl, lh~ ptl1J.~ r":u::'rang.c Ld.ll IWI Ij~' mad~. (A phMnrom {If -yOftf" rUl!lwnj-, is fJl,WI lwl tn''f-¥'P1,a'''cr.J A"ll if ~'iIII meer ['tm.dlrlrmj, .1.(. VI' b (Ill rl,j, yem will h~ rtJ{,/IJir~ld W ,SJJOLL" proof oj l"{.Im~ L1' 'mill ,hlldS nf £t:drunsi' Om". prJrr"Jul.'i.ll cuul PASS E'rnJull!ji."_

What is JR?
A. Who is eligible for a 3
B. How to obtain a 4
typ es and p ri CBS
D. Where Exchan g8
Orders are sold
F. Malor JR lines, 6
statons, and
airports throughout
G. How to turn in an 7
Exchange Order to
rece i va a JAPAN
H. How 10 make
seat reservations
I. Major stations with
exc hang e olliee s
J. Statl on s w ilh B
exe h an 9 e office s
K To use a train or 9
ca r not withi n th e
validity mnge of a
L. Other usage
JR HOTEL GROUP 10 Trains ... The Perfect Gateway To Japan

Japan has the world's most convenient and efflclent railway network. JR Group railways are Travel by traln is also the ideal way to view Japan: you ride comfortable and carefree, as vistas

Hokkaldo Rallwa Com an

Limited Express

Super Ozora


As short as 3 hr. and 35 enables high speed on sharp cu rves,

East Ja an Railwa Com an

Li miled Express



Narita Airport - TOi(yol Shibuyal Shinjukul Ikebukuro I Shinagawa { Yokohama { Tolsuka IOfunal Omiya/Takao Moving comforl ... and forget about the traffic jam; the di rect link between Narita Airport and major stations in downtown Tokyo.

Central Ja an Rallwa Com an

limited Express


Nagoya -Takayama

Luxurious, wide-view vehicles for panoramic scenes of the beautiful forests deep in the mountains along the Hida River.

What is JR?

Covering the Nalion ... JR is an intricate railway network whose tolal length of about 20,000 km (12,400 miles) reaches every corner of the four major islands (a total of 360,000 km'). Frequent... abo lit 26,000 departures a day. Punclual, .. JR trains are so reliable you can use Ihem to set your watch. Advanced, Fast, and Safe ... High speed and safety are supported by advanced technology, represented by the Sinkansen trains.

proud of their international reputation for frequent service, punctuality, high speed, and safety. of a nation glide before your window-mountains, forests, lakes, highlands, and the sea.

West Ja an Railwa Com an

Limited Express


Kansai Airporrl -

Tennoji IShin- Osaka IKyolo/Maibara Ultra-modern design; spacious, relaxing interior, fastest travel to Osaka and Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital.

Shikoku Railwa Com an

Limited Express


Okayama - Malsuyama { Uwajima

Crosses the long bridge over the Inland Sea of Seta; new hightech model, much faster, "The Gale of the Inland Sea."

K ushu Railwa Com an

Limited Express


Hakata - Oita

As short as 120 min,-relaxing, high-back leather seats ... luxurious, high-tech vehicles for northeastern Kyushu sightseeing,

These trains, which connect Japan's major cities over a total length of about 2,600 kin (1,600 miles; as of February 2005), are famous throughout the worfd for their fast speed (up to 300 km I 186.4 miles per an hour) and their safety record, Comfort.. Modern, clean, complete facilities-trains, stations, and service-for comfortable travel in leday's age, JR staitions and trains bear the JR logo: ~


A. Who is eligible for a JAPAN RAil PASS?

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is a special ticket that is available only to travelers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing. To be eligible to purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS you must meet one 01 the following two conditions.

1. You are a fDreign tDurist visiting Japan from abroad for Sightseeing, under the entry status .of "TempDrary VisitDr (~~~~;*1'£)."

'Temporary Visitor" entry status, according to Japanese Immigration Law, allows a stay in Japan 01 15 days or 90 days for 'sightseeing, etc.' If you apply for a "stay lor sightseeing' when you enter Japan, entry personnel will stamp your passport as "Temporary Visitor,' as shown below. Only persons who have a passport bearing this stamp can use a JAPAN RAIL PASS.

E~,amples of th e "Tern po rary Visito r' entry status stamp


Even if you visrt Japan with an Exchange Order (see Bon pA), to be turned in for a JAPAN RAil PASS, the exchange cannot be made unless you have "Temporary Visitor" status;il you enter Japan under any other officiaJ status, such as 'Trainee," "Entertainer,' or "Reentry Permit: you cannot change the Exchang,e Order for a JAPAN RAil PASS. Please note thai according to strict interpretat0n of the Japanese Immigration Law, "Temporary Visitor" status differs even from other types of stays that are also fa r only s hart ti me pe nods.

2. YDuare a Japanese natiDnalliving in a fDreign country,

a. who is qualified to live permanently in that country, or

b. who is married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other than Japan.

Note: Pe rsons meeti ng con dili ons a or b above must be required to show proof of sam 9 at the point of purchase of an Exchange Order and obtaining a ·JAPAN RAIL PASS.


B. How to obtain a JAPAN RAIL PASS

A JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be purchased inside Japan. You must purchase an Exchange Order from an aythorized sales office or agent (see 0) before you come to Japan. After you arrive in Japan, you turn in the Exchange Order to receive your JAPAN RAIL PASS at an applicable JR station that has a JAPAN HAIL PASS exchange office (see pp.6·a).

C. JAPAN RAIL PASS types and prices

There are two types of JAPAN RAIL PASS: Green (for superior-class Green Cars), and Ordinary. Each of these types is available as a 7-day, 14·day, or 21·day PASS. with a JAPAN RAIL PASS,

Type: Green Ordinary
Duration Adult Child Adult Child
7-day ¥37,800 ¥ 18,900 ¥2B,300 ¥ 14,150
14-day ¥ 61 ,200 ¥30,600 ¥45,100 ¥22,550
21-day ¥79,600 ¥39,BOO ¥57,700 ¥2B,850 The above are yen (¥) prices for a JAPAN RAIL PASS Exchange Order (from April 1, 1.997); the actual cost in local currency is calculated at the time the Exchange Order is issued. Note that the purchase exchange rate may differ from the exchange rate in effect when you actually visit Japan.The local currency price, applicable exchange rate, and issue date for an Exchange Order are specified on the Exchange Order itself.. PASS prices for children apply from age 6 to and including age 11. Prices are subject to change. The applicable price is the price valid on the date when an Exchange Order is issued.

D. Where Exchange Orders are sold

JTB Corp" Nippon Travel Agency, KINTETSU INTERNATIONAL, Toptour, Japan Airlines',. All Nippon Airways, JALPAK, and their associated agencies. '.In this case, you must book a JAL Group flight

You can find information about these aqencies on the Internet at!


