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DoD Report on DADT

DoD Report on DADT

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Published by Richard Allen Smith

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Published by: Richard Allen Smith on Dec 01, 2010
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The Working Group worked with the Services’ training experts, Service academy
staff, and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute to define education and
training requirements in the event of repeal and to develop leadership, education, and
training guidance and tools. The following principles guided the Working Group’s approach:
1) education and training requirements should provide the Services discretion in how they
will implement repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell consistent with their unique service cultures,
2) education and training products should be simple and should target education and
communication efforts that will assist leaders in successful implementation with minimal
impact on the force, and 3) education and training implementation should leverage existing
programs rather than creating new, stand-alone requirements.

Beginning in May 2010, the Working Group met with Service Headquarters Education
and Training Directorates to gain Service perspectives about education and training guidance
and products. The Working Group later undertook leadership engagement visits to the Service
Training and Education Commands. Between May and October, the Working Group also


conducted a series of monthly conferences with the Service Training Commands, Service
academies, Professional Military Schools, and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management
Institute to identify suggested communication, education, and training requirements and
content. These meetings utilized the expertise of all the Services in the development of
recommended education and training products. Each of these conferences had specific
themes which corresponded with the progression of policy issues and with the development
of various leadership, education, and training products. Many of these products are included
in the support plan for implementation, published as a companion document to this report.

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