James Belmont December 13, 2009 Connection Paper Period 5 Connection Paper The topic I picked for this subject

was when I felt like I was very homesick. I was eleven years old, and I went to my grandmother’s house. She lived in Ohio, and I lived in California at the time. I’d said goodbye to my parents and hopped on the plane for Ohio. I felt very homesick once I arrived, just as Odysseus felt when he was away from his family. Luckily, my cousin was there to keep me company. During this trip, we had lots of fun, but I still wanted to be with my family again. Finally, the week ended, and I was able to go back home. This experience related to the Odyssey because Odysseus was away from his family and Ithaca for the longest time. His wife nearly forgot about him and his son never really knew him, but the adventure he had when he got back to his family was an unforgettable one. During his travels he survived many adventures such as the Scylla, Charybdis, and the Sirens, but was still able to make it home and save his family. In conclusion, my trip to my grandma’s house has many correlations to the Odyssey. Odysseus went through many hardships that I can’t relate to, but I can relate to the fact that he was away from his family. It does not feel good to be away from the people you love. I am happy that I am with my family.

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