E. JAPAN RAIL PASS validity 1. Transportation services

• The JAPAN RAIL PASS is valid for Ihe railways, buses, and ferry boats shown in Table 1,

Railways: All JR Group Rallways-$hinkanse" 'bullel Iralns' (,,~,c.,pl ony reserved Or ncn-reserved
seal 0" 'NOZOMI' Iralns). Ilmlled express trains, expreSJllrains, and rapid or local trains,
I With some exceptions]
Buses: Local lines 01 JR bus companies (JR Hok1<aido Bus, JR Bus Tohaku, JR Bus Kania, JR Tokai
Bus, West Japan J R Bus, Chugaku J A Bus, J R Shlkok\J Bus, J R Kyushu Bus) and some 01 JR
highway bus services',
• Sewaro - Olaru: Morioka - Hirosaki; T okyo- Nagoya, Kyolo, Osaka, T sukuba Center,
Nagoya - KyOlo, Osaka; Osaka - Tsuyama, Kasai Flower Center
Ferry: Only the JR Mlyajima lerry is covered, The JR Hallalll-F'usiin I Kmea) fer,!"), Is root cove~
Import,nl not." Tho JAPAN RAil PASS I. nol ~alld lor anv seal" reserved or nOrl'reservedl on 'NPZllM.I"
!leJ", on the TokaidD and Sanvo Shlr>ltlll1sen lines. I The pass heide'S mIl!lllake -HIKARI' Of 'KODAMA' lralns)
It you use 8 'NOZOMI: you must pay the basic fare and Ihe limrled express charge, and tor a
Gleen Car Ihe Green Car surcharge, NOle also lhal passengers using JR 1'8ins on non-JR lines
must pay additional fares and charges for sections Ira,eled on such llnes. IS8" lool~ole to map on p.6) Table 1

2, Train accommodations

• Most JR trains have Ordinary Cars (ooach class) while many long-dlstance irains also offer Green Cars (supsror class), With a Green-type JAPAN RAIL PASS you C"8n use either class, while with an Ordinary-type JAPAN RAIL PASS you can use only Ordinary Cars without paying an additional charge Refer to the table betow lor detailS.

• The cars with 0 can be used with JAPAN RAIL PASS.

• Use of the cars with '" requires paying additional charges I see K on p.9)

There are no Green Cars on most H I KARl and KODAMA trains on the Sanyo shlnkansen line (Shin-Osaka - Hakata), or on TSUBAME trains on the Kyushu Shinkansen line (ShinYatsushiro - Kago5hima-chOo)

Trains Accommodations Green Ordinary
"NOZOMI~ trains" on 1M Green Car X X
Tc.kaJdG .nd ~yo
Shi'lKanSM Ordinary Car X X
"H1~rMd"l<.Ol>AlM·1r.Ii'6 Green Car 0 *
(lfl1Iti! r~.and San:flt
~atId&rrftr'ilirl:&lM1 Ordinary Car 0 0
til!! Totdu., Yarnn., ~1ii,
..Qe~, flbgan:J 1II1:I1(~I.lJI!Li a rd i nary P riva Ie Cornpertrn ent * *
Limited Green Car 0" *
express Ordinary Car 0 0
and Green Private Compartment * *
ordinary Ordinary Private Co m partme nt * *
express Sleeping Car * *
Local and Green Car 0 *
rapid trains Ordinary Car 0 0
• The JAPAN RAil PASS is not \I(3i1d lor any eeete. ~el"llod l~f'ICI, Green Cat] or non-reserved. on ~azoW' Ir.!i'!s..
•• Ir ~I!IJ use ,a 'tIX ureen" on 'RllIa~ TSUB.It'l£" Iroil" Icp!I~ I:.y JR K~....q, yoo l'I'Iu!i'l PD~ I.I!aO Mmh~ esp-ess chalge In. ao:ttiUI tllhI:!-lDX GJI;en marge
• PrioI," CoorparlrneniS are available on soma a!'HIKAAr and 'KODAMA'loam. on 100 5'"'1'0 Shlnl<ansen.
• Green Prl,ate CompaJ1menlS ar. on certain Irrmed express trains, such a. 'NARITA EXPRESS' and 'Sup",-view Odonko,'
• Use o1"fiorne Une~ and orher "Iine(lrains requires an additional charge. Table 2

3, Validity period

• The validity period of a JAPAN RAIL PASS is the oonsecutive 7, 14, or 21 days beginning on the date the PAS S is Ii rSI used,

• Within th rs 9 monlhs lrom the date the Exchan 9 9 0 rder was issued, you must lu m in your Exchange Order to obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS, At Ihat time, you have to specify the dale that you want to start using the PASS, It can be any dale within one month lrom Ihe date the PASS is received,

.Onoe the PASS has a starting date wIman on it, the date cannot be Changed.


G. How to turn in an Exchange Order to receive a JAPAN RAIL PASS




• You can not use an Exchange 0 rder when you travel on JR Ii nes, Turn in you r Exchange Order and obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS at one of the JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange offices shown on the pages 10 the right. (Please take nole of "Service Hours' and "Days Closed,')

.Your Exchange Order must be turned in for a JAPAN RAIL PASS within three months of Ihe dale the Order was issued,

• At the lime of the exchange you will be asked 10 fill in a short application form and to show your passport with the Temporary Visitor stamp that you received on entry into Japan, You must show yo u r passport' and Ihis sla mp 10 process th e Raj I Pass Exchang e Orde r.

, Withou; 1"ur passport, the pas, .,,, .. ng. Will n04 b. mad~ fA ohotOCO\1\' 01 JOUf I"'sspoO ~ also nOI afXSl>labie bee ..... )'Ou "'"" snow [ne 'T''''""",ryVrsrlor' slamp In It I Andrl "'" m • .,<OOdrbals 2 .• or b oop,3 l'Du mu5lslno prool ol •• rn e a 1 thOl:mes 01 belli E>:chaI\ge Order purr:tla", and PASS ."hango

• TIl e type of PASS described on the Exchang e Orde r cannot be ohanged,

H. How to make seat reservations

• Shinkansen,' most limited express and ordinary express trains have reserved Green Car seats and both reserved and non-reserved ord inary car seals. (The JAPAN RAIL PASS is not valid lor any seats, reserved or non-reserved, on "NOZOMI" trains on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen.)

'There are no Green Cars on mosl HIKARI 8Ild KODAMA trains on !he SWlYO Sliinkansen ine (Sliirt-Osilka ~ Hakala), or on TSUBAME ~ains on Ihe Kyushu Shinkar.sen ina IShin· Yatsusllim - Kagoshirna-coo6)

A non-reserved seat (except lor 'NOZOMI' trains on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen) can be used simply by showing your JAPAN RAIL PASS.

