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1. sar -v 5 5 command will print one line every 5 seconds showing how much
free virtual memory you have available, and it will do this five times and stop.

2. The swapon or swap -l command can be helpful in showing how much swap yo
u have on your system. Some folks use vmstat to see how many runnable process th
ere are over near the left side of the display. Sequent has a built in "monitor"
command and HP has a program called glance, and there are numerous third party
programs that can be used to monitor system resources, databases, etc. throughou
t the day such as Compuware's EcoTools and many others.
3. sysdef -i to c the kernel parameters.
4. chmod 777 to change access rights
chmod 755
5. ls -l | grep \^- | wc to calculate number of files
6. find . -name cbl -print to find cbl file,directory in current di
7. tar -tvf /dev/rmt/0n to read from tape
tar -cvf /dev/rmt/0n /backuproot/datafiles/$ORACLE_SID/* to write in
tar -xvf /dev/rmt/0n /backuproot/datafiles/$ORACLE_SID/* to write fr
om tape
tar -xvf /dev/rmt/0n to write all files/folders from current tape dir
8. mt stat to see session and status of tape
9. mt rewind to rewind tape
mt fsf 3 to forward tape to session 3
10. chown oracle:dba redolog to make owner to oracle user and dba group
of redolog directory
11. DISPLAY= to export display
export DISPLAY
12. date 060911392004 to change date and time
date -s "06/29/2004 21:19:02"

13. du -s -k
14. sar 1 10
15. ipcs to check the shared memory allocated to oracle or not.
16. env to see environmental variables
17. prstat this command is equivelant to top or sar command.
18. grep -i "create index" crmuat_indexes_1.log |wc -l to check the par

sleep 5 done .arc to compress all archive files 25. nohup compress -f *. bdf to see df -k command in line format 23.$s/s1/s2/g to find s1 text and replace with s2 text in vi 22. vmstat 1 3 to see the details of CPU and RAM 20. while (true) do df -k . :1. stty erase ^? to set backspace key as erase key. kmtune to see the kernel parameters 21.ticular text appearance in a unix file 19. 24. tail -f to c file as it grows. 26.