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Tl1c A~"cytt~rcs of Sl1crlo It Holmcs

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First published 1892

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bout the Book

"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve stories by rth u r Cona n Doyle, featu ri ng h is fa mous detective a nd ill ustrated by Sidney Paget.

hese a re the fi rst of the Sherlock Hoi mes short stories, origi na lIy pu blished as single sto ries in the Stra nd Magazine from July 1891 to June 1892. The book was published in England on October 14, 1892 by George Newnes Ltd and in a US Edition on October 15 by Harper. The initial combined print run was 14,500 copies.

he book was banned in the Soviet Union in 1929 for occultism, although he book shows few to no signs of such material. However, later the embargo was lifted."

(Quote from

bout the Author

rthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930)

"Sir Arth u r Ignatius Cona n Doyle, DL (22 May 1859-7 July 1930) was a British author most noted for his stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are generally considered a major innovation in the field of crime fiction, and for the adventures of Professor Challenger. He was a prolific writer whose other works include science fiction stories, historical novels, plays and romances, poetry, and non-fiction."

(Quote from

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


To Sherlock Holmes she is alway the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of he sex. It was not that he felt any emotion a ki n to love for I rene Ad Ie r. AI emotions, a nd that one pa rticu la rIy, were abhorrent to his cold, precis but admirably balanced mind. He was, I take it, the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen, but as a lover he w uld have placed himself in a false position. He never spoke of the softe passions, save with a gibe and a sneer. They were admirable things for he observer-excellent for drawing the veil from men's motives and actio s. But for the trained reasoner to admit such intrusions into his own de icate and finely adjusted temperament was to introduce a distracting fa or which might throw a doubt upon all his mental results. Grit in a sensitive instrument, or a crack in one of his own high-power lenses, would not e more disturbing than a strong emotion in a nature such as his. And ye there was but one woman to him, and that woman was the late Irene dler, of dubious and questionable memory.

I had seen little of Holmes lately. My arriage had drifted us away from each other. My own complete happiness, and the home-centred interests which rise up around the man who fi st finds himself master of his own establishment, were sufficient to absorb all my attention, while Holmes, who loathed eve ry form of society with h is whole Bohemia n sou I, re ma ined in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried a ong his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition, the drowsiness of the drug, and the fierce energy of his own keen nature. He was still, as ever, deeply attracted by the study of crime, and occupied his immense faculties and extraordinary powers of observati n in following out those clues, and clearing up those mysteries which had een abandoned as hopeless by the official police. From time to time I hear some vague account of his doings: of his summons to Odessa in the case 0 the Trepoff murder, of his clearing up of the singular tragedy of the Atki son brothers at Trincomalee, and

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finally of the mission which he had accomplished so delicat Iy and successfully for the reigning family of Holland. Beyond these sig s of his activity, however, which I merely shared with all the readers of he daily press, I knew little of myformerfriend and companion.

One night-it was on the twentieth of March, 1888-1 was returnin from a journey to a patient (for I had now returned to civil practice), when my way led me through Baker Street. As I passed the well-remembered do r, which must always be associated in my mind with my wooing, and with he dark incidents of the Study in Scarlet, I was seized with a keen desir to see Holmes again, and to know how he was employing his extra rdinary powe rs. H is rooms were bri Ilia ntly lit, a nd, even as I looked up, I saw his tall, spare figure pass twice in a dark silhouette against the blind. He was pacing the room swiftly, eagerly, with his head sunk upon his ches and his hands clasped behind him. To me, who knew his every mood and abit, his attitude and manner told their own story. He was at work again. He had risen out of his drug-created dreams and was hot upon the scent f some new problem. I rang the bell and was shown up to the chamber w ich had formerly been in part my own.

His manner was not effusive. It seldom was; but he was glad, I thin, to see me. With hardly a word spoken, but with a kindly eye, he waved e to an armchair, threw across his case of cigars, and indicated a spirit ca e and a gasogene in the corner. Then he stood before the fire and looked e over in his singular introspective fashion.

"Wedlock suits you," he remarked. "I think, Watson, that you hav put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you."

"Seven!" I answered.

"Indeed, I should have thought a little more. Just a trifle more, I fancy, Watson. And in practice again, I observe. You did not tell me hat you intended to go into harness."

"Then, how do you know?"

"I see it, I deduce it. How do I know that you have been getting ourself very wet lately, and that you have a most clumsy and careless serva t girl?"

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The Adventures of Sherlo k Holmes

"My dear Holmes," s id I, "this is too much. You would certainly have been burned, had you live a few centuries ago. It is true that I had a country walk on Thursday a d came home in a dreadful mess, but as I have changed my clothes can't imagine how you deduce it. As to Mary Jane, she is incorrigible, an my wife has given her notice, but there, again, I fail to see how you work out."

He chuckled to himse and rubbed his long, nervous hands together.

"It is simplicity itself,' said he; "my eyes tell me that on the inside of your left shoe, just where the firelight strikes it, the leather is scored by six almost parallel cuts. bviously they have been caused by someone who has very carelessly scrap d round the edges of the sole in order to remove crusted mud from it. Hence, you see, my double deduction that you had been out in vile wea her, and that you had a particularly malignant bootslitting specimen of t e London slavey. As to your practice, if a gentleman walks into my rooms smelling of iodoform, with a black mark of nitrate of silver upon his right f refinger, and a bulge on the right side of his top-hat to show where he ha secreted his stethoscope, I must be dull, indeed, if I do not pronounce hi to be an active member ofthe medical profession."

I could not help laugh ng at the ease with which he explained his process of deduction. "When I ear you give your reasons," I remarked, "the thing always appears to m to be so ridiculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at ea h successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled until you explain you process. And yet I believe that my eyes are as good as yours."

"Quite so," he answ red, lighting a cigarette, and throwing himself down into an armchair. "Yo see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear. For exa mple, yo u ha e freq ue ntly seen the steps wh ich lead up from the hall to this room."

"Freq ue ntly."

"How often?"

"Well, some hundred of times."

"Then how many are here?"

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! You have not observed. And yet you have seen. That is just my w, I know that there are seventeen steps, because I have both seen an observed. By the way, since you are interested in these little problem, and since you are good enough to chronicle one or two of my trifling e periences, you may be interested in this." He threw over a sheet of thick, ink-tinted notepaper which had been lying open upon the table. ythe last post," said he. "Read it aloud."

ny? I don't know."

The note was undated, and without either signature or address.

"There ill call upon you to-night, at a quarter to eight o'clock," it said, "a gentlem n who desires to consult you upon a matter of the very deepest moment. Your recent services to one of the royal houses of Europe have shown t at you are one who may safely be trusted with matters which are of an im ortance which can hardly be exaggerated. This account of you we have fro all quarters received. Be in your chamber then at that hour, and do not ta ke it a miss if you r visitor wea r a mask."

"This is ndeed a mystery," I remarked. "What do you imagine that it means?"

"I have n data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibl one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to su it facts But the note itself. What do you ded uce from it?"

I carefull examined the writing, and the paper upon which it was written.

"The ma who wrote it was presumably well to do," I remarked, endeavouring a imitate my companion's processes. "Such paper could not be bought u der half a crown a packet. It is peculiarly strong and stiff."

"Peculiar that is the very word," said Holmes. "It is not an English paper at all. Hold up to the light."

I did so, nd saw a large "E" with a small "g," a "P," and a large "G" with a sma II "t" woven into the textu re of the pa per.

"What d you make ofthat?" asked Holmes.

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"The name ofthe maker, no doubt; or his monog am, rather."

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

"Not at all. The 'G' with the small 't' stands for' esellschaft,' which is the German for 'Company.' It is a customary contr ction like our 'Co.' 'P,' of course, stands for 'Papier.' Now for the 'Eg.' Let s glance at our Continental Gazetteer." He took down a heavy brown olume from his shelves. "Eglow, Eglonitz-here we are, Egria. It is in a G rman-speaking countryin Bohemia, not far from Carlsbad. 'Remarkable as being the scene of the death of Wallenstein, and for its numerous glass- actories and paper-mills.' Ha, ha, my boy, what do you make of that?" His yes sparkled, and he sent up a great blue triumphant cloud from his cigare

"The paper was made in Bohemia," I said.

"Precisely. And the man who wrote the note is a German. Do you note the peculiar construction of the sentence-'This ace unt of you we have from all quarters received.' A Frenchman or Russian c uld not have written that. It is the German who is so uncourteous to h s verbs. It only remains, therefore, to discover what is wanted by this erman who writes upon Bohemian paper and prefers wearing a mask to showing his face. And here he comes, if I am not mistaken, to resolve all our oubts."

As he spoke there was the sharp sound of horses hoofs and grating wheels against the curb, followed by a sharp pull at the b II. Holmes whistled.

"A pair, by the sound," said he. "Yes," he conti ued, glancing out of the window. "A nice little brougham and a pair of be uties. A hundred and fifty guineas apiece. There's money in this case, W tson, if there is nothing else."

"I think that I had better go, Holmes."

"Not a bit, Doctor. Stay where you are. I am lost without my Boswell. And this promises to be interesting. It would be a pity 0 miss it."

"But your client-"

"Never mind him. I may want your help, and so ay he. Here he comes. Sit down in that armchair, Doctor, and give us your b st attention."

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A lJa ~e. lJa U'5 au noritative ta

A an I!!'nt.e~d hI!!' gh l. with th ,ie: nass whie:n H 'I/!I b.and!p of do ble ·b'I!!'.a!rte

moment. I!!'r p,an of tn Ih" Ie.. n.anglng II ne Il!!'ngth of

h ir.:h had been hea upon the airs a nd in the rely 0 utside the dee rhe n there wa'5 a loud and

ha rd Iy n.ave Del!!'n I !P '!!ix i:hl!!"!!t nd limb!p of a H I!!'I"(:U I _ Hi!p d ress as rleh wiln a

U Id I Engl.and. De looked uf:l0n as .aki to bad la'!!t.e, WI!!'~ '!!I.a!pned aeross I!!' '!!ll!!'eve!p nd front'!! of hi!p

III!!' thl!!' deef:l blue el whie:n w.a!P h,own O'Ltl!!'r hls

I!!'d w fla me·c:olou'l!!'d '!!il k .a '!!II.!'CU ~d at ne nll.!'Ck with a

d of a !plngll!!' fl.aming ryl, aecrs ieh e:w:ll!!'nded

wn Ii:h WI!!'~ uimm .al tne l0f:l!P IIh rim b,own

ssien of b.a,ba,ii: op leni:1!!' whie:n w.a!P '!!ugge!rted _ HI!!' c:.aujed .a Dro.a • brl mmed I In hi'!! ha nd. u ppe r pa rt of hi'!! fa • ertll.!'ndin down p,a!rt Ine rd ma'!!k. wn Ii:h ne 1'1 d a pp,a'l!!'nl .adju!rted that nd WCI'!! !rtlll!ioed 10 il as hI!!' I!!'n 'I!!'d_ From tne .af:lf:ll!!'.a'l!!'d 10 bl!!' .a m.a of 'Strong e a r.aae r, wllh a

long, 'Str.aiglu ehin su I!!'WltI!!' of ~ lution f:lu!pned

.a!pked with .a dl!!'l!!'p n.arsn voic:e .and a 'St,ongly

aC!:l!!'n , ITI told you that I wou ea II:" He I ked frem one

lone other of s, as If u i:1!!'rt.ain wn Ii:h to add

"P.aV lAke .a '!! at." '!! I Holme!p, "'Tn ls i'!! W tsen. wn e ls eeeasi .ally good I!!'nougn 10 ha I thl!!' hone r to .a e~r

u m.av .add, ~ me a Ine Count Von Kta

un I!!'r'!!ta nd tha Ihi'!! you r f,je n

d- 'I!!'tlon. wno I tru'!!t witn a mattl!!'r O!!' _ If not. r s ou Id

I!!' 10 go. bu ehalr, ITlt i'!! ninswnir.:h

c:olll!!'.ague. Dr, eases, Who m

heneur and

c:.augnt me bV tne wr and push

one." sa Id ne, "You V !PAV bl!!'fo,

ay to me:"

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


"lbl!!' elrcum ukl!!'n 10 qul!!'n eompromlse n t1Unl!!'r impll Bohl!!'ml.a:"

a bscurre ';.ecre~ for of no importanr.:e, At ighl II t1UV haw a n in

I IT1U';t beSin, -sairJ he, ~by a f"S; at the en of that tilT1e t it i';, not too much to ';.ay

upon EU'Of:ll!!' hi'!!to'Y_"

ITI p,omi'!!I!!'."

ITAnd I."

hls mask," c:ontlnui!!'d our ngl!!' vi'!!it.or, "rh I!!' .augu'!!t

me wl!pneos 1'1 I!p.agen to De unknown to u, a nd I may

at tne litll!!' by whi!:n 1 n.a ju'!!t !:aIled Y'Sl!!'lf i'!! nOI

sa Id Holml!!"!! dryly,

os .a,1!!' of de lic:.a!: hat mlght g'ow to De Ine reigning IIII!!'

tne g'I!!'.a1 Houosl!!' 0 Or

Vll.!'ry f:I'l!!'C.aul n has to bl!!' I!!'nosl!!' seanda I nd osl!!',iouosly rope, To osf:ll!!'a pl.ain Iv. Ihl!!' I!!'ln. ne'l!!'d- 'Y klngos of

ITI 'IJI\a!P alse .a that, .. mu,m u red H

armeha I, .and 10 i g 1'1 ls 1!!''fI!!''!!-

with seme a pp.a'l!!'nt sutpr I!!' at tne la ng id. 10 u ngl ng n who bl!!'l!!'n no do Dt. d plaed to him as thl!!' tnO'!!t .and tnO'!!t I!!'nI!!'rgl!!'tl!: gl!!'nl in Eu rope, H lmes oslowly nd looked imp.alie ntl at hl gig.anlic: !:lll!!'nl

Ou' vl!pllo, gl n figu,1!!' of Ine In!:i'!!ivl!!' '1!!'.a!PO e reof:ll!!'ni!!'d hi!p

u Id c:onde!ioCend to Ie to advi'!!1!!' 'fOU,"

u r !:aosl!!'." ne t1U,kl!!'d."1

re m hi!p !, .and a - lion, Tne n. wiln .a g

t1U!pk frem hi'!! and hu,led it uf:lon In

oshould 1 attl!!'mf:ll to

p a nd down hI!!' room in dl!!"!!f:ll!!'tation ne lOre Ihl!!' grou d, "You ars ri I." hI!!' c:rll!!'d; nesa it 7"


erJr murmured Holm - thal I waos add ress 8 ra nd Oulrie of Caos';.el-F I'5t

matte, f:lunlng purpose 0

n u ndef'SUnd." sa Id 0 hls n.and ove, hls 1'1 I attu'!!tOmil!d to doin 'SO dll.!'li!:a11l.!' I II.!'If In 1'1 I'!! r, I ha eonsu III ng you:"

more eu ea nun e rsr.and n f:llI.!'f'SOn Yet Ine itnout

"'Tne fact'!! .a,1I.!' brll!!'flv tne'!!lI.!': So Wa r'!!aw. I made tne acqua Inla n Ad ler _ Thll.!' n.amll.!' ls no eeu tilt III

• 1'lI.!'ne

"Kindly k hll.!'r up In mv Ind of:lll.!'n I ng n· 1IlY1I.!"!!- Fo, ma ny 'fI!!'a rs pa i:oni:lI.!'rn I ng men .and su bJlI.!'a 0' f:l1I.!'r'!!on on wn Ii:h ne Ihi'!! c:.a!:oe I fe u nd hII.!" blogra pny '!! n ra bbl .and 1'1 at of a ruff·com II.!' .a fi'!!hll.!"!!_

I" !PAid Holmll.!"!!_ "Hu humt L...a huml Pia onna 1m Living In Lond gled wllh ni'!!