• Seat reservations can be made witholIt additional payment. To make a reservation, go to any Travel Service Center or a Reservation Office (Midorl-no-madoguchi) at a JR station, or 10 tha sales oHice of a JR-associated travel agency, There, show your PASS, and obtain YOUf resavec-sea Ucket before boarding,

Note: Do not use an Butomatic licket-reading gate with a JAPAN RAIL PASS or a reserved-seat ticket. Please show tile PASS at a manned tickel gale.

The sign for a reservation office (Midoli-no-madogllChl)


Please note that during crowded periods you cannot be guaranteed a seat on a specific tram. The periods when seat reservations are particularly difficult to secure are as follows:

• December 28 to January 6

The New Year holiday period is the most po putar travel fme for Japanese peopte, to r vacations and returns to hometown areas,

April 27 to May 6

Due to consecutive holidays in a comfortable travel season, there is targe-scale travel IhrougholJl Japan for leisure and (ellreation, .August 11 to 20

Another time for traditional travel to hometown areas, called the Obon season,

Narita Airport

Eli:ll Exit

AIRPORT TeJill i ~31 2 STA liON

!(or ... Rt!Jlwa)'O TlCke1Q,["



f'<soII~. TRAVEL






North Exil Nwth Exi]
I- C1~~ I§
c~:;:::] -
_ C~:::=J -
]j.~ !:.·El
i'!S :r"'C2p "",'
,'" 1 !
•• IEl

South E>It South E,~

SIa110a OIIiDl!l


F,. Major JR lines" stations, and airports throughout Japan

@{ffJO[JD~ w!2JwOfkdJ f1Ifi1Dfli]@w

Akita Shinkansen (1i62.6/un) Tmm Name: KG,HAC/II

Akita Hachlnohe

Yamagata Shlnkansen (421 ~ km!


Toh"j", Shlnkansen (631.9;''''J

Train Names. HAl,\ TE. fAMABIKO. NASUNo. Max-rAMAnIKO, M".<-NIlSIlNO

s. IIlkdrr.s~f.I 1ilKARI RliJ) StlltR Sanyo Shlnkansen (622,.1 kmJ Tm/" N~m",'. NOZOMI. fll/0\IIJ (irIOJ KODAMA

Dmlya Toka/do Shinkansen (5526 kmJ


rr"k,'<l tliru /lahUl". 1.1 i4.9kmJ

.Stations in Tokyo area

that have JAPAN RAIL PASS exchang.e offices

Tokyo No"': 11mn> am Ih_ Iypes ol/mln sl1rvlces. "NOZOMI. ,. --HIJ(AF1J" "-"d "KDDAMA 'on Ihe Tolla/do and Sanyo Shlnkansen. and Ihe olll"""s BI whiM Ir"lns slop VBI)' wllh trnin typos. tn« JAPA N fiA IL PA 55 "' amy vlllid fer ··IIII'.ARI" anti "KDDAMA' ImlllS. and no I "")Id lor any sealS, reS!'l"Ved "r nOiHt!Served. on "1'10.20"'1" lrain ..

• To lrnvef an 'hI} Tclu!JdlJ and SBnyu ShJnkMsrm. ,he p.sss IrolderS mus:I taxe "'HJKARf" or "KOD:4MA" ualns., or , pa~ tile basic tsre Bnd Ihe Shlnl<.n"en exp"'ss cha'f1" I" 1.1m "NDZOW'·ll'lllns. (s....p. 5 far detJlI)

Nulta Airport-Tokyo

Aboul 00 min. by J R's Ilmilad ... p ress • Narita E>press" Abou I 90 mi n. byJA's rapid I rain "AjrpO~ Narila"

.Stations in Kansai area

thai have JAPAN RA'IL PASS exehanqe offices

r I Xyt3/11lSPj'.n.lra~.JI ~r


KYOb as hl


Kyuahu Shlnksnsfln (Ins 11m)

Tnnn Nom.' TSUBAME

• The stations hl red in the map have JA'PAN RAIL PASS e.xchange offices. ~1I5 gr ~.l3ml1er. 200B~

Ka.nsal.Alrp-ol1. Shln-Os a kaIOsakaIKyoto

45 min. (shonesi) 10 Shin-Osaka, 72 min. (shMeslj 10 Kyoto by JR'. limitad express "Kansai A"po~ Express Haruka" About 60 min. 10 Osaka oy Airpo~ Sp.clsl R"Ilid SaNtee


TIl.' non.,JR jlnes lana seclion'l, In<llealod as * 1·' 9 tn the map, [001 may be '",volod 011 (Ihough 111" JAPAN RAIL PASS is not ,,1110 lor IhemllJy JRcline .'P.ffiS5 Ooil. limll"" .'press trains; * 1, Hok"etsu Kyu1<o (M"ikam"cIl~Sal<Ja~l; *2 I," Ky"kO Illo-:lrui<l'u, ~hlmode.): ~ 3 loa R".ilwa, IKawarlld a- T.u); *~ K!~kinki T."~ Ro<lW.y (N!slllmatl."llJ- Toyooka; Fu1AA:hi)'am.a'MlyazlJl: *5 Chlzu Kyu,o IKemt!lo!l-C/lJzu): ~ 6 To sa :KuKlStIjo Railway (Kutokawo-Sulwmol: * 7 18R Iw;Ile 8"'9' R.llway IMoookllM.IoIOI; .a Aol""ri Ra'I"~y (MAlIOi<l-H.,ninohe) * 9 T,,,,," Railway (Kwih as hJ- Tobu·NikkOI KiruJ9awa-M5""1


