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Production Ppt

Production Ppt

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Published by: Ashmeet Arora on Dec 01, 2010
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y Asian Paints Ltd. y Nutan Kulfi Co. y Varsha Products. y Kabir Plastics India Ltd.

-Group #02

-Yogesh Kolatkar

Members  Rohneet Singh  Rony Bedi  Harpreet Singh  Simranjeet Singh Roll No. 03 12 27 42 .

y What is production? y Who can undertake an production business? y What does production consist of? .

y Company Establishment y Company Details y Company Objectives .

y Inventory y Material y Waste .

y Product range y Product price y Product quality .

Milk Sweetner Flavor Kulfi .

y Order Policy y Purchase Policy y Sales and delivery procedure .

Delivery Point .

Company Profile Company Vision Training And Education Quality Products Variety .

Purchase Management Stock and Material Management Recycling And Waste Management Turnover Preventive Measures .

Company Brief Plant Layout Products And Services Warehouse Material And Stock Management .

Products Mission Purchase Policy And Procedure Inventory Management Turnover .

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