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Thermal engineering assignment questions

Assignment 1
1. Describe the functioning of a 4 stroke spark
ignition engine.
2. Describe the functioning of a 2 stroke petrol
3. Describe one type of ignition system.
4. Describe one type of cooling system.

Assignment 2
1. Derive an expression for critical pressure ratio in a
steam nozzle.
2. What is metastable flow condition in a steam
3. Describe about conducting morse test in a
multicylinder SI engine.
4. Write about heat balance in an IC engine.

Hence deduce an expression for minimal work input in a multistage compressor. 2. Assignment 4 1. Derive an expression for work done on air in a reciprocating air compressor a) without clearance volume b) with clearance volume. Describe in detail a water-ammonia vapor absorption refrigeration system. What are the types of refrigerants available? . 3. Derive an expression for COP. Describe 1) pressure compounding 2) velocity compounding 3) pressure-velocity compounding in steam turbines.Assignment 3 1. What are the qualities of a good refrigerant? 4. 3. 2. Derive expression for intermediate pressure in a multistage air compressor assuming perfect intercooling.

5. Assignment will be evaluated and marks obtained will be considered for internals. What is adiabatic saturation process? Assignment should be written in A4 sheets or a separate note book. . Define: a) psychrometry b) dry bulb temperature c) wet bulb temperature d) relative humidity e) specific humidity 6.