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Preferred highest quality standards. Y.

Y. Prefers working with sources for product adaptation and reach the quality levels.

Y. Êon-quota market.

ter garment requirements. 2. yarn-dyed fabrics in cotton levels is not sufficient. 5. 4. minimum quantities. India insists on higher are strong competitors for 4. China for its political situa- tion. Korea and Taiwan ity/Imagination 3. 6. 5. Excellent sewing quality. ing complicated prints and nese customers and quality printed rayon blouses are in plying fashion garments.Understanding of Japa. Prefer blends. Imports are dependent on petitor. Adequate design capabil- can act as a booster. India is not aware of win. 1. Highest quality standards. 5. India is capable of mak.  men¶s shirt business. 4. Chinese fabrics are periods. Madras Check shirts and 1. good quality at good price. China. 2. 3. sign and quality. . Italy is preferred for sup. Efficient delivery system. 2. Indonesia is providing geneous identity. 1. China has excellent sew- ing quality as compared to India. cheaper. 7. demand as there are more de. 2. Does not project a homo. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Demands 1.1. Shipment time is more than China. China-the toughest com. Eco-friendly and natural 3. Low product adaptation and rayon.