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Roberto Clemente

Guided Reading Questions

1. What difference would it have made if Roberto had gotten his 3,000th hit in
Philadelphia rather than in front of the hometown fans in Pittsburgh? Why do you
think this? P143

2. How does the author help readers visualize what is happening when Roberto
comes up to bat against Tom Seaver? P143

3. Besides feeling cheated by the error ruling, how else do you think Roberto feels?

4. How do you know that other players are hoping Roberto will get the hit? P145

5. What details does the author include to tell you how terrible the earthquake
was? P147

6. Why do you think the author tells the story about Roberto Clemente and the boy
from Nicaragua? P147

7. What does Roberto Clemente do to help the people of Nicaragua? P148

8. If you had been a member of Roberto’s family, how might you have felt about his
decision to fly to Nicaragua on New Year’s Eve? Explain. P148

9. The narrator says that the plane was full but that the helpers kept putting more
and more boxes in it. Why do you think the author included that detail? P150

10. What happens soon after the plane takes off? P151

11. How do you think Roberto’s teammates and fans will react and respond to his
death? Why? P151