"preci!:oely 0_ But how-.u

"Wa'!! ther .a ,!!lI!(:ret rna rriage?"


e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou




a'S nud-ln!i.aM ...


eer Maje!Oty m ust !=lay _ 1'1 mu

- Itthis n , pur

uns person sh • how I!; 'Sh

lei prod UC€ her provl!!' tnei,

eu r Maj !Oty has indel!!'

bougn ..

o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm Boou -.~ob.DI1


ha'V'e be made- Twice bUlKla rs in my .,ay raD';.jJr,:lr;ed he r

har luggage I!!'n !Pne t Vll.!'111I!d. TV.Ih::1!!' !Pne has

. Tne re has I!!'n no 'I!!"!!ull .

..,. CI Illdl!!' ethma n vo S.a:W:I!!'·Me n I n. saeend .augnte, of Ine King of

w thl!!' 'suirt pr ni:=ipll!!'!p of 1'1 ,f.amily. Sne ls hl!!'rs.elf A 'Shadow of a doubt a to mv cond UCI WOU Id


hI!!' has .a U I of '!!tl!!'e L Shl!!' has tne

tne mind f tne mest re!POlull!!' of , woma n. ne re .a,1!!' no Ie ngtn'S to


at she '!HOule! -senrJ it on the 'f wnen the

.aimed. will bl!!' ne:w:r Monday_

'f!l 'f'.!'l. .u 'Sa ld Holml!!'!P wllh a ~wn I!!'ry IWO mattl!!'!"!! of impol"!:1!!' 10 10 k into ju .al f eeursa, sta V In London fo, thl!!' P !ioe nt?"

at Ihl!!' La ngha m unde tne nam of tne

to let you know now we j:I,ogre!P'!! ..


11I.!'ty • .u

u I would g- one of thl!!' prow:ince!p of mv k I om to VI!!'

gr.aj:l ..

oi'!! 11!!'.alhl!!'r frem u nde r 1'1 ls c:1 a k and la d II

u nes in gold and !ioeven hu nd re in nerss. hI!!'

'iDDI d a 'I!!'ceip uj:lon a 'Shl!!'l!!'t of hls note· book an n.andl!!'d· 10

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

"It. WA'S_"

"'Tnen. good-ni good MWS for Ihl!!' roya I brough

ea II 10· morrow rneen .n

matte, O'Ltl!!'r wllh u."

'1!!'!:1!ie Iy I dlady Infor In Ihl!!' morn ng, walling I'll • 1'1 dl!!'e ply inte,l!!'!rti!!' In hls laqui Ihl!!' grim and st ngl!!' fl!!'.nu' whi!:n I have .alre dy 'I!!'Olrde staelon of hi!p !:II nl gave it. a natu re of Ine I ve!rtlg.atlo n !POmething In h - m.a!!lI!!"1y g 'S '1!!'.a!POn I ng. wn I!:h made it. a pi 10 follow Ihl!!' q u ek. 'Subtle

ine:ll"tJ'i!:able rlas, So aee

Ihl!!' very f:!o!P'!!ibll of hi'!! fa Ilin

II wa'S elesa uf:! n fou r Defo groom. 111·kl!!'mf:!1 nd !pldl!!'·wn I ke ble !:lotne!P. I!!'d Inlo Ihl!!' a m.atlng f:!owers n thl!!' U'SI!!' of d I wa'S !:I!!'rt.ain tn.a It w.a!P Ind d bl!!'d room. wnen!: hI!!' I!!'ml!!'rgl!!' ble. a'S of old, Pu Ing 1'1 ls ha nd front of Ihl!!' fl re.a d l.aughl!!'d 1'1 a

"WI!!'II. rea Ilyl" ne !:'ied. a nd I obli.,ed to lie bsc Ii mp and h

other quesncn," icI he_ ~Wa!POn • .u hI!!' add d. as thl!!' wne

!!I,el!!'t, !T1f 'fOu wll De good I!!'no to

o'!:lod I shou Id II e to ! tn ls little


sa ke r Slreet. bUI that hI!!' Ie down De!pldl!!' tn I!!'r long ne mig I De_ I wa!P a I .adV r though it. wa'S sur 0 u nded by no e of Wl!!'n:! assoelated Ith Ine I'IJIIO c: lmes

tne n.alu re of Ihl!!' a!ie .and thl!!' !ted

I!!'r of 1I!p own, Ind d. a f,o

my f,il!!'nd 0 n.and. Ine re

f .a !plluatlon. an

10 ml!!' to !rtudy hls !!Il!!'m of wo, 'S by wn 1m 1'1 I!!' di nra ngled tne ria bll!!' sueeas mv hl!!'.ad_

deer of:!l!!'ned. a n .a drunken-le • wllh a n I nfl.aml!!'d f.a!:1!!' and d I!pre A!:(:u'!!toml!!'d as I w.a!P to mv frl I!!"!!. I had 10 look 1'1 ree tlme!p b

min utas I'IJIIl!!'ed· u lied and re'Sf:!

i!p f:!o!:kl!!'lS. ne !rt !:hl!!'d 0 ut hi'!! I

fer seme min utss,

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

"What i~ it

ITtt·~ II:! u ire 00 fu n'f- I alT1 sure you cou 111:1 n

morn I ng. 0 whi!lt endl!!'d doing.. ..

Ihi!lt you hi!lve I reM Adll!!'r:"

nabilS.. and

ur th as ralner unusua _ I

tne house i!I littl hI o'eleek In 1'5. ern ng in thl!!'

of I!!' i'5. i!I wond I!!'rf '5.~ palhV i!I

V m n. BI!!' 0 I!!' of tham, i!lnd y wi I know all

n fou d Brion Lodgl!!'. It Is i!I b "1Ii!I. with

'ighl up to tne m on Ihl!!' 'ighl 00'. and Ihose Id opsn, Behind hI!!"

ow eou Id bl!!' rcae ed I!!'ly

tne door.

but wilnou nOlin

ITI then lou gl!!'d d me'1J11'5. In i!I la ne 0'5.11et5 a nd I twope nO!!' • Informi!ltio as I d01l!!'n oth , f:lM II!!' In Ih Inll!!'re'5.led. bUI w 0'5.1!!' ble

ITAnd wnal

trel!!'l and found. ic:n ru '5. down by one

ru bbl down Ine I, he nd- naif. two fllk

ire abo ut M Is'5. neigh DoU rnood i

ati!lc:te, of a f'l!!'l!!'mason ry al Ihl!!'re Is 10 rden i!lt thl!!' 1'1 u bb lock 10 d. wllh long li'5.h window rema,bbll!!'.

in e xc:h i!I ngI!!'

• i!lnd i!I'5. mu!:h ing of hi!!lf i!I in tne lei!l'5.l

ITOh. '5.hl!!' daintll!!'51 I ing un I!!'r a be MI on tn Is pli!l ne to i!I mi!l n. ne I s quieti • '5.ings i!lt !:on!:l!!'rt • d r

and retu,n al ve n sna f:I fer din nar _ SI!!'I om '5. out

e:W:!:I!!'f:l1 wn n '5.hl!!' I rigs, H '5. on Iv one mi!lll!!' Isllo. but i!I go

He is di!l rk, nand me. i!I n dasn Ing" neVII.!" 11'5.

onl!!'n twl!: . He" i!I Mr. Godf,1I.!'Y Nonon. arJv~ ntase of a c brnen a a r.:onfirJ~ nr, The tilT1e~ from 5e...,e tine-m • anrJ Ir;new ~ II

. Sne i'5. Ihl!!' n tiM· me W'5.. I!!' I!!'VII.!'ry dav. ether lime'5.. dl!!'al of him,

e zm n DIJ'DIIm Boou




f:!hologr.a Ihis que!p

LO~. 0' 'Wa'!! a del

"I N I "I an imf:!onanl facto r In Ihl!!' I!!'r. !iOunded 0 nous, 'Wa'!! tne reLnio wn.a Ihl!!' objeCl of h ref:!I!!'.a11l.!'d w:isirs? Wa'!! !Pne 1'1 I

ls l'!!tre? If tne I!!'r. '!!hl!!' preba bly Ita n ul!!'d tne

ef:!ing_ If Ih attl!!',. It 'Wa'!! 1e'!!!P II lcelV- an I I!!' 1'!!!itl1!!' of ed whl!!'tn , I shou Id rnntlnul!!' my work .al H rlonv nlion 10 t e gl!!'ntll!!'man'!p chambers In Ihl!!' Temf:!ll!!'. It

II!!' a nd it wid II.!'d Ine field of my inq u I ry. I I!!'.a, that I

- 1'1 .aVl!!' 10 II!!'I you !ioI!!'1!!' mv Ilnle d- Ic:ullle!p. If

.. , 'Wa'!! '!!til ba l.a !:I ng Ihl!!' matte, d,oVl!!' up

10 H rlonv Lodg • .a d .a ge ntl n spra ng eut, He 'IJII.a!P a m.a,ka bly

ha ndsem da aquillnl!!'. a d mouru!:ned -lIl'Itldenlly I I!!' ma n of whom , 1'1 d ne rd. I!!' .af:!f:!I!!'.a,1!!' to bl!!' in .a nuuy. shou d to Ine

wa II • .and 'u!pned pol hI!!' rna Id who of:!l!!'nll.!'d tne do ,wiln tne

tnoroughly nome.

he u r, a nd I eeuld !:al!:h gil m • f:!aclng up a nd down. ta Ik I Id !Pee notn Ing. pre'!!l!!'ntly 1'1 I!!'me rged. fore_ A'!! hI!!' !rtI!!'f:!f:!1I.!'d uf:! 10 t e ea b. ne and lookl!!'d .al II e.arne'!!tly. 'o,ive II Ice !P & H.ankll.!'Y''!! in Rl!!'gl!!'nt Strel!!' .and Ine n Lige'lJll.a'1!!' RoAd_ H a If a gu I naa f vou do It

"HI!!''IJII.a!p1 in Ihl!!' win and 'Wavl looking f:!ulll!!'d .a Ihl!!' devil' 10 tne Ch

ndl!!'rlng wnethl!!" I shou Id no

wh n u Ihl!!' la ne ea .a neAt little l.anda u, Ihl!!' eea witn

ned. and h til!!' u nde, 1'1 I'!! ea r, while.all hI!!' lag!p of stle ing out of h buckles. It n.adn'l pullll.!'d uf:! I!!'fo re !Pne

shot oul 00' .and In It. I only c:.aught .a glimp'!!1!!' of har .al tne

momenl. ut sh wa .a 10Vl!!'Iy n. witn a f.a!:1!!' that a man m nt die for.

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

gh tne 'St'lI!et. Defore ne co '1!!'1gn if you tweivl!!'. a nd of

10!:e Wat'Son_ I WCI'S ju'St ala nc:lng wnethe, I , I!pn u Id pe rc:h behin d hI!!' LInda u whl!!'n a cab r lookl!!'d twli:1!!' .n 'Sui: .a !pn.abbV f.a,I!!'. bUI

"Thl!!' Chu'i:h of St_ onic:.a: 'Sa id I. r .and

In twe ntv min utas.' II WCI'S twe ntv·flvl!!' WCI'S elsa r I!!'nough at WCI'S In Ine wind_

I '.!'lIe r drove f.a!rte'. ut Ine ethers we,1!!' nda u with thelr stea Ing horses Wl!!'re in . I p.aid Ine nun .a d huuied Inlo Ihl!!' '!!.ave thl!!' IWO wno I had followed .and !:ee I!!'d 10 bl!!' I!!'XpostuLlli g wiln tne m. ThIllY

knot I f,onl of the altar, lounged up thl!!' !pldl!!' o has dropped into a mu' h. Suddl!!'n Iy. 10 my .alt.a, esd rou nd to me. a d Godf,I!!'V Nonon

eou Id rds me_

'II do. Coml!!' I Come I'

n7' l.a!pked.

nutss, 0' II won't bl!!' !!!'gaL'

al dtaggl!!'d uf:! to u bling re!ppon f whicn I kne

I!!' alia • .and Defore I knew I!!'n:! I WCI'S I found

wn le we re whi!ppe'l!!'d In I!!'.a, • .and VC)ui:hing

notn I .and gl!!'ne!io'!! ing in Ihl!!' !:ei:u'l!!' I n'Ste r, to Godfrey No rten, i:ne 10' _ It 'IJIi.a!P a II re wa thl!!' gl!!'ntll!!'ma n Ing ml!!' on Ihl!!' on!!!' ther, wn lie thl!!' c:ll!!'tmrnun bl!!'.aml!!'d on ml!!' In !rte,o !P pmit.lon in wn Ii:h I VII.!" found mlf!ie If in nt 0 II 'St.anl!!'d me ugn I ng Ju!rt now. II

sem Infornulity .aboul tn ir liu!n!Pl!!'. that Ihl!!' I!!'d 10 nuuy Ihl!!'m wilhoul .a wltn!!!'!io'!! of seme ara n 'Saved Ihl!!' brldl!!'gt 0 m from 10 sea 1'1 of a bl!!'!rt ma n. T e bride gave ml!!' .a ar on my watt:n r.:ha i in memory of the

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo I

~Well. lund lT1y pi n';, very se ou-sly menaced. I d a-s if the I'a i r

miglu I ~ .an imml!N:l ate del=la rt. rs. and se nll'O:! i I!!' I!!'ry 1=I,0ml=ll and

I!!'ne rgl!!'t.l msasu res n my pol . AI tne i:hu'i:n d nov.reve,. tnev

!ioel=la • hI!!' d rlt.rlng aek to Ine e mpll!!' • .and '!!hl!!' h r n house. 'I !

d'NI!!' eu I n In I!!' pa rk I filte as u a I.' '!!hl!!' sa Id .a!P!P e Ie him_ I hea rd no mere _ T I!!'Y d, V In d 1ff1!!"1!!' t direaion'!! • .and I n off to ma ~ mv own a r ngl!!'ml!!'nt'!!_"

r." hI!!' .an'!!We!'l!!'d. I .am Ilkl!!'ly to bl!!'

all wa nt , eo-operstlen."

thl!!' De II. ITI have '!!till tn ls IIl'Itl!!'n Ing .

"I !



"Tnen I

had 1=1'0 - I!N:I. "I mu M.a,IV f

as broughr In Ihl!!' tr.av I will it i:1e.a, to VOU.

u rned hu Ily on tne !plm pll!!' fa hat eer l.andl.adv

1'1 lie I I!!'at. fer I 1'1 mui:h liml!!'. II i'!!

must De on Ih '!! n of .aaion. MI'!!!p

. We IT1 ust be at

e zm n FDfZ(I!Im Boou i I I

ady .jJITa n ed what i';. to u r, The re

n Iy OM point 0 whii:n I must In!p1 ,You mu nOI int.erk!,I!!'. me wn.n

, You undl!!'rsta d 7'''

ateVI!!" _ Tne,1!!' will preba Diy l!!'!;Ome sma II It. It wllll!!'nd In m being eon ~d inlO tne use, Fou' rwa rds Ine !plttin • room wi ow will epen, 't u a re to to that of:ll!!'n wi dow,"

I!!'. for I will bl!!' 'lt1'S1 II!!' to 'fOu-

d wnen I'!!1!!' "I ha nd ----'So-yo 10 In row. a nd will .al Ihl!!' sa ml!!' I me. tel I ml!!'7

into tne room tne i:ry of fl,

,mid.a DII!!' • .u hI!!' 'Sa I • ra kl ng .a ng clgar-sha

ord I n.ary f:llu mbe !P smoke- ket. filted

e ere nd to ma II !ioe 1f·llgntlng, Yo r t.a!pk i'!! e

r - I!!' 'fOur i:ry of fl I!!'. it will be t.akl!!'n up by Llu a number of

then w.alk 10 t e I!!'nd of Ine !rtre .and I wll 'I!!'join 'fOu in

f:l1!!' that I n.ave dl!!' my!ioelf elsa r

IT m to rama Inn utra I. to gl!!'t nsar hI!!' windo a I to Ih,ow in I i'!! objeCl. tnen to I'SI!!' Ihl!!' eornar of In I!!'

en you may ent r€1'f re Iv on me- W

at I giVl!!' ou quit!!!'

