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“NIBBANA” is the supre me HAPPINESS

Avoid all bad of Conducts……….Do all good of Conducts……….Purify the Mind

Let it be = be Happy

The Clock of Happiness: [๑] "Sati" to know the status of your positioning in Galaxy > Universe > Earth > Human Body > our own breath
[๒] "Sampajanna" to follow our own breath into our own body > into our own feeling of body > into our thought of those good feeling> into our truth of
those thought [๓] "Saddha" to believe in Karma or the law of action and avoidance by the path of Buddha's enlightenment [๔] "Panna" to know in
listening, studying, and own wisdom [๕]"Kusala" to do wholesome in course of action or good of conducts [๖]"Punna" to built up 10 bases of meritorious
[๗]"Parami" to collect 10 perfections [๘]"Adhisila" to handle in more precepts or higher morality [๙]"Adhicitta" to concentrate in higher mentality
with 40 subjects of meditation by 8 absorption form & formless spheres state of measurement [๑๐]"Adhipanna" to purify in higher wisdom of 6 modules
of insight meditation or "Vipassanabhumi" by 10 levels of insight knowledge measurement and "Vijja" or supernormal knowledge measurement
[๑๑]"Vimutti" to be happy by leaving all circling suffers with 5 deliverances and 8 stages of fineness release measurement [๑๒]"Vimutti Nanadassana" to
know in wisdom of the stages of unconditional state and the way of passing and the absolutely clearance of 10 bondages measurement
[O] .. find out your own Human Being Dhammakaya .. to reach your own spiritual Dhammakaya .. to reach your own Brahman Dhammakaya .. to reach
your own super mundane states of Dhammakaya .. with the 4 paths and the 4 fruitions and the 1 of unconditional state or not self
by your own right of receiving ... relaxing ... release ... retreat ... concentrate ... purification ...[O]
[O] “Nibbana” or “Nirvana” is the supreme happiness.[O]
[ in memory of “Phra Jai” [Jayabhirato Bhikkhu] from Thailand, e-mail:]