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1. MATCH 2. READ AND COMPLETE Myrna Susan France Canada 11 years old 10 years old AREA: 547,030 km2 AREA: 9,984,670 km2 NATIONAL ANIMAL: Gallic rooster NATIONAL ANIMAL: Beaver WEIGHT: 5kg WEIGHT: 20kg RIVER: Loire RIVER: Mackenzie River • Canada is _______________________ tan France. • In Winter, France is ____________________than Canada • The Loire is ____________ than the Mackenzie River. • A Gallic rooster is _________________ than beaver. • Susan is ___________________ than Myrna. 3. FOLLOW AND WRITE 4. READ AND DRAW. BEN AND PETE ARE CATS. THEY GO TO KITTY´S HIGHSCHOOL. BEN IS OLDER THAN PETE. PETE IS FATTER THAN BEN. PEN IS SHORTER THAN PETE. PETE HAS LONGER HAIR THAN BEN