'011 frem .a .al han you pll!!'_ You

zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

nd at thl!!' it 'fOu.a1



is a lmcsr time that I

HI!!' d l! .a nd ,I!!'t.u rned in a k!w nu~'!! In tne
eharaeter .ami.abl and !plmf:lle mindl!!'d Nonm nfo,mi'!!t I!!', Hi!p
bread bl.a k I. hi'!! V UOu!Pe • hi'!! wn ItII.!' til!!'. hi'!! !ioYm tnetic: !Pm lie.
II kofpe ,ing .and De n voll!!'nt !:u,io'!!iry we re '!! as M,_ John
Id have ualled_ II !P not ml!!"l!!'ly that Holm !:nanged hi!p
:t:f:I'I!!'!PS1 n. hi'!! nunn t, hls verv seul '!!I!!'e me 10 v.arv witn
n that ne assumed Thl!!' ~ lost a fin!!!'
ne DeCCl ml!!' a spscla li'!!t I
r f:la'!!t !P x whl!!'n WI!!' I luke, Strel!!'l. a nd it
minu~'!! nourw en WI!!' foun ours.eIVl!!"!! in Se'f:lenline nus. It 'IJIi.a!P
al'l!!'ady d nd tne amps WI!!" I!!' u!P1 De Ing lighll!!'d as wI!!' !:I!!'d up .and
down In f' n Lodge. w.a - ng fer tne eem Ing of lu up.anl, Tne
hou!Pe wa I pia ,I!!'d il from Sne rleek H I e!p' sueeinet
dl!!"!!!:,iptlo • Ilry .af:lf:ll!!'a 10 De 1e'!!!P f:I,ivatll.!' :t:f:ll!!'rted_ an
Ihl!!' eentra . r a !Pnu I WI!!'I!!'t. in.a uiet n!!!'ign bou rhood. II '!! rem.a,ka Diy
animated, T 'I!!' 'IJIi.a!P a group of !pn.abbily d'I!!"!!'!!ed ml!!'n moklng and
l.augnlng I a rne, • .a l!P'!!ors·grln I!!'r with hi'!! whl!!'l!!'l. IWO g ,d!pmen who
WI!!"I!!' flinl g IIh .a n rss-glrl. .and '!!I!!'ve ral Wl!!'11·d re'!!!Ped y
up and own wllh c rs in Ihl!!'ir mouths, King i'!! ea sort have I, it about . 1'1

a rked H lmes • as we paesd 10 and f,o in f,on

tathl!!" !plmf:llifie!p a ttl!!'rs , Thl!!' pheregra

.af:lon now_ Thl!!' ch ness .a,1!!' that !phI!!' wou I

n bV M, Godfrev No n. as ou r !:lll!!'nl ls 10 -

ow tne Ll ion ls, Whl!!"l!!' .a,1!!'

De as avers.e mlng 10 Ine 10 find tne

'!!hl!!' !:".mil!!"!! !:on!:I!!'.a1 I!!'nt a bout

of n.av har way

dy Del!!'n nudl!!' _ We

a bout with har _ II i!p ea net '!!izl!!', Too

wonun'!p d,I!!"!!!P, Shl!!' k !P that tne

id .and sea rehad. T\JIIo a mpts of tne yUkI!!' II. than. '!!hl!!' O@!P not !:a,rv

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou II

r 01" her lawyer. T er€ i';. t at rJouble inr.:linerJ to tn inle neitnel". WOIT1 n are n U rally se do thei 0 n secreting, W noy sh u Id she ha nd it ever eou Id If he, own gu.udian!pn p. bUI !P e eeuld nOI pohtlea I In lul!!'n!:e mlght bl!!' bre ghl 10 b ar upon .a b remem I!!" that '!!hl!!' had 'I!!"!!olv 10 u II wlln in .a n lay har n.and!p uf:! n it. It m '!!t bl!!' In 1'1 I!!'r

';.ibility- But I am • a nd they lilee to an yone else"1 She II ind I rea 0'

M!P'!! ma n. Bl!!"!!ide'!!. day!io.. It must bl!!' n house."

I!:I!!' Del!!'n bu rgled_"

I!!'V d Id nOI know now to look:"


"I will

De .able te, Hut I 1'1

ul. ju!rt as hI!!' 'I!!'.a!:h In Ihl!!' blood ru n ni g frel!!'

took to the ir heel';. in one

rou nd tne !:uf\l'l!!' uf:! to Ine deer of tne CO'M' da'!!hl!!'d coppe'. bUI wa'!! p witn tne !PAml!!'

.a'!!l!!'d by Ine I'IJIIO nd bV Ine selssersWeI'!! seruek. and • w.a!P tne cenul!!' k !PAvagl!!'ly at I!!'.a!:h I!!' crowd 10 protser nd d,of:!f:!1!!'d 10 Ihl!!' . AI hls fall Ihl!!' he lou nsef"'_; in the had watr.:ned the

ul!!'. II w.a!P .a sma rt I I!!'. A'!! il f:!ulll!!'d uf:!. 0 e of Ihl!!' loAfing men of:!en Ine door In ne hOf:! of I!!'a rn Ing .aV bV aneeh I!!'r loa I!!". wh had ru'!!hl!!'d

fie,!:1!!' qua rre I bre out. hien wa'!! in

gua rds I!!' wno look '!!idl!!"!! wi hI!!' loungers.

g,inde,. w 0 w.a!P eq hOI u har '!!ide. A

In .an In I Ihl!!' I.adV. who hAd

of .a littl not of flu'!!hl!!'d .and

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


';.Cu Ie . hour talr;ins rt in it.. r.:rowrJ in to hel the larJ'f an rJ to atrenrJ
to he inj red man. Ire e ArJle.-, a'S I ill '5t ill ca II er, had h u rried u!' the
sre ';0; b she 'Stood at he to!' with h 'Superb .-e outli nerJ a,ga i nsr the
Ilgn 'Soft e ha IL Iookin D.a!:k Into tne 1!!'1I!t.
"I'!! , gl!!'ntll!!'man
I voiu!'S.
hl!!".t'S life In
I him to ho!pp I."
.aVl!!' fl!!'llow." id .a woman. "'T h lIlY w e lei n.aVl!!' Ihl!!' lady''S
.an im. Tney 'I!!' a g.ang" .a nd a ,ough
h. ne'!p brea
. MaV WI!!' brl
"5.0 I!!'ly. H Ing him into comfona bll!!' 'Sof.a. Thi'!!
wa • pll!!'.a a n !PO lemn Iy 1'1 f:I,i c:lf:la I m. while I wi ow. 1'1 I!!' !.amf:l!p n.a eha I ceu !Pee Hoi me a'S ne !.aV u po hI!!' .a'!! 'S izl!!'d wiln ee f:lunaion at mome t fer thl!!' hI!!' w.a!P f:I!.a Ing" b I I know that I neve, fell me I!!' haa rtlly a ha med of mV!ioelf In mv life nen I 'Saw tn Dea utlfu I erea 'I!!' aga In!rt nom I W.a'!! ee n'Spl ring" 0' ne gr !:I!!' .and kind Ii II.!"!!!P with whic !Pne wa ItII.!' upon tne inju'l!!'d rna n. An yll!t wou Id bl!!' In blac:ke'!!t lre.a ne ry to Home'S 10 draw D.a!:k now

fro tne art whicn ne ad inlru'!!tl!!'d me. I n.a,d ned mv hea rt. a nd look

Ihl!!' !pmok ·,o!:kl!!'l frem u nde, mv u I t, Afte, all I Ihougnt.. wI!!' a re not inj ring h r. We .a,1!!' but ''.!'lIe ntlng hl!!'r

a nd !.aid Oul in Ine !P from mv po'!!t by Ine d nOI Del!!'n drawn. !PO

Hoi II.!"!! h d!PA1 up U po in el!!'d a I,. A m.aid


'Shl!!'d aeress a d Ih,1I.!'W 0 1!Pe hls ha nd nd at Ine 'S of "Fire I" I!!' word w CI"CI wtI of 'S e r.:tat 01"';.,

otion likl!!' .a rna n wno i'!!

n Ihl!!' wi ndow. AI tne a I I 10!P'!!1!!'d my ,o!:kll!t no 'SOOM' out of mv ell dressed and illene ral sh rid of '" i.-el"

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

Denl!!'r. 111!p all

n iD.!oly. neetor," ne nt_"


Thic:k clcuds wi ndow. I ca voice of Hoi SIIf:lf:ling In rou 'SI'I!!'et. .and in to gI!!'l a"....v f seme fl!!'W ml n Il!!'ad IOWa rds

'5lT1olrie cu rled tn rou h the .-oOIT1 an

nt a Sli rnpse of rush i fi,gu r€'5, anrJ a

'5 frolT1 witn in assunn the m that it Ihl!!' '!!houling c:rov.rd I m.adl!!' my way n mlnull!!"!! wa'!! 'I!!'Joh::1!!'d 10 find mv f,il!!'n J m tne '!!o:!ne of uf:I, HI!!' walked '!!wi s unnl WI!!' tu rned down one of thl!!' e Edge"....,1!!' Road_

ITI knowwhl!!'


u find oul?"

I!!'. as I lold you !Pne WOu ,u !Ot.iliin In dark."

ITI do not wl!p to ma kl!!' a my!rtl!!'ty." aid he, !.augn I perfectly sl m I _ You. of COU r'!!1!!'. '!!aw hat evervone I

.ai:=rnmf:llh::l!!'. T we,1!!' all engaged for hI!!' I!!'VII.!'ning_,u

"rhsn, wnen I I!!' row brokl!!' out. I had Ilttll!!' moi'Sl ,I!!'d my ha nd. I ru I!!'d fol"lJlla rd. fl!!'ll down wf:lf:ll!!'d my n.a baea me a f:lit.e us '!!f:lI!!'Ctac:11!!' _ 1'1 ls an old trli:=k_"

"nt in tne f:I 1m of to my f.a .and

"that .a I !PO I co Id fsthern."

"rhen Ihl!!'V ea ied ml!!' ln, Shl!!' w.a!P be nd to ha'lll!!' me ould
'!!hl!!' do? And nto hl!!'r '!!itting· room. him wa'!! tne room w ic:n I
'!!u!ppeal!!'d. It DetWl!!'l!!'n that .and ne !P dl!!'te,mi 10
'!!I!!'e wn Im_ Th !.aid ml!!' on .a ceueh, mOlioned fer tnev were eem-
pellerJ to ope he window, and you ha you r r.:ha nee. W e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


'", ~~"

~It W '5 all-i rta. W hen a WClIT1.51 n thi

in'Stin ls at ono:! to 'u!Pn 10 Ihl!!' thing wn I '!!hl!!' va lues

f:ll!!'rfl!!' Iv 0 'f:lo ,ing 1m pu l!ioe. .and I ha'll mo~

ad'll.a lagl!!' of "I, In ne i:a'!!l!!' of Ihl!!' Da,lin n b!rtllullon!" a I il wa'!! of

me. a d a I In thl!!' Arn'!!worth C.a til!!' uslness, A m.u d woma n

.al har a by; nun m.auied on!!!' 'I!!'.ai: I!!"!! r har jewe I· box, NoW it w.a!P

at OU !.adV of to·day no hing in the hou!ioe m I!!' prscleus .al .a,1!!' In qul!!"St of, Sne uld rush 10 '!!1!!'i:U ~ i Thl!!' .a!.a,m Ita b y done. Tne !pmokl!!'.an she ting we,1!!' e nou 1'1 to sha ke

L Sh 'I!!"!!f:londl!!'d bl!!'.auliful ,Th phetogra ph I'!! in .a '1!!'Ce'!!'!! e I ju!rt .aboVl!!' Ihl!!' 'ig I bl!!' I· pu II, Shl!!' wa'!! I!!"I!!' I n .an a glimf:l!ioe of It as '!!hl!!' .alf ~w it eut, whl!!' I erled out rm. !Pi'll!!' ~ placed It. g .al tne rocket., !pned from • and, m.ak Ing y 1!!':t:i:U'!!I!!'!P. to .altem pt 10 !ioei:u'l!!' tne had eema in. .and !P ne w.a!P wa . A Ilnle ove,· ~c:if:lit..ano:!

I!!"!!i:a f:lhOI t on I!!'; but tne eeaehman watt Ing me n.auo Iv. it '!!l!!'l!!'med '!!afl!!'r may uln .aIL"

uest I pra !:ally fl n I!pned. I shall

u, If u ea I!!' to eeme witn us, w 0' Ih !.adV. bUI il i'!! preba b no, ne It m· h hls wn hands."

rrow. and ne !pining· '!!hl!!' may i!p MaJl!!'!OtV


ning. Shl!!' will nOI bl!!' p. we shall ve .a elear ust bl!!' promf:ll, fer ehi ma r lagl!!' may ee mpll!!'le

d babies, I must wl,1!!' tne ing withoul del y,"

'StO ped .alIne d 'IJIi.a!P

on p.a!io'!!ing!PAid:

iste Sherlock Holmes."

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


he p;avement at the time, uth ina n ulster who had h


!!!'a rd tn.n vo Defo~"!:.aid Holme'!!. sta rl ng do

"NoW. 1 n!!!'r wno Ih deu!:!!!' that !:ould have bl!!'e JJ

"Not. JJ
"I n.a
fer B III •

at Hak!!!'r

.and WI!!' w!!!'~ !!!'~d uj:! King of ae nemia 'u!;ned In

rled. gta'!!j:!ing Sne rleck H hls f.a!:!!!'.

once mere

"Ma r I!!!'d I Wnen

n.amed N rten,"

"But he cou Id n

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

~ And why in h

.. 0 I!t:.a u!:oe it. IadV lo~!p ne r iovl!!' you r Maj Majl!!"St'f'!p pla n.

Tne door of 0'!rtefl!P, Shl!!' brougham,

"Mr, Sne,lock

Id !Pp.a I!!' you, M.aje'SIY .all fe.a, of fu urea n n usba n • '!!hl!!' dees not love you r jl!!"!!fV- If • Ih 'I!!' ls no 'I!!'a'!!on wny '!!hl!!' she Id Inti!!'

I!!'III I wish '!!he had Del!!'n of V own ion

made 1.11 HI!!' 'I!!'lafl!:oed Inlo .a moody !P Il!!'n d,1I.!'W up in Se, penline Ave n

I!!' wa'!! ofll!!'n • .and an eldl!!'rlv !P wlln a ! eve as


"Indeed I My l'!!lre!P'!! lold me Ihat 'fOu WI!!"I!!' IlkI!!'

mo,ning witn I!!'r 1'1 us and bV Ine S: 15 Ita In frem Cha ring '0 ConIine nt, ..

