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November 29, 2010

Name: _______________________
Choose and complete on a separate sheet of paper, one social
sciences, math, and language arts assignment each day. Parents
remember to initial the boxes completed by your child. This will be
checked for completion every Friday.
English/ Language Arts Social Sciences
Use the following words in a Use 2 adjectives to describe the sound
sentence: of the SMART Board.
1. weather
2. rain
3. sunny
4. cloudy
5. windy
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Label Fact or Opinion. Fill in the blank with either “push” or
The sky is blue. “pull.”
Apples are the best fruit ever!
Basketball is fun. I _____ open the car door.
We go to Bridge Creek Elementary. I ______ the buggy.

Now create one sentence of your own
using either “push” or “pull”
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Use three adjectives to describe the Please answer either “push” or “pull”
clothes you are wearing while Miss Skelton was eating a popsicle. She
completing your homework. accidently left it outside in the sun while
Example: blue jeans, gray t-shirt, brown she went to the restroom. She came
shoes back and it was melted. It was all at the
bottom of the plastic wrapping! Would
___________Parent Signature she “pull or push” the popsicle juice up
the plastic wrapping so she could finish
eating it?

If you choose to complete the items below, you may
substitute them for two items above.
Read a book on Complete an assignment on
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