J •. Stations with JAPAN RAIL. PASS exchange off.i.ces

Station Office Service Hours Davs Closed
Kusi1i'" Travel Service Cenler 10'00"18:00 None
Ob1l1iro Travel SelVice Cenler 9:00-17:00 None
Asahikawa Travel Service Cenler 9:00-17:30 None
JR Inlormation DesK S:3(}1 gcOO
Sapporo fraiel SeiVice 'C-eiilar{Eami" •• - - - ~~ - - - - ~ - - ~ - - - - =
8:3(}19:3O None
frniefselViCe-Ge;;ierl~~I- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
, 0:00-20:00
New"Chltose Airport JA \1"sOOrsl nfcimiaioon cmsk B:3~21:00 None
Hakodale TraVEl Service Cenler IO,OI}1 9:00 None
Aomori Tlavel Service Cente, 1 0:00-1 a:oo None
Haohlnooe Travel SaMoe Cente' 10:00"17:30 None
Aktta Travel SeMes Center , 0:30-18:00 None
Sendai Travel Service Center , 0:00-19:00 None
YamaQala Travel SaMoo Center 10:00·18:00 None
Fuk.~shima Tra~eISe;;';ce Cerlle, 10:30-1 g:OO None
NilQala Travel SeMoeCeote' 10-00-1 g:OO NDne
N~g~no Travel Servioo Center 10:00-19:00 None
Nalita Airport l~v_el ~e_l'!ice _~~!![_ ________ 9:30·19:00
-~~-~---- ----~-~ Non"
Terminal 1 Ticioot Offjoo 6:30·9:30,19:00·21 :45
Airport Terminal 2 l~,!eL~"!!ce_C_"!'t!![_ __ • _____ __ ." !~~O~~D.:O"O" ." _. None
Tick.eIOffiel! 6:30-10:30,. 20:00-21 :45
Tokyo .IJ\P!'I"I.:~!~A£lS_~~_{Y~~J 7:30·20:30
JR-CENTAAlllcl!!l 0Iim fYaesu Centrnl - ~ -~ - - - ~ - - - - - - -- Nooe
Uano Travel Serviel!' Center 1 0:30-20 'DO None
Sh,nluku Travel SeMel! Cente' IEooII 9:30·20:00 None
Shtlj~ Inlormation Cenle( iSoottlI 10:00·'8: 30 None
IkelHJlruro Information Center IC,nlml PiiSSIlgol !l:30·18:110 None
ShillOQBwa 1~1fI!!Jl_aJH!.n_<;'''!'te! LC',n!,,! ~~! ~2.1 9:00·19;00
- - _'_ - - - - - - - - - - -- Non.
JA~CENTAAL TICket Office 5:45-22:55
YokOhama Tra.vel Service Cenler 11:00-20:00 None
Shin- YoKohama JA·CENTRAL TIcket Office 5;30-23:00 None
Odawara JA·CENTAAl TICket Office 6:00-23:00 N'on"
Misllima Ticket Olli<;e 6:15--23:00 None
Shizuoka TtcketOliice 5:00-23:05 None
Homamatsll TtcketOllice 5:25·23:15 None
Na!lOYil JAPAN RAil PASS Em18f1ne Comer mOO·I8:00 None
Kanazawa TlCketOffioe 5:00·23:00 'No""
Kyat1l Tocket ORies 6:30-23:00 None
Shin~ TICk.etOHice 5:30·22:30 NOlle
Osaka TICket Offioo 5:30·23:00 None
KansalAfll!Ol1 Tocket Office 5:30~23:00 None,
SaJUiomiva TJ<;iootOffies 5:30·23:00 None
Okayama llck.el0mce 6:30-23:00 None
Malsue TIckel O~ioo 4:50·22:3Q None
Hiroshima Tlcksl Office 5;)0·24,00 None
Shlmonoseki TrcketOffire 5:30·22:30 None
Takarnatsu Travel 5o",i"" C""ter 1 0:00·16:00 None
M.lslMlmB T ,"vol Servi"" C""I .. r 1 0:00·'6:00 Nona
10lrushlma Travel Service Cerne r 10:00·18,00 None
Kokura Travel Service Center 10:00·19'00 None
Kakala I!ilv..el~~.C.aD~[. ___ •••• ••• " !o.:{l[):~~O"O ____ " None
JA·KYUSH U Ticket Office 5:00·10:00 20:00-24:00
Naaasaki Travel Service Centel 10:00·19;)0 None
Kumamoto Travel Se rvice Centel 10:00-19:00 None
O~a I T",vel ServicE Cenrer iU:QO-19:{)O None
M",,,,aki I T",,,,,I SoNico Ceor.r moo.1B'OO None
Kagoshima-choo Travel Service Center 10:00-19:00 None Note: Indlcaled servce lIours are lor weekdays. Hours Viiry among oHices on weekends and h~lda,s. Some Travel Service C!!nters are close" during lhe New Year holiday period. Ollices.rId servioo hours are subject to ohange 0/ dosconlrnuatian lllilhaul notice.


K. To use a train or car not within the validifyrange of a JAPAN RAIL PASS, such as those marked * in table 2 on p.5

1. If yOU! have an Ordinary-type JAPAN RAIL PASS and want to use a Green Car seat you must pay the Green Car charge and the associated limijed express or ordjnary express charge.

2. If you have a Green· or Ordinary·type JAPAN RAIL PASS and want to use an ordinary private compartment on a Shinkansen or' a limited express train, you. must pay the Shin ka nsen 0 rl i mited express ch argB.

3. If you have a Green· or Ordinary·type JAPAN HAIL PASS and want to use a Green private compartm ent on a Shinkllilse nor a limited exp ress train, you must pay the Shinkansen or Ii m~ed exp rass charge in additon 10 the G reen private oompartme nt charge.

Note Ihat if yo u use a Green or ordi nary p~ivate com partme nt and there are fewe r persons than the specified nu m be r for that co m pa rtment, you must pay child ren"s fares and charges for the number of persons I ass tllan this specified number in addition to the charges described above. However, 1· or 2·person occupancy of a pMv.ate compartment is not avail able 0 n the SllilYO Shin kan sen trains.

4 .. If you have a Green· or Ordinary-type JAPAN RAIL PASS and wanl to use a berth on a Ii mrted express or ordin ary express sl eepi I1g car, you must pay the lim iled exp ress or ordinary express charge in addition 10 lila berth charge. Moreover, if you travel on a sleeping car th at passes through Mori oka to H achinohe ,. you must pay 0 n board the basic lares 10 r the two local sections traveled ove r: I G'R Iwale G i nga Rai Iway (Morioka - Metoki) and AoimoriRailway (Metoki - Hachinohe).

5 .. 1 f you travel ovsm i ght on the last day your pass is valid, III e basic fare will be covered as far as you travel,. including train chaflges, urltil you firs! exit a station. However, surcharges are on Iy covered for the train on which you were ndi ng past midnight on the final day your pass was val id.

S. II yo u have a Green·type JAPAN RA I L PASS and choose to use an ordi nary seat, yo u cannot receive a refu nd of the price dille renee between aGree n Car seat and an ordinary car sea\.

7. When reserved seats are full, you should use a non-reserved seat. Also in this case, no refund can be made of the price difference between a reserved~ llild a non· rese rved seat.

B. The JAPAN RAil PASS is not valid for any seats, reserved or non·reserved, on 'NOZOMI' trains on the Taka ida and Sanyo S hinkansen lines. II you use a ON OZOMI,' you must pay the basic fare and th e limited express charge, and for a Green Car the Green Car surcharge.

L, Other usage conditions

, . Use of a JAPAN RAIL PASS is slri cUy limijed to Ills s igne r (herealte r 'you") onty.