"Whau" Sne,

I!!"!! '!!t.lggl!!'red wn III!!' wit has II!!"I1 E ngl.and7

d Ihl!!' King no.ars.e Iv- IT All is 10 ,.11

He flu ned fla'!!t tne !:oerv.anl .and ru hl!!'d Inlo by Ihl!!' King .and tnySl!!'lf_ Thl!!' fu rn lIu WeI'!! se I!!'r a n. wll d lsma ntll!!'d '!!hl!!'lve'!! .and ofll!!'n d r.aWl!!'f'!!. as I tne

thl!!'m bl!!'fore hI!!" fliglu_ Ho I I!!'!P rush .al hI!!'

lid I ng sh uttl!!'r • and, plunging n hls n.a • piled

1"- rhe pnotosl"a ph wa'5 of trene ArJ r rse

r wa'5 su pe rscri berJ to ~5he k Hoi '5, E tI- T

in e~rv direahad 1'1 u rrll!!'dly flul!. to,1!!' back a pnotosl"a ph even ins d ress,

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou




ill callerJ to r, W My hie d tore it open, an all three

'5 dated at lT1irJnisht the precerJins n is t and ra n in tn i

HOLME$. -You raa did it. very

In rnmf:!ietl!!'ly. Unlll r thl!!' ala rm of f' • I had not a u'!!f:! en, Bul • whl!!'n I found how I ad Detta~d mY'!! f I beg,.an 10 tn I k. I h d t.el!!'n

I!!'d against 'fO u mon '!!.ago. I b~ n If Ine Ing e f:!lo'f'.!'d

nt. it. would O!!'nai Iy bl!!' VOU. A nd yo dd,l!!"!!!P had b

wllh all In I'!!.. VOU mad ml!!' revea I what ea me suspkleus, I fe nd it. ha rd to tn In I!!' ~.an_ But. 'fOu kno • I have b~ n Ita I u ml!!' ls notn Ing new to me_ I oftl!!'n I.a

1'1 I it. give!p. I !Penl Jon • Ihl!!' coach rna n. I

mv w.alking i:lotne!P as I ea II them rted.

IL I followed 'fOu to u r deer • .and !PO a of inre re!rt 10 thl!!' 0!!'1e br.ared Mr. Son rudenlly. wi'!!hl!!'d you ·nighl • .and '!!ta and.

ear. as .a n aCl'1!!"!! mY'!! advanlagl!!' of Ihl!!'

ateh 'fOu. ra uf:! ir'!!. gOI

ea me dow J ust as you

e su re I w.a!P k Holml!!'!P. nen I tathl!!" fer Ihl!!' Te pll!!'

thoughr Ihl!!' !rt rasou I"O:! w.a!P f Ignt. whl!!'n f:! rsue bV!PO

idabll!!' .an a ntagoni'!!t; !PO you will find tn I!!'!rt I!!'mf:!1V wh n yo !:all te-

row_ As, to Ihl!!' ph ph, 'fOu' i:lll!!'nl 'I!!'!rt in peaee. I love a nd am

d bV a bl!!'tte, ma n t .an ne. Tne King y do h will IIhoul

In ra nee from on!!!' wn m hI!!' has auI!!'I rongl!!'d. I ke f:! it. n Iv 10

ua rd tnySl!!'lf • .and to prl!!'!Pef\l'e .a Wl!!'a po hleh will .a

.anv '!!tl!!'p'!! whic:n h mighl ukl!!' in Ihl!!' f

ne mignt U'I!!' to f:! s .

m what I naV€ seen the lady, she '5 '5, indeerJ, to be 0 rent level to you r Ma e';ty," '5a irJ HollT1e'S c Id Iy. "I am '50 th

.al .a woma n =eh. wn t a woma n I" i:rll!!'d 1'1 King of Bohl!!' i.a.

a II tn reI!!' In ls e l!rtll!!'. "bid I not til.!' I u how q U le and

I!!' wa'!!? Would '!!hl!!' nOI n.ave made a n .ad bll!!' q uel!!'n? I II n


e zm n ~~m Boou

!:,ied Ine King; .. 011'1 I ng is inviolate_ Tne f:lh logr.a


able to bri you r Maje'Sty·'S busi ness to a

m imml!!'n'S _ Tnl!; ring it 0 I upon Ihl!!'

ar 'Sir , wo


d 10 u, pr.av II!!'II ml!!' In at I !:an 'l!!"IJIIa rd

mera Id !;n.akl!!' rl ng f om 1'1 I ingl!!'r .and hl!!'ld


a'S!iOme nlng nlch I 'Should va luI!!' Vll.!'n m I!!' highly." 'Sa Id


re is no mere to b rv good morning," d whi!:n tne King ha 'Sit eham DeB,


done· thl!!' rnatrer, I d • and, tu rn Ing ed oul to 1'1 lm,

Ow a g' .aI'S!: Ih'I!!'.all!!'ned 10 affea W Ihl!!' st pia 'S of M, _ Shl!!'rlo!:k H Imll.!"!! u'Si!!'d I ma kl!!' ml!!'rry ove, thl!!'!:1e 'nI!!'!P'!!

hlm do of , And wnen hs s aks

10 har p otog ph, it is .alwaY'!! und r Ihl!!'

e zm n FDfZ(I!Im Boo

i II

e kingdom of 'I!!' Deaten bV a women. bUI I 'I!!'ne Adle r, 0' nou tille

had ca led upon my friend, suru mn of last 'f€a r and tau 'Stout, rid-far.:€d, elrJeriy 8 IDs'f for my intru-siDn, I wa';. a

ptly i the room anrJ clcsed

';., one rJ y in the h a very With an ulled me


a it in the next ItJIOIT1-

his ,ge rrtternan, frIj.-. il';.on, has been most successfu I C(J';.e , a nd I nave no se to lT1e in you rs al

y partner an helpel" in bt that he will be of

'Stout 8 ntlema n naif" 1"CI';.e f a Quit: little Que-soon i n8 81an from hi';. ';.mall

I!!'." 'Sa Id Ho lmes, 'I!!' f:I!plng Inlo hi'!! a hair .and unl ng hi'!!

I!!' r, a'S w.a!P 1'1 ls eu om wnen in J ud I _ I meeds, ITI now. my • you !Pn.a,1!!' my VII.!' of all ls "I!!' and 0 I!pldl!!' thl!!' and humd,u m reunn of IIl'Itl!!'ryday Ilf, ou n.avl!!'!P n you'

the I!!'ntn usiasm wn I has f:I,omf:lli!!'d u to ehren _ II!!' • and, If

U'SI!!' my !io.a~ng so, 'So 10 e mbel!p !PO m.anv Ii I!!' .adVll.!'n u re'S_"

"Y u, eases have indeed been of I e greate!rt inte,

"Y u will membl!!" that 1 re mol I!!'d Ihl!!' olne r d

Inl thl!!' ve !ioimf:lle problem pre I!!'nted by Mi'!!!p

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I I

ns W€ rnust go to lire of the i ma,gination- W


eeter, ut no ne tn

sha II k I!!'f:I on f:lili n unde tharn and has b n good e ic:n f:lmm

eome ,ound to mv w:ie • for et on you unnl 'fOu'

I!!' 10 DI!!' 'ighl_ Now. Mr . .abl!!'t pen ml!!' tn ls morn Ing" a d to of tne tnO'!!t !plngu la r w ic:n I hl!!'.a,d ml!!' rem.a,k In.a Ine n con neal!!'d nOI wit tne ena IIV. indel!!'d. whl!!'re Ih re ls ilive i:,ime '!! bl!!'e n i:omm!ned. A'!! f r as I ml!!' to '!!ay nerhl!!" tne f:I'!!!"Sl!!'nl c:.a!ioe i'!! an e eeurse of venl!P ls earta Inly amen !rtenl!!'d 10_ P rhaps, Mr. Wil!ioOn. 'fOu u r na rr.allve_ I a'!!k yo not .arson has n I haa rd Ihl!!' of:ll!!'ning p.a Dut I!!' of the M ma Ice'!! ml!!' a nxlees 10 have hps, As, a , Ie. whl!!'n I n.aVl!!' haa rd I!!'ve nts, I a a DII!!' to gu Idl!!' my!ioelf wn leh oecu r 0 mv ml!!'mo'Y_ In thl!!' p tne f.att'!! .a 'I!!' • to Ihl!!' be!rt of my

II!!'!P'!! vou mu fart uf:lon knowledg!!!"S ugh to call !!!"S to De on

Tne f:lo Iy i:lll!!'nl f:I,ide.a d

hi'!! g'l!!'a Ih'u!rt look .al


irty and w glanced d In I!!'!!'r

d I!!'ndl!!'.avo wnli:h mig

me!rt witn a n a ppea r.ani:1!!' of !ioOme Ilnle n kll!!'d nl!!'W!io f:ll!!'r fro m tne In!pldl!!' pee I!!'t of n tne .adven I!!'ml!!'nt eefu mn. with hls nead attl!!'ned out upon hls knl!!'e. I reck a ed d • .afte, tn f.a'!!hion of mv comp.ani n. to by 1'1 ls d,!!!"S!P 0' a ppea r.a i:1!!'.

crlon. au r vl'!!lto, bo,1!!'

Brlti'!! 1'1 !!!"Sma n. '!!I!!'.

.and .a squa re f:lie I"O.!'d rJ top-hat a nd a taderJ upon a chair beside

e In n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

A erne r, look a'S I we u IrJ, the his bla<l:ins rerJ hearJ, an rrrent upon hi';. featu res,

an nrJ

rleck Holme'!!" quic:k I!!''f'.!' 100 A !pmlll!!' a'S hI!!' nOIiu!d my tnAI hI!!' has at seme lime do

ne 'Shook hi'!! ad

evond tne ODv eus nAI hI!!' ukl!!'!P 'S uff. tnAI hI!!' has do Ingl!!'l'SI!!',"

M ,JAbl!!'t Wikon sta rted uf:! In h en DU hi'!! eye!p upon mv rnmf:!a n 10

n'r lnsu It 'fOu' intelligll.!'n!:e V I rA hl!!'r .a.g,.ain'!!l Ihl!!' '!!I,ic:t 'U II!!"!! 0 D astpin."

a'S. n A'i:·And·m m !io'!!

nAI 1!!'1'!!e un bl!!' ind leated by nAI 'ig i:uff 'ltl!!'ry 1'1 Inv fer five lnc as,

tne left one witn Ihl!!' smee h eeh naa r I I!!' el whl!!'re 'fOu n:! II

n Ihl!!' de!pk?"

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo


frIj.-. Jabel Wil n lausherJ hes ily. "Well I neverl W ';.iJici he, fim that you arJ done semet i n8 r.:leve r but I see that there in it after all. W

"I billgin 10 ehi n.n I ma kl!!' a mistak In e:W:f:llai •

ing. 'Omnl!!' ~ otum pm ma" .' YOu now. a nd my poor ttll!!' re pu •

lion. !puch as i is. will !puffe, '!! "f:lwtll!(:k if I am se candid, Can OU not fin Ihl!!' advl!!'rtl!ioe

"Ye!p. I have t it. now." ne n'!!We!'1!!'d ha hay dow Ihl!!' eefu mn, "H re II is.

'I!!'.ad it. for 'fOu If. slr,"

I took Ihl!!' PAf:I r from hlm and

Ith his In let: 'I!!'d fi gl!!" pia nte ls I'!! wha I billga n It II, You Ju

: an ao:: unl of Ihl!!' bl!N:l u I!!"!!t of Ine E1l!!'ki.ah HOf:lk I s, of LI!!'D.anon. nn'!!Yl'it.a a. u. S. A .• tne,1!!' ls ow a notn vac:.ani:V of:ll!!'n whic:n e ntille!p .a ml!!'mbl!!'r Ihl!!' Le.ague 10 a '!! la ry of l4 Wl!!'l!!'k for f:lu' Iv !ioervl s, All re ·neaded men who 'I!!'!ioOU nd I bodV .and ml n .and .above thl!!' gl!!' of I nry·one yl!!'.af'S • .a,1!!' I!!' Ibll!!', A pp

in person 0 n nday. at I!!'Ie o'eleek,

Ihl!!' LI!!'.ague. 7 Of:lil!''!! Coun. F I

"What on e.a Ihl!!' I!!',di

Holml!!"!! i:hui:k d an d w'iggll!!'d In hi!p i:h I,. as WCI'!! his ha bll !ppl,it.'!!. "II is .a Ilnle off tne be Il!!'n trsek I!pn't it. 7" !PAid he, "A Wikon. off 'fO '!!i:tatth a d tell us a I .aboul 'fOurse If. you heusehe •

and Ihl!!' effl!!' wn Ii:h tn ls .ad l!ioe menl .ad uf:lon you' fonu I!!"!!. You w I

first ma kl!!' a n PAf:lI!!',.an tne d.all!!',"

"WI!!'II. it. ls Ju as I n.aVl!!' been Iling 'fOu. M'. ShI!!',loc:k Holme "'!!a Id Jab

Wikon. mop ng his fO'l!!'n I!!'.ad "l n.ave sma II f:lawnb,okl!!'r''!! bU'!!inl!!"!!!P

CobUIK Sq u a .riear the City. '5 not a I"'f IalKe affai..-, anrJ late yea rs

ha'5 not done re tha n ju';t 8· me a r n8· I used to be a ble keel' t

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

, anrJ I WOu IrJ have a job to !:lay him but ';. ';.0 a'S to !earn the busmess."

h.t'!! not such .a youtn. eitne, _ 11'!p n.a,d !pnunl!!'r a,!!!plrunl. M, _ Holme!p; a nd I 1'1 Im!ioe If .and I!!'a rn twli:1!!' what I .am a bll!!' , B t, .afti!!', a IL If h i'!! !io.ali'!!fll!!'d. whV shou Id I put ldeas in 1'1 I'!!

n.all!!' in I!!'mpl~ wno come'!! '!! not .a common expe,ie nO!!' .among Ihat vou r .a!psI'!!tanl i'!! nOI as rem.a,ka bll!!'

f.aullS. too." sa I applng away . 1'1 d then divl ng d letu res, That ls ls

t, wll!POn, "NlIl'Itl!!'r WCI'!! '!!ui:h .a fe llow fer ea me r.a wnen ne ougnt to bl!!' iml=l'ov· inm Ine esllar like a tel bbll into 1I!p noll!!' in fa u II. but on Ihl!!' whole hl!!"'!! a good


ITHe selll

u, I prasu ml!!'r

.a gi,1 of foun n who dees a bll of !plml=lll!!' eee king .and elsa n',!! a I I n.ave in tne house, for I .am a wldoWl!!"

nv 11y, WI!!' I 'Y quietly. slr. Ihl!!' tn reI!!' of U'!!; .and WI!!'

ou r hl!!'.ad!p and ou r dl!!'bu. If we do notn Ing me reo

hat l=Iul U'!! oul .adVll.!'nl!ioe me nt, ~a u Id Ing" hI!!' c:.aml!!' ffiu! jU!il In i'!! d V Ighl weeks. wllh tn ls \Ie ry PAl=Il!!'r In 1'1 I'!! 'f!io:


• 'hl!!'re'!p .anolhl!!' ni:Y on Ine Ll!!'agul!!' of Ihl!!' Red ·hl!!'.adl!!'d

Quite a little to une to any man who gets it.. anrJ I

tha there are rnc ncies then the.-e sre men, ';.0 tnat the

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

trustees t their wit';.' enrJ what to de

only cha lou .... here's a nice I mle crib


my nair 'WOu 111:1 ';tel' into:

nd as my buslness ea me to 'lll'!el!!'ks on end withoul pu ttl Idn'l know mui:h of wn.n f a bit of neW'S_

.a "II!!'ry· .aw:ing to go to e 'I I!!' door-mat, In on out ide. a nd I w.a!P

.. 'H.a"ll!!' u eve, haa rd of Ine Leagul!!' of

wiln hls

.. 'Neve,:

"Well:'!! that tne apply fer an Ame, way!P, He hl!!'.adl!!'d

en?' ne .a!pked

ndl!!" .al fer you .a,1!!' ligi II!!' OU If r 0 nl!!' of Ihl!!'

