Haiku: on some random thoughts... ********************* (5-7-5 syllables) ——————————————Do whatever you may.

Sing and dance and take a stance. Or endless romance! ——————————————When your things go wrong When you run out of your song You better carve a stone! ——————————————When feelings deep dense The silence crawls in your sense. Like winter cool night... ——————————————Here flows a riverCivilization so old, Unending, untold! ——————————————– Educate educated, Simplify complicatedReduce consumption. ———————————————Let thy children die? You play obnoxious a role. Save Line of Control! ——————————————– Keep your head straight. Keep your logic strong and cool. Talk peace or you fool! ——————————————– Let us talk of peace Here or in Greece; come to terms Call abolish the arms! —————————————— Romance has no barPolitical patriots Want no peace but war!