2. You shou Id ea rry you r passpo rt du ring !rave I, and be prepare d to show it il requ ested.

3. Refu nd of Exchllilge 0 rder or JA PAN RAil PASS

• An Exchange 0 rder that has not been tu rned in 10 r a JAPAN RAil PASS can be retu III ed to Lh e office where it was pu rehased fa r a refu nd, within one year of the date 01 issu e. In such case a handljng fee and communication fee will be subtracted from the refund.

• Alter an Excha n ge Order is tu m ed in for a JAPAN RAIL PASS, III e PASS can be lu rn ed in at any JAPAN RA I L PASS exchafl ge office listed on p.8 for a refund ~ III i sis don e berore the starti ng daLe for Ihe use of th e PASS . (Ten pe rcent of til e )Ie n price of Ih e PASS will be charged as a handling fee.)

• No refu nd can be made lor any reason 0 n or after the stamped First Date .

• Also no refund or extension of the validity period can be made in the event 01 train non-operation, delay, or the like.

4. Neither an Exchange Order nor a JAPAN RAIL PASS can be reissued if lost or stolen.

5. These and other usage conditions follow the Japan Railways Group passenger tran spa rta lion regul ations and Japa nese laws. The va.l idity of an Exchang.e 0 rd er, however, shall follow!l1 a sti pulalio ns and regulations of theoom pllily that issu ed the Exch ang e Orde r.


JR HOTEL GROUP 'lII'e lilll., /1.01." 1/"", ~ .IN HOTE."L GROUP


Buy a Rail Pass and Enjoy Another Great Advantage

Founded in 1;987, JR Hotel Group is one of the largest consortiums in Japan. Most member hotels are located next door to J'R stations in the most desirable locations throughout the nation. and. all of them ofler Japan Rail Pass holders' Special Discount Rates! When you buy a pass, take full advantage of Its benefits.

Tha lollowmg hotels 0 - Cill plea se go over leal 10 r II - til) corresp 0 nd to each I.g u re on the map, Hates Indicalad here are inclusive of service charge (nol oh.rg es l:lls al some hOlels) and taxes (SpecIal Disc ounl Re res may nol epply depend,ng on lhe season.)



o JR Tower Holal Nikko S.apporo

o HOlel Metropolitan Sendai!!m ~..!i~~_\~iI'IICI rr:-u_\lJI.~at~ NI$HI2.t<ITofI.5..Clt!JO-KU. 5of1.PP'O~. tFOIU(,II,.oo IJ6IJ-(J(II)5

SAl H.:!n : idlkr.ll _ '" lta...I'2>It rr- "II 1-11.'1'.41 1+' CHUo,.,AOiYI.-t<u,S!:N[I,!!,I. Ml'tA{ij~'l!lllD-6477

GDs:..Si!llJro!!~ Ul4.Bel11 Gzili!ttc: t.n 1:i109tl

,Mlln:;iQIIIJ: 1.111 SI:1JMS,I; 'M:;1I111!~p';W1: UI E!~



8 Asahlkawa Terminal Hotel

____ U'o:l'fIoIlii ':1'r:1"1'''I~

~lm I' $&!IIW 'I».jUfJ

o Hotel M etropo lltan Ya m agatl!

1 1"r1"Ml1i ~ l'n-o;u.~

.&.LIIlm. 1s..J1!«I __ '_~nlll

SWll!m J"s.J ~ "r-U.'II.JIE! ..... I~,T~I:II

1·1_1 KASlIMfctlO. YAMAGAtA, YAt,oV,i;lI!,TA 99(HJOl9

1'Z-t "'1'fA5ffl1A-OOFlI,A.5AHI~W""'~OO Oro-IXFJO G:[)S:SatJr~UI4~ G;aJi'rc::UII!I717011 ~UIAJt:!IAJl"Ir.&'hidI3~:lJI4-4Ol.l'

GDS: ~!!. UI ,66D!I GElIII~: It:IlW7~



o Holel Nikko Northland Obihlro

€t Hotel M .. tropo\l!;an Nagano

'II I,", .. ~OO

\J~.J[)It "'rl",~

~1~iIIm , ~llMJ

MIN.-.:MII3-1 NISHI i. 09IHIAO,HOIQI;ILII)O O8CI-<ltlt~ OOS' 5ab1'e! tot; 5!156 GaIIIM Np:, E<f112

Amm::Imm. 1'IIl( 08QODO Woilrtisp."V1~ NK i'IIKQOO

1!3A19 ,..IN.AMIISKlDCJ..OHO,I'II,.ru3..ANO, NAGAr«;! ~2'I aDS: sabJl!!i: lI'i 4\.88I!1S I3;!IJ!o: Ul1!:115(1

ArnoQQJ,J~ 1)1 Di'4GMNI~ ~rr UI t8~



o Hotel MetropOlitan Akita

Cil H aiel: Metro polltan Takasakl

, ._

'r ",JI:!..I.

~lIJ.If.a .: !'JIllkII.i 'i 11,BfIoIl , 1ri,I'fI

7-2-1 I'IIA'It!IoDORI.AJCi".Io~rtoli. 'IiIH;t·B5GIJ I3tJ5.!5B.b!o!I.t.n·60300 ~JlIeo:UIIl10773 LlJ AXTM,II,H WI:M1d!;pn1E. I,.tl 44Ot)9

2Z!! i'~HI"'A-QH[P. i~MI.I3UNIoAA. ~1\1-D6!iI!I! GDS: 5a!k1!!i! U~ ;489'14 GI!iIlM: UI iIIt31fi!io

Am;..;d!!U1I·lJjtltPtTM'fI( ~.U14'1Q)9



iD Plaza Metropolltan·Tokyo

€It Hotal Metropolitan Morioka

J~r:IIJ.U 11'r:ne![II

'II 7.l'5ll

,. ILIUl \ ~".Jl.:


I·e·, MSl"Ir l1(EaUKUFlO, iOSJLIllAA....t<l"t, TOK'l'O l"l-E!!!iO!!i ClO:S:Sa.tJrlIl".CF";2-1i'l1 t3.rt1l1titJ;Cf'2-il11i1

~LIIII:t::PE.7:i!! ~CP;3fi9t!1

1>4iL MORIOKA EKjIoAAE.OQIAI, MomolO., tHATI; oD:j!O·0(;34 iJlJ:S: Sa.,I;II1I'" UI ~95A GiIIIltKi: tr.Il!~Ii'7.j:

Mlblfl!UI!.: UI tmJl.l\&frl WCIIIcI!IpI!II'iI· UI 4Zl00!I



o Hotel Metropolitan Morioka INew Wing

,® H'otel Metropolitan :Edmont

~1iI,K. ~ ~II!«I.i .... Il)lliiJ- " 1 .... 1!