.a eou pie of hund'l!!'d .a 'f'.!'.a,. very mui:h with one',!! othl!!"

n I!!'a'!!ily tn Ink that nu a nOI been ove, good fer !PO Id have bl!!'en "II!!'ry n.andV_

sars. for Ine :w:tta eou pll!!' of

Id 1'1 I!!'. !pnowlng me tne .advenis m a ul!!' has a v.a!:ani:V • .and Ihl!!'re '!! I iDJla rs, A'!! fa r as 1 ea n ma kl!!' u m Illiona I,I!!'. Ete kla 1'1 HOf:lk In • him!ioelf 'I!!'d· neaded. and ne .ad

I!!'e for VOurs.e If I!!'re you shou Id

ul!!' '!! foundl!!'d bV

ry f:l1!!'i:ulla r Inn ls

m Iny for all ,I!!'d. d Ie 1'1 ls e normous tne Intl!!',1!!"!!t to

ha nes of tru'!!tee!p. witn in of ea'!!v benh!p to me n wnO'!! nd Id PAv.and "II!!'ry I itt I I!!' to de,

~ '8 ur,' irJ I. 'the re 'WOu 111:1 be million';.


n wno would

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo I I I I I

an';.'W'e.-erJ- ·"(OU see it is rea Ily , This Amerir.:a n narJ ru.-red from d to de the olrJ town a 800rJ you r .af:!f:!lying if vo u r r ls highl

hen he n • agaln.

~d. or 'k ~d. a

c:.ull!d .apf:!ly. M _

n.a,dly b flll'lJll nun

e for you 1"!!1!!'1'IIe'S. my ha I, i'!! I!!'d to me If Ine ~ 'IJI\a!P 10 bl!!'

.anv co eve thought e m lght '0 fer Ihl!!' ay .and 10 ee noliday. we 'Shu tn give n u!P in thl!!' .ad

e,1I!d 1'1 I m to f:!ul uf:! Ihl!!' 'Shune I"!! e_ He WCI'S vety willing to n.ave a ned off fer Ine add ~'!!'!! wa'S

eou ntrv a'S WI!!'~ 'Shade eeleu r In clay; bu as Spau fl.aml!!'· 10u,1I!d tl given it. eou Id n I I m.agln!!!' tn rough ne ere 'IJI\a!P a d ubll!!'!rt coming aek deje found 0 1"!!1!!'1'IIe'S In

dve rtl!ioemenl_ FII!!'e1 St~1!!'1 WCI'S '!P Cou rt looked like a c:o'!!te r's tne,1!!' we ~ !PO ma ny In Ihl!!' wnoll!!' nAt 'Single adve rti'!!l!!'ml!!'nl, EVI!!'ry • or.ange. brli:k. I rl!pn ·!ioettl!!'r. live,. ot m.anv wno Ine rea I v!\rid any we,1!!' 'lJl\aillng" I would n.aVl!!' Id nOI haar of it How hI!!' did It I lied .and butted unnl hI!!' gol ml!!' ps whii:n led 10 Ihl!!' offli:1!!' _ Ti'le,1!!'

in I ng ene," 'I!!'mA,ked Holme!p a'S oty with a hugl!!' plni:h of 'Snuff_ I!!'nt,"

.,Ie of 'WOOI:Ie n cnairs anrJ a rJeal hearJ tnat wa-s eve n redder tha n

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

nd ida:re a'S he came UIJ. anrJ t en he

i them wn ich would d i";.q ualify them, e such a very eoiJ";y matte .... a er a II, II!!' nun w,aos mui:h mere favou bll!!' to 10!:oed Ine deer as we I!!'nte'l!!'d. th.rt

.a!io'Sista rrt, '.and hI!!' is willing

'l!N:Iulreml!!' I, I can

!rtef:! bad: 'd.

fell q u ItI!!' a'Shfu L i:ongr.rtu la d ml!!'

d hi!p hl!!'ad 0 en !pudde n Iv h ,mly on my!pu

Ine ether .an!lW'e'l!!'d_ 'He has every .ave 'S1!!'e n .anvtbing 'So fl ne: He ok .a n!!!' 'Side. and g.atl!!'d .al my, until 1 lu ngl!!'d forwa rd. wru ng my n.a • and

'fOu, e'f'.!'!p. '!!.aid h l:Iul WI!!' 1'1 enee by 'fOu with uman Ih,ougn It at tne disa ppolnl enl diffe renl ireaion own and I .aloftn

.an ebvieus pr ulion: With ne !:oeizl!!'d mv

tuggl!!'d until 1 lied witn Ihl!!' p.ain, 'rh I!!'re is te, In

'S hI!!' '1!!'II!!'a'Sl!!'d , 'I pe'i:l!!'lve that .all ls as it she Id De,

ea refu I. for we ve lwi!:e Del!!'n deO!!'ived by w 'S and

Id II!!'II you tAle cobbll!!'r''S wax wn Ii:h would l!iogu!rt

lu'l!!': He '!!Ie p dove, 10 Ihl!!' wi ndow .and !P outed f:! of 1'1 is voi!:e 1'1 r the ncy wa'S filled_ a n of

e uf:! from bl!!' • .and Ihl!!' folk a II trooped .a

unnl thl!!"l!!' 'IJIi.a ot .a ,I!!'d ·hl!!'ad to De !:oel!!'n manAge'_

f:!l!!'n'Sion!!!' man. M,_

n RO'!!!P. and 1 am my!iol!!'lf on!!!' tne

noble De nef.aao, _ Are you .a

lately _

.. 'Dear

gr.aVll.!'ly. 'Ihat I nd 'IJIi.a!P. of eou II a';. ta ... tbei ... be a bache 101".

tV ssrleus Indel!!'d I 1 a m 'So rrv hea r

I!!'. fer Ine f:!'o p,agatlon a nd spr .ad of i nrena nee- It i';. eJtCeed i nsly u fortu-

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

face IengthenerJ t thi';., frIj.-. Ha the vacan~ afre all; but afre r that it 'WOu 111:1 be a 1 ri,ght.

es, for I thoug t that I wa'5 not te n ki n8 it over ... a few min ures he

Ihl!!' i:a'Sl!!' of an I!!".'!:.aid hI!!'. '!! .a polnl I favou r of a n shall 'fOu t.e a bl

I t.e fatal but WI!!' d of hair a'S you rs,



at for vou,'


our!p?, l.a!p~d.

.a p.awnb,o ~r'!P buslness ls m cia Ily Thurs.d.aV.a d F,id.aV '.!'lIe n I VI'O Id 'Suit me ve ry II 10 I!!'.a,n a I tn.a mv .a!P'!!i'!!t.anl w.a!P good ma n • .a tur ed up.



I!!'ry we Il' !:.aid

doni!!' .an e nine. Mr. Holml!!"!!.

whii:n· ju'!!t ~ flay·day; 'So II in Ihl!!' rnerni gs, Be'Side!p. I knl!!'W

that ne uld I!!'I!!' to a nytn Ing

pu ~ Iv nomin.al_'

IV noml n.alr'

IT I!!'II. you ha'lll!!' 10 in Ihl!!' offi!:e.

tim _ If vou lea'lll!!'. 'fO fork! II you r ell!!' , uflon point. You don't ee f,o tne office d u rl ng atlime,'

'5 on Iv fc u r ncurs

.al 11!!'.a in Ihl!!' bu lid I ng, Ihl!!' wnoll!!' II!!' peslti n fer r. Tne will i!p w:ry witn I I!!' con ilion'S if 'fOu budgl!!'

zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo


~ '1110 excuse will avail; ';.iJici frIj.-. unr.:an f;:os';.; ·ne· business nor a nyth ins else. The you rnust ay, 01" you 10

.. 'And tne wo,k?'

.. 'I!O to !:of:lV oul the f~ ia ih taM . Tne re is Ine

in tn.n press, You must find 'fOu 0 in k, pe !O • .and blotti f:I,ow:idl!!' Ihis tAble and eha I,. wll 'fOu I!!' 'I!!'ad

.. 'Cena Inly.' I .anWIIl!!'red.

.. 'rhen, good·bve. Mr. JaDe.! .and I

mere on thl!!' imf:lon.anl posltio whi!: .e,.ain.' HI!!' bowed ml!!' out of tne roo ha rd Iv knowing to '!!ay r do. I w.a!O fortune.

"WI!!'II. I thought O'Ltl!!'r tne m.atte a II d y • .and bV I!!'VII.!'ning I

aga In; for I had quill!!' pe r'!!uade m If ne who II!!' .a

great no.a:w: or fra ud, though wh t it'!! bjeCl ighl bl!!' I eou

!ioel!!'ml!!'d a 1I0gethl!!" f:la'Sl De lief I at a yone u Id m.a ke '!!

Ihll.!'Y would PAV such .a sam for 01 ng nvtbi !PO '!!imf:lle a

f~dla 8timnMt1. Vince I Sf:! u Id Ing id hI!!' uf:l. but by bl!!'dlime I '1!!'.a!POn d m I!!'If ou of thl!!' who in Ihl!!' mo,ning I dl!!'te,m Inl!!'d I n.a a 100 .at it a nyn

f:ll!!'n ny boltll!!' of in k • .and wiln Llu I· pen. nd !ioeven !O

pa par, I runl!!'d off fer Pope''!!

!.all!!' you on at!!!' I!!'nough h mv a'!!'!!irn my own go

ning. How r,

!PO I bougnt a IS of foo!'!!!: P

"WI!!'II. to mv '!!u'f:I'isl!!' and dl!!'llg t, e '!! po'!!!Olbll!!'. T e

ra bll!!' wa!O '!!I!!'I out ready fer me. nd e,1!!' to '!!I!!'e Ih t

I gOI fa 1,1y to work. He 'SIa rted I!!' uf:lon Ihl!!' 11!!'tt.I!!', A. d then hI!!' I

me: but hI!!' would drop in from lime 10 tim 10 '!!I!!'e I wa'!! rlgnt w· 1'1 mI!!'. At IWO o'!:loc:k ne bAdl!!' I!!' go d·d.aV. !:omf:llimenl a mou nt that I wrlnl!!'n. a nd I!:k thl!!' d r of Ihl!!' offl!:

"'Tn I!O Wl!!'nt on d.ay anI!!" day. ea me in a nd pia n ked down fou WeI'!! thl!!' !PAml!!' nl!!':lrt wl!!'e Ie. .and

wa-s there at ten, a nd every moo

f;:0'5'5 took to corni n8 in 0 n Iv on

nd on' n se '1!!'Ign'!! for m ml!!' Ih wl!!'e k .afte,. I left two. By de mom n8, anrJ then

e In n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


d irJ nat come in at a II. Still. cou rs I never rJa insrant. for I 'Wa';o nat su re when he misnt r.:OIT1 soorJ one, anrJ su ired lT1e '5 well, th t I would n

ITEighl wel!!'k!io f:la'!!!PI!!'d .awa A,!:hl!!'ry and A,mou' a nd rchi~Clu I!!' and Artl I m lght gl!!'t on 10 th B''!! bl!!' ~ wry Ion feelsea p. a nd I had f:I'l!!'ny ne.a,1y fl d.a '!!hl!!'lf '!!uddl!!'n Iy Ihl!!' wnoll!!' DU'!!ine s !:ame an I!!'nd_"

""To .an end 7"

o'do!:k. DU I tne deer wa'!! n.amme,1!!'d on 10 tne midd ~ad fo, you 1"!!1!!'1f_"

He hl!!'k:I up a pll!!'!:e of who PAf:ll!!'r. II ~ad In thls f.a!ionlo



Shl!!'rlo!:k Holm!!!"!! .and I su face bl!!'n Ind it... unnl Ihl!!' co

ITI ea n not !Pel!!' tne,1!!' I up 10 tne roots of 1'1 I'!! fI.a la ugh .al me. I ea n go I!!'k

ITNo. no. JI !:,ied Holme!io. '!!h w:ing hi n.alf ,i'!!l!!'n. "l 'I!!'.ally wou I n'r mi'!! ref~'!!hingly unusual, But ne,1!!' i'!!. tn Ing Ju!rt .a little funnv a oul it. found tne !:a,d upon thl!!' d

wi'll!: hI!!' rld, It ls most ~Ing '!! • !ioOme· lake w en you

ITI wa';o ';tassererJ, ';oil". I rJicI rou nd, but none of them

o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm Boou -"~ob.DI1


to the IanrJlorrJ, a-slrierJ him if he He -sa irJ tnat he

the .uo u nd floor, a the f;:erJ-neaded Lea y, Tnen I a-slrierJ hirn w.a!P nlll'lJll to him,

come of any such be ,1I!d that hI!!' nam

.. Well' 'Sa Id I. 'I

.. 'YI!!"!!_'

.. 'Oh: 'Sa Id hI!!'. na ml!!' 'IJI\a!P 1IIIa m

u!plng my rcem .a Ie mpor.a

'l!!'.adV, HI!!' moved ut Y@'!!terd.a •

.. Wne,1!!' eeuld I

.. 'Oh • .al n ls ne SUI!!'I!!'t... M.a, SI, P

10ty of .anlflria I

William Moui'!! 0 t, Du nea n

.. And what did

l:Iul hI!!' eeuld no shou Id hl!!'.a, bV nOI wi'!!h 10 less WI!!"I!!' good e nou ea me rlghl away

:t:1!!'·Coburg elp me in _ Bul

en .a pl.a!:e houl .a

10 give .ad -!:e to f:I

.. And vou did 'It wl'!!e Iv ...

rema OM. nd I shall b lold me I Ihin k I it ls posslb at first slght a p

rrls, H w.a!P.a 'Soliclto, .and 'S

nO!!' un I n ls new pram lses I!!'re

to that dd ress it w.a!P a f.a!:· n it I!!'ve r hea rd of e Ithl!!'r M r,

I!!' .advl!:1!!' of my assi rrt,

nly '!!.aV that if I wa I nough. Mr, Holml!!'!P, did

• a'S I hl!!'.a,d that 'fOu e we re In nell!d of it.. I

!:a'Sl!!' ls an e:t:!:l!!'ed I Iv It. F,om what 'fOu

r lssu ha ng from It eha n

~G'-ave enoush I week:"

l Wil';.CI , "Wny, nave lest lou r !:IOU rJ a

e zm n DIJ'DIIm Boou I

nt to fl nd out tneir 0 jea 'Wa'!! n playl ng tn ls xpen!p!ve joke for them

ny ,grieva nC€ , you a ,.51'5 I undersr uti!!' kn ledge whic:n

C€merJ;" .-emarlrierJ Ho in'St tn i';. eilrtraorrJina rJ, ric:ne.- by ';.Ome .£"30 u n.ave ga Inl!!'d 0 n

lest neeh I ng by Ihl!!'m


J I de not see a ue. On the '5 y norh in,g of !P bjl!!'tt wn h::h

.ank -if it. w.a!P .a pra n k r il m!rt Ihl!!'m two and


"We!p II I!!'nde.a u, to dl!!'.a, u ne!Pe f:!oin I!P for you, A

quastl ns, Mr, II!;On, Thi'!! !plrunl of your'!! wno

.aile nti n to Ihl!!' dve rti!Peml!!'nl how long ne bl!!'e n

a pplic:.anl7

n.andv .and wo eeme cheap."
" !phI!!' IlkI!!'. hi'!! vinc:enl Sf:! Iding?"
""Sm.aIL steut-bu w:ry qUIi:=k I 1'1 I'!! 'W.a'f!io. no hair on 1'1 I I!!' though h.t'!!
not sh rt of ehi , Ha'!! .a white '!! lash of .ai:=id uf:!on hi'!! fe
Holme sat uf:! in 1'1 I'!! cn.air In ee ldera bll!!' extit.e menl_ "I
'5airJ he ~Have y u eve.- observe that hi';. e(J1"';. are .,ien:e o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm Boou -.~ob.DI1


"'Tn.u will do. su bJl!!'a In tne e Monday we m

"'WI!!'II. Wat'!!on

"'A'!! a rule," sal j:I'OVl!!'!P 10 bl!!', I puzell ng, ju'!!t .a mu!rt bl!!' prom

"'What a re you


.a me ning:"

lsen, I shall bl!!' ha ppy 10 giVl!!' ' j:li of a day or IWO. To-day ls S .. uu rd.aV. a e I!!' to a eenel u'!!ion:"

Holml!!"!! wnen ou r w:i'!!ilOr had left u •

1'1;" I .an!lW'e'l!!'d frankly, "It ls a


01 as, 'l:hl!!' mere bila rre .a In I ng i'!! Ihl!!' !P'!! mY'!!t rleus It y u, commonplace, fl!!'.alu'l!!'ll!!'!P'!! erlmes w leh a I!!'

mmonj:ll.a!:1!!' f.a!:1!!' i'!! Ine mest d Iffl!:ult e nt ,l:Iul I

VI!!' tn ls matte'."

to do. tnen?" I a'!!ked.

