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IELTS topic Vocabulary - Education
Introduction Education is one of the key topics for IELTS. You will almost certainly need it in part 1 of the speaking module and it is also a common essay topic. You will find here a list of helpful vocabulary to improve your performance in those two papers. How to learn this vocabulary Whatever you do, donʼt just sit down and learn the list. You need to be able to use the language for yourself. How can you do this: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ choose the language that you need - make it personal to you note what other words it is used with note any grammar problems remember pronunciation

Key university language Graduate Word Graduate A graduate A postgraduate An undergraduate A fresher Examples/explanations Graduate from university Word form Verb

A graduate of Oxford university/ a Noun graduate in economics Heʼs a postgraduate student Noun Undergraduates receive a grant Life can be difficult for freshers Noun Noun

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Types of degree Word A first degree A bachelorʼs degree A masterʼs (degree) A PhD or a doctorate Meaning/example The degree undergraduates do A synonym for a first degree He is doing a masterʼs in politics Only a few students go on to do a PhD

Types of course Phrase A full-time degee course A part-time degree course A distance course A sandwich course Example Most students follow a full-time degree course If you are in full-time employment, a part-time may be more suitable In the age of the internet, more and more people are studying by distance If you want practical experience, a sandwich course is the best option

Types of writing

Form of writing Thesis Dissertation Assignment

Explanation The paper you write at the end of your PhD The paper you write at the end of your masterʼs (and some first degree courses) This is the university equivalent of homework

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Useful verbs for speaking Verb Do Study Major Be Go Leave Finish Examples Iʼm doing law at Bristol University Iʼm studying maths at Beijing University Iʼm majoring in English Iʼm at the LSE. Heʼs going to university next year I left university 20 years ago. Iʼm going to finish my course next year

Other learning verbs Learning words Revise Understand Take notes Organise Review Concentrate Examples I need to do some revision before the exam. Iʼve tried learning it by heart, but I still donʼt understand it. Itʼs important to take notes when you are listening to a lecture. After the lecture you should organise your notes I review my notes at the end of every week. Itʼs not always easy to concentrate in lectures.

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Types of institution Place A faculty Explanation

Part of a university which specialises in the taeching of one subject, eg “the Law Faculty” A college Part of a university in British English which students belong to for social activities A college of further An alternative to university. Where you normally study education something vocational A polytechnic An alternative word for university in some cultures; sometimes one step below university Law school Where you study law after you graduate and before you start practising law Medical school The name of the medical faculty in many universities

Qualifications Degree Diploma Certificate You receive a degree from a university at the end of your course A diploma is for a shorter course than a degree A certicate is also for a short course

Forms of education Type of education Explanation Higher education Further education Adult education University education Normally for more vocational courses and may start from the age of 16 This is normally for non-degree programmes and often is part-time

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Forms of study Learning process Explanation Lecture Seminar The students make notes and listen to the lecturer. There may be a question and answer session at the end. Often led by a student on a particular topic. Normally, the idea is everyone gets the chance to talk. Often follows a lecture Sometimes teaching one-to-one with a tutor and sometimes the same as a seminar


Finance Word Scholarship Grant Loan Example She won a scholarship for her dissertation. Because she came from a poor background, she was given a grant by local government Almost all British undergraduates now have student loans that they need to repay when they start earning

Exercises and advice on how to use this vocabulary More vocabulary lists and exercises

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