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Name: Tran Hoang Dieu
I. Introduction:

Hello. My name is Dieu – Dieu Tran Hoang. I come from English 7 – Business
Administration. Today, I’m going to talk about LePit Café ‘s plan and analyse its
SWOT. My presentation is in 5 parts. First, I’ll give you information about LePit Café
and the figures involved. Then, I’ll analyse SWOT of the café.

II. Main part:

1. Information and figures involved:

a. Information

- Place: 25 – Ha Hoi – Hoan Kiem – Ha Noi

- Time to start business: 30/09/2009

- Café model: Serve drinks and beverages in place or take away.

- Sologan: Take it easy

b. Figures involved:

- Charts: Age, income, using café (time, purpose, cost,..)...

2. Analyse SWOT

a. Strengths:

- Went into operation, have some patrons, first step is to create brand

- Convenient place

- New style, professional staff

- Reasonable cost

- Ability to return quickly

b. Weakness:

- Small area

- Hard to find the place


Trends influence of Western culture among youth d. Threats . . Conclusion: . Paris Gâteaux.Thank you very much for your attention and if there are any suggestions or comments. … . Growing demand of using café . Some competitors: Highland Coffee. c. Opportunities: . The SWOT matrix III.I'd like to summarise … . Gloria Jeans. Potential threats: Import of the famous cafés … e.