I!!'red, ""II i'!! qui'll!!' .a th,1!!'1!!' j:lipe probll!!'

'fOu won't '!!Pl!!' e for ftftv mlnutes." He !:u,led nlm!Pe

wiln hi!p In Ink I!!' r.awn uj:l to hi'!! n.awk -like nO'SI!!'. and

hi'!! 1!!''fI!!''!! dO'!!l!!' nd hls bl.a!:k !:1.aV j:lipe tn ru'!!tlng ou I IlkI!!' !ioOme

!rtr.angl!!' bl rd. I .a e ml!!' to Ihl!!' condu!plon that hI!!' d ro j:I. and

indeed w.a!P n d ng mV!ioeIf. wnen ne !pudde n Iy '!!pr.ang oul of 1'1 ls c: .air with Ihl!!' gl!!"!!tu'l!!' of m n who has m.adl!!' up 1'1 I'!! min d and p t ls pi down uj:lon tne rna n I II!!' I!!',

"'Sa r.a!P.a11!!' plaY'!! a do you think.

St. J.aml!!"!!·!p H.all thi'!! anl!!'rnoon • .u ne ? Cou Id 'fOu' p.atil!!'nt'!! spa re you fo,.a I!!' heu

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I I

rJ come- I am ,goins the way- I observe tn

ra rnrne, wn ir.:h i';. h

f:!1!tl1v'.!' • .and I wa n

I DU'S Ill'!! made .a !;pne _ Tn reI!!' gilt. len I"!!. uf:!on a ea ed i:li nt c:.auied 0 his business, Shl!!'rlo

w h his hl!!'ad on one 'Sid I!!' .and lookl!!'d it. .a I rig tly b ween pu i:kl!!' d lid!;, Thl!!'n ne wa I I!!'d

ne do aga In 10 In I!!' me,. '!!Iii I Iookl ng k

U nl!!'d I Ihl!!' f:!awn D ke r's. and. Itn 1'1 I!; '!!II two or tn reI!!' tlmes, ne of:!l!!'nI!!'d by.a b'ighl 100 !rtI!!'f:!ln-

d ne f:! aD.!' whl!!"l!!' ou r radH I me !rtOpped In f,onl of IIh hi!; eve!; 'Shining up Ihl!!' '!!Ireet • .and

I!!' houses. Flna Ily hI!!' Igorou'Sly uf:!on Ihl!!' nl uf:! 10 tne door .and Ing,·'Shave n vou ng

w Iked aw.av, ""HI!!' is. in my for .arl ng I .am nOI sure

n m Ing of him DeW'I!!',"

!PAid I. "Mr, W.I'Son''S .a!P'!!i'!!tant Ine Red· ne I!!'d LI!!'AgUe, I .am !PU' rder Ihatyou mlgnt!Pee hlm."

a good in In I'S I yo Inquired 'fOu r way

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


"My de.u doctor. I is is a lime fo, ottsl!!' tlon. no fer

an I!!'ne my''!! co un, WI!!' know !:Omet ing of Sa:.: now I!!'Xplo,1!!' tne rts whii:n lie bl!!'n Ind

fou nd ou f'SI.!'ive'!!

Ihl!!' retired 5..a:.:I!!'. front of a f:littu re

mml!!'l"O:! inwa rd .and oul rd. whill!!' Ine foolf:l tn'!! Wl!!'re !PW.a,m of pedl!!'wi ns. II WCI'!! d Iffic:u II re.all!ioe as WI!!'

fin!!!' shops .and Iv bU'!!ine'!!!p pram I !P that th V re

ether !pldl!!' upon Ih faded .and 'Stagna nt !ioCI u.a,1!!' wn h

r frem

line. ITI shou Id Ilice Ju!rt to 'I!!'ml!!'mbl!!'r t e order hobbV of min!!!' to .aVl!!'.an l!!':I(,aa knowle ge of Lon on, T I!!'re is

Ihl!!' tebaeeen lst, I I!!' I itt I I!!' neW'!!f:la pe' !P op. Ihl!!' bu rg br.ani:h f

a nd Sou bu sa n Ihl!!' vegru, Re uta nt. a d M Fa ria ne'

build Ing dI!!'POI, T .al c:.auie'!! us rlgnt n to Ihl!!' otne blod:, n now. neerer. we've do ou r work. !:O 1I'!p I we ha som play, A sa dwic:n a nd .a i:uf:l of i:off • and Ine n off to 'It- in-la nd. were II is!ioW tn!io'!! and

dl!!'lli:acv and ha r ny. and Ihl!!'re .a,1!!' n ,I!!'d ·hl!!'ad d eli nts 10

thelr eon u nd rums,

MV f,iend 'IJIi.a!P a I!!'ntn u'!!i.a!rtii: muslei n. being lms ea pe rfo,ml!!' bur a i:omf:lo'!!e r of 0 erdina ry merl hI!!' sat in tne !!Ia II Wta pped in tne me f:ll!!'rfea .af:lf:li e'!!'!!. gll.!'n Iy w:ing

his long. Ihin flnge In timl!!' 10 Ine mu "eo whill!!' h" smlhn f i:1!!' and

his l.angu ld, drea eve!p we re as unllk Iho!ioe of H tne !p11!!' h heu nd.

Holme'S the relent ss, lrieen-witred, rea y-nanded rim I .511 asen - Inn is singu 1.51 r en racter tn dual natu.-e

o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm Boou -"~ob.DI1


ne'» and astuteness re pr€ sain';t the poetic: and con

omi d in h ilT1, rhe ';.wi n8 of

I!!':w:t.~ me lang or 10 evou ring I!!'nII.!'rgV; a nd. as 1 new Wl!!'11. ne w,aos nil.!' r se eru Iy fo,m· .abll!!'.a wnen. for day!p on I!!'nd. ne had Del!!'n lounging i ls armeha I, .a id 1'1 I imfl'Ow1!PAllon'!! .and hls lac:k·lettl!!'r edillon'!!. T e il wa'!! Ih I ust e tne !:ha'!!l!!' would !puddenly

1'1 lm, and ha 1'1 I'!! brlilia nt aseni g po'Wl!!'r wou Id rl'!!l!!' 10 tn

u n.a qua Inll!!'d witn hls methods uld look

as on .a m n wh knowledge wa'!! not tn.a

I !PAW him Ih .afte, eon !PO I!!'nwr.aflfll!!'d In tne usie at St.

Ja mes's H tlml!!' lght De rnming upon InO'!! wnom hI!!' '!!I!!'t hi

r." ne 'I!!'mA,ked as we e

ITAnd I ha



ntsm latlen, 1 n.aVl!!' every 'I!!'a'!!on DelleVI!!' '!!tofl II. Bul to·day Deing Satu .aV tathl!!" nt vo r hl!!'lfl to·nighl."


ITI shall De t

d. 1 '!!ay. IJocI • Ine may De some I itt I I!!' d.ange' !PO kindly ~volve, In yo r pee I,'" HI!!' waved hi'!! n.and. eur I!!'d on hls

pe.a,1!!'d in .an I mong Ihl!!' aowd,

1 trust tn.a I m not mere oppr€';.';erJ w· h a '5e nose of Hoi me';., H .-e had hes rd wn

.an mv neighbo u I"!!.. bUll'!! .alw.a'f'!! own u!'id it'( in my dealiosos wit SnerIDr.:k he h d hes rd, I had seen what h had seen,

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

a nd yet fro..., his w ha pp.enerJ but wn wa'5 ';till confu ';erJ Ion I thought WI!!' i:Of:!ie, of Ihl!!' E Ihl!!' ernlneus wo' neetu rnal e:W:f:!l!!'ditl

a nd what we re!!'d p,awnb,oke assl f:!I.aV .a del!!'p g,aml!!', I uied Ihl!!' m.atte, .a!plde u II n Ig

II WCI'!! a qua rtaraeross tne P.a'k.

"Ha IOu' p,any ls ra king n ls hl!!'avy n Jonas. of Srntla nd

"WI'!' re n u ntlng I

"I hOf:!1!!' a wild M, _ MI!!"f"VW'.!'athl!!"

"You m.av pl.a!:e ee agl!!'nt loftily, ""He mv '!!aylng se. ju ma king!p of a detl!!' as In that buslness mere naa rly i:OU

out to hap '5Que,Ar;.ld rem thl!!' I!!':w:t 111M down 10 tn wiln whicn hI!!' n.a

clea riy not nly what ha

to ...,e the ole busine

to my hou e in Kenr;.i n !Ototy of tn 'I!!'d· neade

Saxe·Cobu Squa re . .an 'IJIi.a!P th

ar re wI!!' gol

t frem Holml!!'!P Ihi'!! smeer nl 'IJIi.a!P .a fe m Ida bl mol n -.a m n wno mig VI!!' it uf:! in d spalr .and '!! natlen,

mf:!1et .... sa Id Hoi tlng of:! from thl!!'

rd? I me introd u you

nigh!''!! .adven u'I!!','"

eou pi !P .ag.ain. Do "Ou' friend ne,1!!' .

dog to nl!!'lf:!

im, It ls nOI mui: IO!PAV that holto mu,dl!!" nd Ine Agta ul!!'a'!!u e offic:la I fe

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


ITI Ihin k YOu will find;" 'SIa ~ te- n Ig I titan vo

e:W:i:it.lng. Fo fer you.Jon

fo, .a highl!!'r -II bl!!' mere .000; .and

ny erl n C!.aV- Hi!; gr.a df.alh and O:dord. slgns of him _ HI!!"II crack .a rpha n.age In

ITI nOf:ll!!' eha I m.aV n.a one 0' IWO Inle turns I!; .alIne ne d of hi!; P we rutted. f vo U IWO tne '!!I!!'rnnd.

Shl!!'rloi:k H mes w.a!; n In Ine aD humm" We r.attll!!'d 1'1 ,ough an Inlo Fatting n SUI!!'et.

eemmunleati tunes whic:n l.ab~intn of

I!!'rryWl!!'athl!!" noughl It as an .ab!ioOlull!!' s Dr.aVl!!' as .a

ned Ihl!!' '!! ml!!'

ow rselves i the morn ns- r cabs we.-e ioslT1is

suiclanr.:e Mr. Mer weat er, 'We IJaos';.erJ de

e zm n DIJ'DIIm Boou


through a side door, cerrdor, wn ir.:h enrJ and lerJ rJown a fli,gnt gate. M'. i:onduaed us down a Ihird door. into .a 1'1 ug and ma'!!!;lve bo:.:lIl'!!.

'5. Within the.-e ';. a ';.miJll

i ron sate. Thi';. al'5o w eps, h ir.:h terminated anothe r pped to Ilgnt a l.anle rn • .and tnen

II ng pol agl!!' • .and se . .afte, of:ll!!'ning a u or cell t, hic:n as f:liled a II rou nd IIh erates

"You .a,1!!' not ve ry 'ltul Ihl!!' I.a ntl!!',n .and ga.!1!!'d

"No, frem below." !PA" whii:n II ned tne fIoo ma rkl!!'d. looking up in

.a e r, st ikl ng hi'!! '!!tId: u po Ihl!!' Hags r m • it '!! unds quite 1'10110 I" hI!!' 'I!!'.

"I must 'I!!'.ally a'!!k vou have .already impe rill that 'fOu wou Id have and nOI to interfe rer

Tne !iOll!!'mn Mr. MI!!" in] u red e:':f:I'IIl'!!!;lon u Ihl!!' fleer a nd. with minule Iy tne cracks b

him. for ne spra ng to i'!! fe

ra ke any '!!tl!!'f:I!; unnl I nOI 10!Pe .a min uts. fe will n.ave fer tnei, e

London bAnks. Mr. I!!'Xpl.a1 n 10 you that I London '!!hould ra ke a

"It i'!! ou r F reni:h go wa rn I ng-s .an .aile

~"fou r F.-enr.:h sold r

quler JJ !PAid Hoi me!; '!!1!!"It relv. "You !io'!! 0 ou r e:':f:l1!!'d ltien, lght I beg it do n upon 0 ne of Ih !Pe bo:.:I!!'!;.

him'!! If uf:lon a erats, Ith a verv I!!'!; fl!!'ll upon hls k Ing len'!!. bl!!'gan !Pemnd!; !;ufflO!!'

n hardly


e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

- We narJ O«(II';io

rowec:l ten- tnat .,u ha become known tn an thi!lt it ls !rtlll Iyl 2. 00 na polsons paek ls ui:h large r al I=I'I!!' tn d I ~aor'!! hi!l~ nad

';0 ~80 to OChen ow r I'"e'5 urces anrJ n~ poleens frolT1 the B~ k of FI"~ nee- It vel" h~d ~'5iDn to un., ck t e 1T10ney.

In eer i:1!!'1 ar, Thl!!' era upon whii: I sl eontalns

i!I~f'S of Il!!'i!I foil, Ou' 'I!!' ~ of bullion ually kl!!'pt.· a 'Single bra i:h ffio:!. and pon the su

ow it i'!! tlml!!'

nli:h ".r.e ~ 'ltl!!'ry ".r.e I juWfil!!'d • .u ob!ioef\l'l!!'d I WI!!' a",a ng.ed eer . II!!' l=llan!p, I!!'XpeCl thi!l 10 a hl!!'ad_ In n oVll.!'r thi!lt di!l rk I te'n_"

r i!ltne r, WI!!' mu

ttl!!' rs will PUI thl!!'

d 'Sit in thl!!' da,k?"