2-21 OOFlIt.JKA ;EI'aMAE-K1'TAOOFIII.PAClFlIOIt;"'I'NAf.I~ 020-003l GDS· Sn,blll- UI t:t.EI" GalLIoc;I: UI80i"&I

~IJIHT~'!!"~ \'ioti:I'IiPll'lu:t~"'010

l-111t-B IIDABASffl, CHIYOOA·It;U, TOKYO 102-8t3D GOS;S;;itJrcr UI4.!!.Eis:!! GgII!g.g:'I.N 1'l!Oo'

01;/11tldeV6i' WI TYOEMT woo~ UIIIIO 195


tID HOlel Metropoi1tan Maruno uchl

I-:T·ll tIA~ur."OUOIil CHI'lt'Oi>A4lU, iOtCYO, 1'11Q-1'JC1lS (][]S":Slibrll:U~S-l04:1!. G!'IIIleo!UI i!I~1I!1

AmaaayB: TYO"J.34 WC!ltisp;tl1l ur oC!!l~


«l Seaside 'Hotel Shlba Yayol Kalkan

I "my II ~!"cl'1'iln

\ "J!J.IJ

5l!:ll1I;m1!5t)1'IMII 'II 'Ij(iDit ,"'IHi(tj)

1-1(10.;2'7 KJtIGAN, tIIINATO-.'KlJ, TI:lKYCI1t:15-OOZl:

GOS:; s;,1;g1J: IJI .1121'35 G,.,llIut:l UI ee.·1'" AtnDt:Itiu~: UI TIOS'l'~ WOtkl!~1l! UI oIoJI097


