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Commander Charles K.

Springle Training Center | Bldg 797 | Brewster Blvd

Marital Conflict Resolution

Arguing too much about little things?
Is conversation hard, but arguing is easy?
Wonder what it would be like to actually resolve differences?
Is the idea of solving problems a good idea?

Program Offered by Counseling

Services and presented by Military
& Family Life Consultants

Open to all authorized patrons

Then this workshop is for you! In just 90 minutes you will learn:
How perceptions affect our response to conflict | The importance of setting ground rules to
keep conflict from escalating | Communication tools that will contribute to a “win-win” outcome

Three opportunities available to you:

Tue, 7 Dec 0930-1100 | Wed, 8 Dec 1830-2000 | Thu, 9 Dec 1130-1300

Please call 451-2864 to register for the time that best fits your schedule.
Free childcare information will be given upon registration.