I 1ai:1!!'d my ~volvl!!". w Ich I ereuehed, Hoi

l. a!P ".r.e WI!!" I!!' a pc t Ihi!lt Ihl!!' e nemr(!p !ioe nO!!' of i!I highl_ A di!l ring men. i!I nd V do u!P seme na,m do you coni:l!!'al n them, i:1o'!!1!!' In

ughl i!I 1=1 ek of i:i!I rds In my pocket

~t"~!!!. U mlght ha you, ru bDe

l=Iati!ltion!p hi!l'lte gone fi!I r Ihi!lt we ,i'!!k Ihl!!'

• first of I. WI!!' must ougn WI!!' nail lake t i:i!I reful, I nail rund bl!!' Ind hi'!! i:rall!!'.

nlnd tnO'SI!!' sh i!I highl Y fi~. Wa on. hi!l'lte n ee pu nClion

I!!'Y hi!l'lte but one 'SI!!' into Sa:W:I!!'·Cobu yo • Jonll.!"!!?"

!P !!Iii I Ihl!!'~. rl!!'i!ldy !P wo'ked up 10 i!I nd su bid uing In tn

fli!I!pn oul i!lt a meme ireh of I!!'X Cli!I nc:y. In ~ Wi!l'S som

udden g m. and In t e mid di!lnk Ir of

i'!! I nte,n i!I nd , bl!!'fo,1!!' Ine highl witn my dl!!'p~!io'!!· hI!!' vault,

at," whi'!!

S.q Ua'l!!', I nope tnal

IWO offl

rnusr be ';oi ent nd W~ it- W


';. but an 'Ie allT1C1';t anrJ 'Stiff, up 10 tne not only

'k ul=l0n thl!!' 'StOne l=Iave ne, n it Ie ng·

II bl!!'!:ame a llow line. and than. wllho I .anv ,ning or

eml!!'d loon .and .a ha nd a ppea red .a wn I!!'. a Imo!rt 1'1 h::h felt.ab ut in tne O!!'nul!!' of Ihl!!' Ilnl a re.a f highl_ Fo, Ihl!!' ha nd. itn 1I!p writn Ing fingers. 1=1' ruded out of tne wllhdtawn 'S 'Suddl!!'nly a'S It .al=ll=ll!!'a red II!!' lu,id spa k wn h::h m.uked .a eh Ink bl!!'

!P but mome nt.ary _ Witn tea ring

broad, whi '!!tonI!!"!! tu rned ove r upon it'S !pld a nd len a II!!'. In rough wn I!::h wl!!'a med Ihl!!' llght a la tsrn. CNe r el=li!!'d .a !::Ie.a ·CUI. bo~!ioh f.a!::I!!'. wn Ich 10 kl!!'d k n Iy a bout

h .a ha nd n e IIhl!!'r 'Side of tne a pe 'I!!'. rll.!'W 1I!Pelf

a d wa lst- hig unnl one knl!!'e re'!!ted u nl e!rtOod at Ih 'Side of Ihl!!' he II!!' an d 'IJIi.a!P IIh a nd sma II Ilk him!Pelf. witn a pa Ie face a

I!!' wn l!ppe'l!!'d ''It.avl!!' VOU Ihl!!' ch 1!Pe1 .an ie. Jump. a n I'll !pwlng for ill"

ut .and !Pe lted tne Inuudl!!'r V thl!!' eellar _ Tne d I ne.a,d tne sou nd of ren Ing do 1'1 as JOM!P

irt'S. Thl!!' IIg t fl.a!pned ul=l0n Ihl!!' bAftl!!'l a re IVII.!'r. but

01=1 !::ame d tne 1=1- 01 dinked


on CI.aV." 'Sa Id H Ime'S bla nd Iy. ~o u have n

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm OOU I


coclness. "I t nc:y tnal my -tails."

""So I see, W the other a ns red peJl i a II risht. tnouSh I se you h ve gor hi'S

a~ tn~1!!' men wa ing fer hlm at Ihl!!'

r." 'Said Holme ,

ITOh. Indl!!'l'!dl You '!!Jeem 0 n.a done Ihl!!' ng "II!!'ry eornpl 1!!'1y, I must

com liml!!'nt VOu,"

IT An 1 you.'" Holm!!!"!! a ns ~d, You r ~d· 1'1 I'!d idl!!'.a wa'S ry new .and

effl!!' !\te_ ..

"You II 'S1!!'e 'fOu' pa I .a.g,.ai dow holes 1 am, J u

ITI VOu will nOI eueh era'S Ine ha nd i:uff'!! i:1.atte, n.a"ll!!' ,0V.a1 blood i mv !P me .alwaY'!! to!PAV ir'.an

had on!!!' or IWO I

.al climbing

IlIhV hands," i'!!t!P, "'You m.av 01 De aw.a,1!!' good nass • .al'!! • wne n you

bow 10 Ihl!!'

thl!!'m from an k 'fOu 0' 'l!!'f:I you_ The,1!!' ated in Ine m !rt i:omf:lletl!!' at ba n k rob ry n.a"ll!!'

that I .am am unique • .and

"'You see, Wat";on. W he plaine in the ea

sat ver a glass of wn i ky anrJ '5orJa in

hou rs of the m rn in,g .51'5 we .. Street.. ~it .51'5 pe rfeaiy

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou II

way for a u bUI. 'I!!'.al • It doubt su halr, Thl!!'

that the on IV I'o~ible obje~ ot thi';. r rrise ment of the leasue, anrJ tn e be to ,get tn i';. not over-b~ht pawn bro

Dl!!'r heu I"!! I!!'VII.!'ty day _ II wa'!! .a i:u'iou'!! w.aV

u Id De d Iffli:ult to '!!uggl!!"!!t a bl!!'tte, _ Thl!!' m d 10!P lngsnleus mind by Ii'll!!' eeleur of h"

a ~I!!'k wa'!! .a lu ~ whic:n m ust d him. and I!!' pia I ng fer thousa nd'!!? Tney flul In Ihl!!' .ad v I!!' ne rem r.aty offi!:e. Ihl!!' othe, mgol!!' I ncire'!! tne thl!!" ney managl!!' 10 '!!1!!'i:U ~ hls .ab!ioeni:1!!' thl!!' ime I haa rd of tne a,!!!pI'!!t.anl having

!P bvlo!p 10 me that ne had !POme 'St,ong moti

men in Ihl!!' house, I shou Id n.ave sus ~

noweve r, wa'!! out of thl!!' q uestle n. Tne

wa'!! .a sm I 0 e. an Ine ~ wa'!! notn Ing in hi!p hou!ioe whic:n uld aeee

r.are p paratlens • .and '!!ui:h an 1!!'Xpe! nd lIu'l!!' as I I!!'Y ~'I!!'

n. De se ething out of tne house, What eou Id II ? I the

I''!! fe dness for pheregra pny. a nd hi'!! trli:k of ThI!!"1!!' wa'!! tne end of In ls ra ngled c:lu 'f!rte,iou'!! a,!!!plrunl .and found I 1'1 nd mest d.a,ing erl mlna ls I n Londo n. 11.a,-'!!Oml!!'tn Ing wn Ii:h took m.anv he

_ Wh t eeu Id it. bl!!'. ones mo~? I i:ould tn Ink tu n nelro !PO me olne r building,.

n WI!!' wl!!'nt to vl!plt Ihl!!' '!!i:l!!'nI!!' of aetlen, I '!! rprl!ioed u flavemenl witn my 'Stic:k. I w.a!P asearta ing whl!!'l e r

ut in front or bl!!'hind. It wa'!! not in fro Thl!!'n I r ng

fll!!'d. thl!!' .a!P'!!i'!!ta nt .an!PWe ~d It. We h had !PO

we ad nl!!'vl!!'r !Pet eve!p uflon ether b ea. H !P knl!!'e!p WI!!'~ what I wl!pned to '!!I!!'e. You how rn. wrin kled • .and ruined tnev wl!!'~_ buff wing. Thl!!' on Iy ~ m.ain Ing pol nt w.a!P w 0' I wa I ed rou nd tne eernsr. !PAW Ihl!!' City and o I" frie d'os l'.-emi'5e-s, a nd felt that I had osolv rJ 'Ie ho e aftel" the concert I callerJ upon Scot

"So f.a, I

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou




upon the cha rrnen of the ba n k rJi

, with the r€'5U It nat yo nave

"And how ee .a!p~d.

"Well whl!!'n t ev i:10'!l1!!'d Ihl!!'l r LI!!'.ague

no Iongl!!'r a ut Mr. J.abl!!'.! WII!POn'!p I=! eornple In I!!'I, tu n nel, 1:1 ut it wa

nt De disi:ove,l!!'d. or tne m bl!!'tt.l!!', Inan any ether I!!'. For a II thl!!'!Pe re.a!POn'S I

s that 'WCI'S .a 'Sign I .al tne I!!'n!:e -I n otne r ds, th e'S!Penli.a1 that tney shou Id Ilion m lght bl!!' rem VI!!'d. Sa

V. a'S it would glvl!!' I!!'m t

pe!ClI!!'d thl!!'m to ee

1'1 out bl!!'.aulifully.'" I e:W:i:

In • .and yet '.!'lIe ry lin k ri

"II 'Saved me rem en nul," hI!!' a n~1!!' • y.awn Ing. "AI.a!p1 I 1'I!!'.adV I 1'1

closlng in u n ml!!' _ IVIV life is 'Sl=!l!!'nl In ne long effort 10 e I=!I!!' f

eommonpla of e:w:i!O't.l!!'n!:e. Tne!Pe Ilnle ,oblem'S nell=! me 10 do !PO.'"

He sh rugged is shou Idl!!'r'!!. ""WI!!'II. pe!,h • ane r a II. 1'1 I'S of me Iitt !Pe ..

ne rem.a,kl!!'d .. 'l. "'homme" l"'1!!'~t ,/.e'n Qe'Ui.'11!!' l"e'Sl toUt a'S G ve

Fl.aubl!!'rt WfOI to GMrgl!!' SAnd_"

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou II


~My dear tel w, W ';.iJid S in his IDrJsi at Salce whir.:n the

common pia a d, nove rover i';. sreat r.:ity, ,ge ntl'f .-em

1;:1 in at e ueer tn ins';. tch sre soins on, the

the l;:llanni ,the r.:1"CI';.';-pu POSe'S, the '!NOnde rful ch ns tn rouSh e e ratio nos, and earJin,g to the rncst OU'tTe a II fiction - h it'S convenrie a I ities anrJ foreseen con u ie ';. I "

event'S, '!NOr it wou IrJ ma IT1 0 st st a Ie a

~And yet I a li,gnt in the pers a re, a in ou r l;:Iolice re porn. rea I is, it rnust be r.:onfe';.';ed, e

rJ of it," I an';. a rule, ba Id enc l;:Iu';.ned to it';. her taosr.:inatin

red, "l'he cases wn ir.:h h, and vulsa r enough, il:tre me lilT1 it';., a nd yet tn nor a rtisric,"

~ A ce rta in OS ler.:tion and rJ e used in I;:Il"CIrJur.:ins a

effect, W .-em rkerJ Holm s, "1his i';. wa n n,g in the I;:IOI~ report,

IT1O.-e stress is laid, per ';., upon the 1;:1 itude';. of the ma,gi';!r

upon the rJ ilos, wn ir.:h an observer nta in the vita I essence

whole ma U on it.. the re neth i ns ';.0 unnatura I


I !pmlled .and shook my !PAid, "'Of e

IIl'Itl!!'rybodV brought In up the mor HI!!"I!!' is Ihl!!' wife: ThI!!"1!!' !P n.alf .a eefu

a II perfeClIy Ihl!!' push. I i:'udl!!"!!t of w ItI!!'rs eou Id i 'It

I!!' d. "I ea n q u - undl!!'l"!!ta nd you r tn Inki

poshlon of u ad'ltisl!!'r and hl!!'l j:luull!!'d. tn ro ghou I tn reI!!' rnntlnl!!'nlS. hat ls !rtr.angl!!' and bila rre. Bul hl!!"!!!'" -I j:IIhl!!' g,ound "let u!P put II to .a practi I n whic:n I e ml!!', • A n u!pD.and',!! crua

of prl nt, bUI I now wlthoul n:!.ading It I ne,1!!' I'!!.. of co r'!!1!!'. thl!!' other tn



an unfortu ate one fer you r argu me nr, W ';.iJici

anrJ ,glancins his eye d n it, his is the OunrJa'S

it halJlJen';., erJ in learins u pi 'Some

witn 1'1 .. The II!!". tne,1!!' wa'!!

I I!!' mndua co I ne had d,iftl!!'d

I uf:! I!!'VI!!'ry m f.alsl!!' tl!!'l!!'tn .and

whii:n. 'fOu aetlen likl!!'ly 10

of tne .aVl!!'r a pi ncb of '!!nuff. u, ex.amf:!Ie,"

.aml!!'ln t in Ine O!!'nlre of nome Iy ways a nd sl mpll!!'

lifl!!' tn.all


I!!'k!p, II i'!! a 11It11!!' ni:1!!' in thl!!' CCI'!!I!!'

"And Ine ,ing 7" I upon hi'!! Inge' ..

"II wa'!! 0 m Ihl!!' '!!I!!'rvi!!'d t n.aVl!!' Del!!'

fam Ily of H II.and. tn dl!!'lli:acy c:.annol e en ron 1i:1e 0 I!!' or IWO

d ju!rt now?" I .a!;ked

• DU none whii:n '1!!"!!l!!'nt .a u d rst.and. witn t De Ing

fl!!'.alu' of inre re!rt, ThIllY .. Indl!!'ed. I n.aVl!!'

i'!! .a fie Id fer thl!!' whicn giVl!!"!! thl!!'

iml!!"!!.a, .apt 10 tne '!!imf:!Ie,. fer

s, as a ru e. i'!! Ihl!!' mOllve .. In Ihl!!"!!l!!' r whic has De n refe rred to ml!!' pre!Penl!P .anv res of inre re!rt, II e methin DI!!'tt.I!!', fo,1!!' ve ry m.anv

I I I!!'nt'!!. or .am mue mlrukl!!'n .. "

etween he lJa rterJ blind'S 'Street, Lookins over his

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


sho lde , 1 ';.iJW hat on h p;alielT1ent oppcsite there a 1.51 rse ma n

a 'i'f fu boa u rJ he r ner.:Iri, a nd a 1.51 rse cu rli 8 red feat

bre d-b -mlT1ed nat wh h a';. tilted in a COl:! uettish Our.: ess of De f.a!pn on r 1'1 ear. F 0 unde, this g'I!!'.a1 f:lanoply !P e f:ll!!'l!!'ped nil.!' eus hesha - ng f.a I n at ou r wi ndows. while h , bodV 0

, .and 1"1J ... ,ud.a d har fingll.!'f'S fldgetl!!'d wllh e, glOVl!!'

• witn .a f:llu • a'S of tne !ioW1 mme r wno lea 'S Ihl!!' boa

WI!!' haa rd thl!!' sha rp i:!.ang of Ihl!!' bl!!'IL

pen Ihl!!' p.aveml!!'nl .always a ns an

iu!. but is not su re tne mattl!!'r ls 01 too munic:.a 10 . And yet '.!'lIe n hl!!"l!!' we may l!ioC:rlminatl!!' wne n en !Oe r 0 Iv wrongl!!'d by a sh I!!' n longer O'!! illatl!!'!P.