e Hotel Dream Gate Malhama

~~~ _u~~~~~

~JJllIp,r19K'l\o;o.i! YJQ,!io/1Ci \.la,l&oo

~6·S WdKAMA, 'IJFI:A'I'Mu, Ct"il& 219-00:H GDStStllira:UI1B64.:i! G;!ifiDD;UI t!I';;:'1 ~ooL!li.:uINfiTOGM W~Bn:ur.ll4OOD


ell Hotel Mels Hachl nohe

1-1 T,L:o,TEDIL, ~ltIlJCHI,"IACHLtoIOKE, .*rDMOFII ro-g..l1D1 t'jDS: Sobl"1!: UI 4gl' 2 GnJIItlo: UI 11171 nt

.Amat:ilJo.J!! 'I.n HH6MHH Wot1d1pH: 111 ~DoII[I


(f) HolelMelS Kltakaml'

, rf0'll Il'fT"Iel'

.... 1'T50

'",,'JI1ti '(LLI~I

,.,-3,4 OOOiRI,m,ll,~MI.IWATE Ctl4-0IIEI1 ODS: SSIJI1I: UI ~9331 uemec: UloII71 131

.Amlil;l~ ... IJII-INAMI(}I W~lIl1:UI'4A-041


([lI Hotel Mela Fukushima

1r'r1"!l!1I ;:I~nlnm

Sid Rmll iitl.o.. Y '1!iHJ(I V I ~.u1Jol1

1 -1 S!l!.K.AECHO, FUKIJ&iltAA, fUK.\r.9f.4It.\A !iI6O-8DJ I GDS: SfLbNI_ UJ o:j;B41 is Gi!:IIlm!I! UI3218S

oIInltloi:l's;ua::UISD.liMF ~n:UI4<L365


® Holel Mals Nagaoka

2~-lJfJAIMA.o"II.N~ ffllGATA !9iIiJ...4iOAe GDS: -SllbriL UI 4203S aenee: 1II ElllUes ~t-=IJIIo{lJ"'NH Wr:!rfO.lijWln-1J14.II1JA2


iii Hotel Meta Mlto


1.1.1 MIVAMAC.HI, arro. IBARAlCl :,l.1(1w1)C11!1i 60S!..5a'1i1'a: UI 1101S.o1 Oa[i:ao: IJI B08~S

Ami:!1):lIl'!1; UI mlTMTM War§:ltj)lllt: UI 4JlCI:2


lID Hotel Mets UtaWa

~lI;ml! S&!!Eko.lo ~ J~IJ!lOO '" U.5l1lJ

1;-I6-0fTAJ<ASAGO'uR.AW,MW,.$AITAM,J!.,SAiT ....... oIl ~

8DS:: Sl!bI!~: UI .. zog1 G..!i11Btlo_ UI83111ijl'

AmildlIl.III: 1.11' .rtA:'T'MUH Wo;:trldij;illl'l; UI 44Q.:1.3



o Hotel Mets Akabane

m Hot.el Mets Mllonokuchl

,rrTl'T '1 .... '<'J'l-


SIiIRmIJ SIJ.Bt'III \ IUGtl '\ 1!l,..1,11{1

1·1-SMI~~UCHI, TAKATStJ-Ku, iKJIt,WJ'oSA}(J. KANMJ,j,WAl'!l;;...coo1 GDS:: SlIbriit. UJ 4.9400 G.II&.i:io~ t.n ,1It'111113

~aa;;I.iIINFlTMt.8i W~UI':wQAI5

1-'1-7fioAll:AIYItoIE, KlfA-KlJ. TOKVOlliS-OO<l~ GDS:Slibrlll!l,.tl,'It5(li Gii!!~'lJlt!1M84

AlI»f:iB_ UI 'TYOMMl W:coIIMpBn.: UI""I:I1 n



- --

fll Hotel Meta Tabata

€I Hotel Mels T$udol1uma

~bJtObIlb! \I.l..W'I'I

I:.~Km ~_~Ii~ ,"~-I..t;11(J

1-17«1 HlG,JI.Sl-IlToILJlA.TA, 1I(IT,,"IQJ'.lOK'l'O 1Io1J.Q:t1.0 Ges;: SaPJr& UI ~11I6U GIIII.II!I(], 'Il!I1!t121:i?

~ loll TYQMT'H Wcrfdtlp.arr. UI ~040t

., 11111011


1-1-1 t5u1J""~PM.,NAAASHINo. CtimA'V50-00Ifi. IJOSl;&a!;Q;UI,!iiiGot ~lJIt3tOi!ifi AlNIt*1Ll11 UI NFlfMTH WottdspBn: Ui -!M(t1a

TOKYO· Subullian


m Hotel Mets Kumegawa

€I Holel Meta Kawasaki

SlfH..11 DW:BId \. LUfrtt "I' I~ "utIJ

'>IJ'bJI,.1 BP5io 'I !I.'i'lftio 1 I~ ~llCt

1~ii! t+OflIMWIoCHO" s-JWAJ.KtJ, KAW~il:I~ ikANA!.i."""",,I,1l:12W1:i O[)s.::Sl!ibrDl:UI"L~ i]~tlllll!li'(I;II;


,rPJ""l !,t'W:Rm

'2-:11 .... !9~ECHO. HltlASI-lIMUFIIAYiWA., TOKYO 189-OO1:H (;[)S:~IJ;UIi20'7Jj7 ti!!!utLIII;lJ,letl:2t!l

AmitSall6 UI TYUMI(() warJdSj:llll'C UI ".(I.II~



@jHotel Meta Tachlkl'!wQ

lID Hotel Meta Kam a~ ura Oluna

'&11111 Yu,l~

\ II ~M -.r1 ... 11(I

1-2.1 OFUNA, KAWoJaJRA.I«NAGJoWA:247~ GCtS:~UI"Ogf;j ~lJleo6D() A1MdI!ilJii!Ul.NRTMKO ~:UI .. otoO~'Ii'



WHotel Mets Kokubunjl

eJ· Hotel Assocla Shin-Yokohama

Il)ull' It'JOIfIl,

".I!i1..::!,OO \ lJ ... U.ltJ

Sl!;l1i,m1J'~.I'1:Iqo "!'i'.1I1Kl \ ,11J1/Qij

2"1)).i6 SHIN! ~t{(IHCt$tIlJ. 'fOKOIi!tWJ(ANAGJiWJ, ::tt200m GDS: 5ItbHt: 1.II1'36'1S G.!JDeo:: U11II17B1

I>tru!tIIIIJ~ilJl:r4RT1~ ~:UlU~

"»-3~Mlcac, ft:QI':UUuti,;ll, TOKVO , IISOCQ I one 50!11:!I"9: UI 11611(1, I3oItli!CI: UI 60085,

.;IoI"I:IOI:ll;II,q;: UI TYD"O(H WQif~~ U14Jj014

TO KYO· Sub" man


I!D Hotel Mets Musash Isekal

Ii!!) Hotel' AlIGocla Shlzuoka

'1i'rn!11I ll"rn.!lfoloL_

, 1Ii!ll11)

SId.1Ii I ~ 1l1'''I!IIa.I: '" Il.~ ~Qi 'r' '-1)1'"'11

!;1dr..mIJ:!:I:IiINI , .~ltJ!J ":1.,Jt00

sa !It;UF.oGANECHO, AOI-:IIj!.J. 8HIZUOI<A.. 5HlZUOKoli. 4r0.055! GJ)S: S!tn'oI!_ UI!i02726 GalIJdo: 1I1 B708&11

~UlNIfT.AST Wt;!~ul~OIXI

2- 1 -a i(YON,rwOiO, ..,IJS.iL5HINO. TOK"t'O , ~ aDS· SliN!!.. IJI I M41 GbJiIIio: UIIIIOII're

Al"!1l1.dtiuI: U~r.'OOET WQrk:I~n' UI ~QI!!I



W Hotel Mats Koenjl

Ir'H'Ul. 1I'rr"ll.lJ;

€it Hotel Associa Toyohashl

SIll Alii I ~lf1!k:oJ. p';j~ BIll 1 .!i~111tYI

5:liJ'liWorll'~.I:~ '¥u,O{N'i "I'II.(IQB

FolISI-il:.J\IlitU, HIoNAOAOio. TO"I"OHoILSf"Il, AICHloIAJl..«I7S ODS:: SI!iIlti!!i:: UI ~2:J0t3 Gaik!lritIllB1Dl2

Amillleui.: 1..11 NOOJ,TH ~''IJI 44021

'\ II),OIJ(I

2,50 I t<0ENJ1 t(TT.A.. SUt:;lmAMMCU, roilY{] 'HIB«Xl.2 GDS~ seere: 1111116935 a~Iao:t ..... 1tI1015!

,6,m.mua: UJ NRU2B WOIII:19p!In= UI .... 42B



® Hotel Meta Mejlro

~ Prnilll ! l"rnoruo

W Hotel ,Assocla 'Nagoya Terminal

tJ'Eni1il 11':r.rwII"IL'II

~R.. .. I Dhlil!>! "rJ"IIolt(t ""l!".W~

5lil1lai 'It- 1""'141 '" l~.~I.

1-.!1-1 t.!EJIRO, mSt;~.o,..Ioi:U. Tom'O 1'1.(1;1.31 G:DS~ Si!b~; UI109490 Galileo: U[ BO!l-71

,lu'nBllI!wJB !UI T'l'OI,ilTS WQr1dli~ UI 44016

ildxar::lfcl:lli5a_"I1.l.io11t1 .... 1.t..uot1

2,5-1 JCOENJII!OTA.'SU~~U, TOKYO j~ GD:9·5II!tt1'9::'1J1406IJ35 GIlliiiIlKl;UI1til.!115

~UJNRT428 W~UI4442!!l



W Hotel Mels Snlbuya

I PrI'Wlll ~ Il!

® Holel Assocla Takayama. Resort

,rtl'!'lII! .j rtnforn

!;iI.11I:r."!Ia!Ba!I "-'Jtl~\~

:5AI.R.:tiIr!5fJ1l<:::!oI. n_Vl" .. oO;ll(i 1'J1IL'I1l'I"-JI'III 349,1'11' SHIBt,lYJ\.-Sl-IlmN""KU. iDK'l'O t~ DOS' Sattlll!l. 11J110657 aarulKl, UlII067I11

~~-UITVOMSH ~on UL"4Ol~

5Lo!I.l\af1:5vJ I!IRo Ii"W 'r u:ril'll .._,. 1'fl.5'j'~ !;iii Itml~ $jII~ iii-. '11.1.";H~ rr- 'r' ~'II.7~

1"3,4 E-CHIGOQ8l:l, T~YAAU.. GlFU SOHCt33 f~'=rlI1-511-36-OO)t ~-41.577-3&-01B8

For more .nlormatlon about JR HOT~L GROUP .",1 us al


HuliT~ nBosch H., .. ,., ,

<til Sannomlya Terminal Hotel

lID, ANA Holel' JR Huls Ten Bosch

Il"rnllll ] f'!e?1.'

