Seven Sunny Days - CR Johnson !

About a year ago I sustained a traumatic brain injury and I spent a month in the hospital and the first two weeks of that were in an induced coma. When I woke up from that I was entirely paralyzed. All I had was the movement in my eyes. So, I started by relearning how to swallow so that I could eat and relearning how to use my vocal chords so I could speak and relearning to use my arms and use my legs. And then, relearning to walk - relearning everything. Literally, everything. I was right where I wanted to be in life. Being one of the best skiers in the world - overly confident in your skiing over confident in yourself like that is where I was. And, a freak accident stops that. But Iʼm not gonna let a freak accident kill my stride. Iʼm not gonna let it get the best of me. Right now Iʼm working as hard as I possibly can to return to the sport that nearly killed me last year. Be a professional skier and getting back to what I love has been my motivation the whole time. ! Now that Iʼm myself and very fortunate for being back. I wanna become the professional skier that I was. I wanna become as good at skiing as I was, and get better. Only the things that you truly love will you pursue with that energy. And for me... my family, my friends and skiing, thatʼs it for me. Thatʼs my life. The joy I get from skiing, thatʼs worth dying for. Throughout my entire process - no doctor, no therapist and my parents certainly would never let me give up on anything. And throwing tricks off of cliffs this year didnʼt come back to me nearly as easy as I thought it would. But itʼs too easy to give up on the things that are hard do to accomplish, so I kept trying, kept trying and definitely keep trying until Iʼm able to accomplish that again. Everything that has come back to me, has come back at an exponential rate, so I know it will happen. Iʼm confident that it will happen. Itʼs gonna take a little bit of time. Itʼs gonna take a lot of effort, a lot of energy. I will give it that. I have to. I have to because thatʼs what I want for my life. And what I want with my life, Iʼm willing to work for. And what Iʼm willing to work, Iʼm definitely going to achieve. Iʼm all stoked. Iʼm having so much fun. Back on the treadmill. Feels good, eh? Hell, yeah, super good. Fun times.

Transcribed by November 30th, 2010 Vancouver Canada

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