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Eustace Mullins - The Rape of Justice; America's Tribunals Exposed (1989)

Eustace Mullins - The Rape of Justice; America's Tribunals Exposed (1989)

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The reader may have noted in the samples of legal briefs
reprinted in the foregoing pages, that there were no references
to admiralty law. I did cite sources on chancery and equity
law, but during the forty years that I was representing myself
in American courts, I had not yet researched the cause of
our legal dilemma, that our Constitutional courts, as authorized
in the Constitution, had stealthily been replaced by equity
courts operating on the stern military principles of admiralty
punishment. That I managed to survive in these courts without
the protection of the knowledge which is freely offered in
this work, is less likely due to the benevolence of the judges
and lawyers, as it is to their constant fear that in my ongoing
and continuous legal researches in preparing my briefs, I would
discover their guilty secret. I could then have mounted a serious
challenge to their secret fraternal power. The one time that
the Masonic connection was mentioned during a lawsuit in
which I was engaged, the judge beat a hasty retreat, and




immediately granted my motion. Even that connection was
cited, not by myself, but by one of my supporters. This indi
cates the vulnerability of those who have conspired to oppress
and deceive us.

When an American citizen goes into court, he can say, as
Christ said in Luke 22:53, "this is your hour, and the power
of darkness." We are on the verge of dispelling the power
of darkness in our courts. We must now turn on the lights
full force, and see hordes of cockroaches scuttling frantically
towards a dark corner. There are a number of encouraging
developments throughout the United States; first, a growing
awareness of the absolute corruption of the legal process;
two, there is little that most lawyers will do for you except
to take your money; and, three, your awareness of the true
condition of the legal morass is your best protection. I often
tell my audiences, "Go into any American prison, and look
down the rows of cells. In each of those cells sits a prisoner;
and each of those prisoners had a lawyer; and each of those
prisoners paid a lawyer."
Several television documentaries have exposed the frantic
efforts of the legal profession to halt the growing tendency
of Americans to use paralegals for routine legal documents,
such as deeds and wills.
In Louisiana and Florida, paralegals have been arrested
and their offices closed down, because they tried to help citizens
caught in the spider's web of legal procedures. The statutes
are vague about "the practice of law"; it is generally inter
preted as forbidding persons who have not been granted a
license to practice law from representing anyone in court.



However, the paralegals who were arrested and fined never
represented anyone in court. Instead, they presented a threat
to the lucrative aspects of the legal monopoly, in which legal
secretaries do all the work of preparing wills, deeds, and
other documents, but the lawyer charges the full lawyer's
fee for the work which is done by unlicensed members of
his staff.

One of the organizations which continues to do important
groundbreaking work in exposing the legal monopoly is HALT.
Based in Washington, D.C., HELP ABOLISH LEGAL TYR
ANNY notes that "Our 150,000-plus members are desperate
for reliable, no-nonsense information.... the national move
ment that's afoot to do away with the unnecessary lawyer-
monopoly that keeps those prices unconscionably high. As
the only national nonprofit group that represents the users of
our legal system, HALT has been leading that movement.
From Maine to California, citizens are demanding and winning
more do-it-yourself forms, streamlined and simplified proce
dures, and—above all—a free market in which to shop for
legal help.... The estimated 100 million Americans whose
legal services now go unserved deserve nothing less." Richard
Hebert, Communications Director, HALT, an organization
of Americans for Legal Reform, Washington, D.C. Letter
to Wall Street Journal, May 18, 1989.
It is certainly important that Americans should no longer
be gouged for such everyday legal forms as deeds and wills.
It is even more important that every American should know
just what is going on in our courts. We must be aware of
what has happened to our legal guarantees which were written
down in our Constitution. We must be able to challenge the



stealthy takeover of our judicial system by furtive conspirators,
hiding behind the international allegiances of the law merchant,
the Star Chamber procedures of the equity courts, and the
secret fraternal associations which dictate judicial decisions
diabolically opposed to the interests of our citizens and our

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