D.II1..III111.lI:>I~ 'II1:!Lu_j.U 'r~.,-I"i'iI

ruRml1 ¥Brib \ HLtTII .., ~4~:!-4.

10 HWS 'n:N OOSCH-cHO. SJIS."EBO, 1'Il~.s5i1'-a21ii6

aDS:;SiIbr~ AN l&n~ BaillIIo: .01 """ .. II.1:j

~lII:l\U'~s.mH ~lAfl:2'''f:31

:S!iiII~mj1_q,_&dI "Is..~n "J!J~1b

011-1-2 IWMOIIlCIRl, CHUO-IW,I(Oe=E,H'I'OOOt!!il-OOlil!l [;08: S:!!" WI 2DII3!I' ~~iBD:: UII!I1.21111:

ArnIIO&ut:U~!,Ii:BSTI-b W~·IJI.i:llOo!I!I

1-4-1 MEJjFLQ, TOSHI"'~,-KU. TOKYO 111.0031 atI&. SilID; 1J1'0!iI4.S ~ IJI a0011

Aili.lioi!II . .dI: IJ~ TIDMTS WOif~n:: UI oiI!4CI11!1




$ HOlel. Kurashlkl

I!I J.R Kyushu Hotel Kok.ura

at Hotel Granvla Osaka

'rry..I!I iPr ...... .!!.J.!...._

~ ,_ml

lrrlllH' ]!"ow!m

Sidbt1 Sil ~ rr-'t 2,\ Ill!IJ rr- "t ~',~!I!;l :J-1-1 UMEDA, KlTA-IlU, OSAXA, OSAKA 5JD-0001 GDS: S1!b~: U' .. e~!O ~Iititt:r. UI 1 ijO!ii!3

Am.IIlII!IJB! UI05A{jOi( 'fflIfkIi5jlBf1: UI ,1I01!n5

1-1- ~, ACHtIjt:UAASH:IK.t,. OKAYAMA 711l-lJ055

GOS; SAt:ao: UI 41383 ~: U! I!I!!fOO

AlhIIdgLtJ"UI'OIi'.JI(IJFI WCIIImIiaflU'l"'-"OA!iI

'.H~.I(OKIJRA'KiTA-tru.KfHtK'fLJSHtl,.,~ 8CG!-OOO~ '[]C1S=~! LJloIIIBC39 (3;8~ UI il'So33A:

.t.n- .. i;kI~ U! :I< WOOiapBn! W "'~"j'-j3




$ Hotel Granvla

11'P1'1III11 .I:i'r'1'SlIIIIII

@ANAHotel Clemenl Takamatsu

II"rrmII 1~1I!

liD J R Kyugh U Hotel Fuku oka

SId~IL tlbHllfd. ) p,'"! I )JIbEII!

S"'lml~ s,l1Itd! \l1~!l.9 )' Ij .. ,.:1

irl8, TCMODACtfO, W~"'AMA.. WAMy,fl.Mll, ~O~~ IJIJS::SI!IbtI!.Ull2'J2:! []~_L"'I!l1C:J6

An:llli;lalJ5:UIt(])lWTH ~:Ui4JI11il1

StlllI:mjl :s."IIId' )"~,~'

$tiIl!rnl]b'BM. "1~1'M "'''1 ";,,

1-' HAMAHOOHO, fAAAMATSU, KAGAWA 760-0011 IJOS; sabNi. AN ~ GalfLQQ: AN: 3SBn


5I.IIltIIIr!5t;[Btdi YILMI'!IIII \I.! UI

M4l-iAtv.T..m,!-tBASt11. f{NI';ATA.JII1I, FUIruOKJIL,FI..IKI.X::t<A 1!112-001:3 005.: S8~IfI: tn 2"01!11 0!.!II:i!0! L,JI 'I~

AmI!dot.i~: Ut FUI<J~t( WQrIid~'1J! ~D52




@Hotel Granvla Okayama

<ilD Hotel Clement Tokushlma

IiliI JR Kyu~hu Hotel Nagasaki

Hi EKlMOrn-otCI,DKAYAMA,ClKA,(,II,J,M, 700-4351 a GOS:: s.bnJ: UI "!!58:i! G~::!JI eum ~lIi!<.UIOJ(J13RN WII!I1di!pIH!!'U!.cA11:i

1.,fI1" HlSHI" 'fERIISrtIWlHClNCHO, TIJICJJSailWo, TOI(USJoIWI T7MI831 GOS;~~;UII~e GaliItQ:U11811e>l ~UIT'K:SCT'HW~l.J:I&ll!os.l

1- ~ ONQt,JE:WACHI, HAGASIIKI, HA!3A&'IKI !lso.oo5!I GDS~ Si!tqi 1iJ1: 1 a671 GiiI\IiiQ; UI 8U 1-5 AlN.r:liiulllll.NBS.Hu( ~UI"'05iJ




€9 JR Kyushu Holel Kumamolo

~ Hotel Granvla Hiroshima

~ PnwJII ; l'rntmll

€iI Holel Clement Uwellma

IP'Enu1l lllt--..

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€II Station Hotel Ko kura

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*' JR Kyushu Hotel

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YAKUSHI IIA :~I",,"m.'

lID JFI Hotel Yakushlma

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Vis~1 www.utell.comlstallc!conlacttres_numbers.asp for information about reservation or inquil)' by phone.

Helpful Information forJR Travel

Indications of station names

AJ] JR stations displ II y station names ill both J apanese and Roman letters on their platfcrms, A given station's name is in the top center of the signboard, in large teners: the n ames of the previous station and the next station are at the bottom of the signboard, in smaller letters.

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- --p~ ------ - -

Public telephone inside trains

S h i nkansen and some limited ex press trains are equipped wi th pu blic telephone, which allow use of 3 "Telephone Card." Telephone cards can be purch ased a board trai ns or at a station kiosk.

Useful word

Reservation == Yoyaku; Travel Service Center = Ryoko center; Reservation office" M idorl-no-madoguchi; Super ex press '" Shinkansen; Limited express e- Tokkyu; Express « KYQ_ko; Rapid train == Kaisoku; Local train", Kakuekiteisha: Ordinary car '" Futsusha; Green car (superior accommodations)", Green-she:

Reserved seat e Shiteiseki; Non-reserved seat", Jiyuseki

II Coin-locker II

Traditional checkrooms have almost disappeared throughout the country . Instead, coin-operated lockers (called "coin-locker" in Japanese) are popular in. major stations. To travel Light" prepare hundred-yen coins.

JR East In/oline

JR provides a convenient telephone information service in English, Korean and Chinese for quick and complete JR information about train time schedules, the faster JR route from place [0 place, locations of reservation offices, and so forth. Call 050·2016·1603

10 a.m.-S p.rn, (except during the year-end/new year holiday period) Seat reservatio us cannot be accepted by III is telephone service.

Sales at stations and in trains

Mobile vendors on Shinkansen and other long-distance trains sell "Ekiben" box lunches (these contain 10caJ specialty Japanese-style foods), as well as sn ac ks an d drinks. These j tern s are also readi I y a vail able at station kiosks, and many stations also bavea variety of restaurants as well. as many vending machines,

Avoid rush hours in the morning and evening

[0 major cities, avoid traveling during the morning and evening rush hours (approx. 7:30-9:30 and 17:00-19:00).

This pamphlet is a convenient guidebook for using' a JAPAN RAil PASS, Please carry it along with your PASS during your travel, and enjoy Japan to the full.


I ruonnattcn given h ore I. effective as of 1 SepU,mbe r 2008, and subject 10 change without nonce. However, refunds or cempensahon win not be made tor any loss or e'xpe-nse inourred as a resu I! 01 such Chang es 10 any ", U1e lnlotmatlon.