I a b,okl!!'n bell wire. H I!!'re m.av ukl!!' il that

mueh a ry.a'!!


A'S P .al tne deer. and thl!!' boy in unens enl red to

Ih ,!.and. wn lie tne lady hl!!'rself eemed be ind his

!Pm.a I b i:k figu I!!' likl!!' f 1·'Sa III!!'d mareha nt- m.a n bl!!'n I n a liny pi boat.

Holme Wl!!'im har wllh Ihl!!' e.a!ioY eou rte for wn Ich e w.a!P

!Oed Ine deer .and bowed hI!!' into a n a r hair, 'Shion wn I h w.a!P

ITtn.a1 witn vo u r shert slght - ls a Ilnll!!' I

dl!!'nly rea li!ioing Ihl!!' full f:lu'f:lo of his wo n .an kl!!'d up. with fea r .and aste ishml!!'nl u ou,1!!'d f.a I!!'. ""'fou'VI!!' neard about me, Mr. Holm

I!!' 1'1 eeuld u now a II tn.a17

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

ecause I hes rtI of you frolT1 "".-.;.. ft e.-ese, ea";y when the I'olir.:e .jJnrJ eve!'YO e ad Sive olme'S, I wish you 'WOu Id do .jJ';. rnu h U nd ~d a ~a r In mv own 'ighl. t.e!P de

• a nd I VI'OU Id give it. all 10 know w I

in a runled look ml!!' ove r tne !iOmewn.a1!P

ulne la nd. "Ve • I d I ba ng out of tne house," !pne!PAid .. r II mad ml!!' ngry to '!!I!!'I!!' tn cas WAV in whii:n Mr. Windlbank-Ih t I • my I!!'r-

k I .all. HI!!' uld 01 go to tne flo liu!. and 1'1 I!!' would 0 10 vo .and

do notn Ing .and kl!!'fll on !PA~ng I a thl!!"l!!' w '!! no mad. a nd I Ju!rt on wllh mv tn I '!! nd ea ml!!' 'ighl

II him f.alne r, though It!iOU nes fu n • too. fer hI!!' i'!! menths olde, mV!ioelf."

Oh. I!!' .and wl!!'ll. I WA!pn't bl!!'!rt flle.a!ioed.

hI!!' rrll!!'d aga n se n .afte, fathl!!'r'!P de.alh. a nd .a m.a ~a rs vo nge ran hl!!'r'!!l!!'lf. Fathl!!" WeI'!! a plum t.e, n

U rt ROAd • .an ne a tidy DU'!!ine'!!!p bl!!'hind him. wn I

n wi 1'1 M,_ H.a V. t fO'l!!'man; bUI wnen Mr. Windlb.a

IIlhl!!' DU'!! ness, for hI!!' wa'!! ve ry '!!ufll!!'rlo,. bslng a r.a 0114700 r th goodwill and inte'l!!'!rt. whic:n w.a!pn hI!!' t.een .alive."

,JJ he a'SlcerJ, "does it come out of t

had :t:flll!Cll!!'d !ioe Sn I!!'rloi:k Holme'!! 1m PAllenl U nde, narra I\te. bUI. on thl!!' eentra ry. ne of .alte ntion_

~On, no, -sir. i'5 Quire -selJa ra:t€ anrJ AucklanrJ. It i'5 n New lea 1.51 nd 'Stock. pa hunrJ.-erJ pou n s 'Wa';. the amount, but I

"You int.e,1Il'St e:ll'!!'ml!!'ly." 'Sa Id Hoi

su m a'S a hun ,1I!d A yeA'. with what u A n Inlo t e ba rgain.

doubt trAVII.!'I a ittIl!!' and Indulgl!!' you r'!!1!!'1f n III!!'VII.!' tnAI A

I.adV !:an gll.!'1 0 Vll.!'ry n 1!:1!!'1y uf:lon an inee

u undef'SUn

urden tham, and'S

~Ing wit Ine m. Of u r'!!1!!'. k draW'!! my int.e,e!rt very e f:I'l!!'tty wl!!'l witn t, And I ften

a'S long as I lilt at horns I den'r wl!pn 10 De have thl!!' U!iol!!' f thl!!' monll.!'Y ju'!!t while I am that ls only i !rt fer tne tlml!!'. M'. WI di qua rt.e, a nd It oVll.!'r to motne,. a nd fin

what I I!!'A,n AI pe!wrill ng. II brings ml!!' we

do frem flftel!!' 10 I'IJIIl!!'nty !Pneeu in a da "

e you, position ve ry !:Ie

on. bl!!'fo,1!!' whom vou !P k a'S frel!!' A!P bl!!'fo,1!!'

Kind Iv II!!'II U'S nAil Aboul you, mnnl!!'a 0 n . 1'1 M'. H ml!!" Ange L"

A fl ush '!!tole I!!'r Mi'!!!p s.utne,l.and'!p fA!: • a tIne

fringe of har J ket."l met hlm fir'!!t at leg neV

thl!!" IId:eu wne n ne W !P AI • and th n ane 1"1J ... ,ud tnev

• and 'Sl!!'nllhl!!'m 10 met I!!'r. . Windl nk did not w 1'1 u!P

10 go. HI!!' ne ,did wl!pn U'S 10 go An ne . I!!' wou I get quite m d If I

WeI nt.ed !PO mu 1'1 A!P 10 jol n A SundaY·!:oC:n I I I. Bul tn !P tlml!!' I 'IJIi.a!P on

going, a nd I uld go; for what rlgnt h d 1'1 preve Iii' HI!!' 'Sa Id In fol k

WI!!"I!!' not fit U'S 10 know. wnen a II fat er' fiend'S w

hI!!' 'Sa Id tnAI I d nOlhing fit 10 wI!!'A'. wn n I d mv pu Ie pi ush tnAI I had

nlll'ltl!!'r !PO mue a'S ukl!!'n out of Ihl!!' d rA I st. wnen neeh ing el!ioe

do. ne Wl!!'nt 10 FrAn!:1!!' upo n rhs b of tne lrm. but we

merher a nd I. with M'. HA,dV. wno u Ihl!!'re I met M Ho!pme r Angl!!'l."

"I su pposl!!'." F rei nee hI!!' WA!P

in c:.aml!!' b.a!:k frem I!!' to Ine a It"

e In n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


abo ut it, He laus rJ, I rernernbe r, anrJ ';.iJici the re wa-s no use enyins a nytn ins to a

ee .a-sk if".r.e gor y. M, _ H 011ne'S. I met aln • .and Mr, Hosml!!'r

1'1 hou!ioe a ny mere,"

'r likl!!' .anvrhing of rhl!!' it... .and hI!!' u!ioed to 'Say t 1,!:Ie_ Bur then • as I U'S 10 begin witn • .and I n.a

rt, He wouldn't n.aVl!!' a woman 'Should bl!!' to !PAV to mothl!!" • .a otgot mine 'fI!!'r,"

ee FtC! nee aga In I n a • .and Ho!pml!!'r wrote

fe, and De'iJl!!'r not to I!!'.a!:h otne r unnl hI!!'

tne ml!!'.anriml!!'. a nd hI!!' 'S d to wrire IIl'Itl!!'ry d.aVmo,ning,. 'So tne,1!!' 'IJIi.a!P 0 nel!!'d for f.arhl!!'r ee

ntle .ar tn ls riml!!'?"

~ eng,.aged .afte, tne eashier in .an offlO!!'

w.alk that wI!!' 100k_ Le.adl!!'n hall SUI!!'i!!'t- off I!!'? ..

at'Hh wo of II. M _ 011ne'S.1 don't know,"

ne,1!!' dl

He slept n tn premise _ w

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm OOU I I

I!!' Ll!!'adenha II Slrl!!'e1 Off I I!!'. 10 bl!!' I

'I!!' !:e'nl 10 Ihl!!' off" ne u Id be ch fled by a II Ihl!!' 011'1 r clerks lenl!!'!"!! from .a dV. I ,I!!'d typewrlll!!' them, Ilk hI!!' did

ut hI!!' wouldn't n.ave I at. fe Id t .al whl!!'n I WfOII!!' tn m tnev

!Pel!!' 10 mme frem me. ut wn n tn V wI!!' tyj:lll.!'Wrlttl!!'n hI!!' a I .a'f!io fI!!'It

that I!!' mach InII.!' had eeme will J U'S! !Pnow 'fOu 1'1 fond

hI!!' nlng that hI!!' VI'OU Id Ihin k


~ And you don't Ir; now hi';. ad

"It 'S most !puggl!!'!Ot.iVll.!' • .u 'Sa d Hoi ne Ilnle tn lng'S .a,1!!' infl it.ely I!!" I itt I I!!' Ihings a DoU I

a'S a verv 'ShV ma n. M r Holm eha n in thl!!' d.a~igh for h ti,ing and hI!!'

Ihl!!' in'Sv .and 'Swollen !P wh

len 1'1 m wlln .a Wl!!'a k threat, HI!!'

.. WI!!' I • .and what n.aj:lj:ll!!'ned 10 Fr ni:I!!'?"

ratne, w.alk witn e n.all!!'d 10 be cens leueus, voiD.!' WeI'S gl!!'ntll!!'. .td had ung, hI!!' lold me. a it nad 1'1 I!ppe ring fash Ion of 'Sj:ll!!'ech. in. bUI hls 1!!''fI!!''!! wI!!' Wl!!'ak. in'S! tne gl.a,I!!'_.u

t, w nd lba k. you, !!Il!!'j:lf.atne r,

"Mr. o!Pme, Angel !:ame 10 thl!!' h ma r Defore f.alne r !:ame i:k_ H

!ioWe.a • wiln mv n.and!p on Ih

a Iw.a bl!!' Itul!!' 10 nlm_ Mo I!!" sai

.al il WeI'S .a slgn of hls assle

nd 'IJIi.a!P IIl'Itl!!'n fonde, hlm a n I 'IJIi.a!P Tnen. wnen tnev

ing wllhin Ihl!!' wel!!'k. I began a k abe t fatne,; but Ihll.!'Y 'Sa Id

10 mind .aboul f.alhl!!' bu I i 'S! tell im ane 1"1J ... ards, a nd rnetha r

ne would m.akl!!' il all 'ighl - 1'1 him. didn't quill!!' like at. Mr.

Hoi _ It -seemed fu n ny th t I sh u Id -sir; h i leaV€,.jJ';. he W.jJ';. 0 a fuw

yea olde.- tha n me; but I rJ n·t ytn ins on the ';.Iy,

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

fenher en BorrJeaui(, ... came bar.:1r; to lT1e 0

1Il'!!. '!!ir; for ne sta

d ju'!!t Defore it. a r lved

nch ices, but the

rJins W

, .::1 rig's c:'o~. Hotel. Hosml!!"

ml!!' fer u!P In a ha nsem bu tne I!!' wl!!'re IWO of us e P u!P Doth into II

e '·W I!!'ell!!'r. wn h::h ha P nil.!' 10 bl!!' tne only

01 tha eh u 1"(:1'1 fl,'!!l. and nen tne fou r-

0' 1'1 m to !O't.I!!'1=! OUI. b ne box .and look

u Id nOI imagl ne 1'1 I'!! own eye!p, Tha 'WCI I!!'a rd a nytn Ing !pIn I!!' Ih

Oh. no. '!!ir' He wa'!! rn I ng ne 'WCI'!! !Paying nd '.!'lIe n if someth I lwaY'!! to reml!!'mbl!!'r tn.a Il!!'dgI!!' seener 0' later, I has ha ppe ned '!!in g

re 'IJIi.a!P no onl!!' .ad De!::oml!!' of I.a!rt Friday. M'. n 10 tnrow any

... !PAid Holml!!'!P,

e wn.allll'ltl!!'r!l=!l!!'n !P to bl!!' Uul!!';

un o'lIl'!!l!!'l!!'n eeeurred '!!

I=! Ie d 10 hlrn, and th t hI!!' ould daim hls

d ngl!!' ta I k for a dig· morn In&. bUI

an Ing 10 II.'"

Mo!rt !::I!!'ruin Iy II doe'!!. I.a!rtropne has OCJ::uUI!!'

1Il'!!. slr .• De lieve that 1'1 lked so, And then I In I n

aw '!! me da ngl!!'r. or el ould not n.aVl!!'

wha hI!!' fO'lIl'!!aw ha PI=! ned.

But 'fOu n.ave no notion

f!fDne ,'"

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I


~On rncre quesnen. How rJirJ

Sry. oiJnrJ '5.51 id that WoiJ';. n er to '5lJealri of the matt€ r

ne r? Did you b.!'11 1'1 I m'?"

'!!1I!e med 10 In in Ie.. wl'lh m '!!oml!!'ln I ng ha p I shou haa r of Hmml!!" ga ln, A hI!!' !P.aici. inte'l!!'!rt co in brl gl ng ml!!' to Ihl!!' d rs of th en u reh, and tnen

had rrowed my men m.auied me and gOI V mon

d on 1'1 lm, Ine re mig 'I!!'.a !PO n. bUI Hmme, wa'!! ve

ndl!!' I a bout money an neve, u Id look .al a '!!hilling of ine, A e uid n.ave ha ppe n d? And V eou Id hI!!' nOI w,itII.!'? a . It dri

.a If· d to In Ink of it.. a I ea n' '!!llI!ef:l.a win k at nighl_" Sh pu lied a

uff and beg,.an to !POD hl!!'avlly Inlo _

, 'fOu ... !P.aid Hoi me!p. rlsl ng, IT .and I have defl n 1'1 'I!!'!PU 1'1_ Ll!!'1 thl!!' we lght of

,I!!"!!t upon I!!' now. a nd do n til!!'l 'fO r mind dwell uf:lon 1'1 fun

to I I M, _ Ho!pml!!'r Ang I van ls from 'fOu' me mory. as h 'fOur I fl!!',"

orr't In Ink I'll '!!I!!'I!!'

ave Ii:! ue'!!tl iptlon of him and .anv I

ha nd'!!_ I shou Id like.a aeeura wn Ii:h you ea n !PPA'I!!'_"

rtls fer 1'1 I m in l.a!rt Sa u!P fou r lettl!!'r'!! from him,"

"'Tn nk yo

~Mr Aose '5 add r€';.'5 you ne r had, understa nd, Wne.-e i'5 yo .- farhe ';. 1J1ar.: ot bu ine'5';. r

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou

e travels for We-sth nch u reb St.-eet- W


I!!'.uly _ Yo will Il!!'aw Ihl!!' aw glvl!!' you, Ll!!'1 thl!!'

to afk!a ur lifl!!','"

an k you_ You n.aVl!!' ade vou r 'Sta j:ll!!'l"!! hl!!'re. and 'I!!'ml!!' bl!!'r Ihl!!' .ad nole I ncidl!!'nt bl!!' a 'Se.a d book • .and

eu .a,1!!' Vl!!'ry kl nd. M r Holml!!"!!. bu

me, _ He shall find rl!!'.adv whl!!'n

, a II Ihl!!' j:I'l!!'postl!!'rou and tn vaeuous f.a I!!'. Ine re !P se mething bll!!' in tne sl mpll!!' f.a - of OU' w1!P r whicn co pelled OU re!ppea_ Shl!!'

Id har little bu nd II!!' of p.aj:ll!!'l"!! upo r way. with .a

mlse 10 come again ne neve, '!!hl!!'

ther. hi!p leg'!! '!!Ire hl!!'d oul In ,d 10 Ine i:l!!'lling_ nen hI!!' took

ay j:lipe. wn Ii:h WeI'!! hlm as .a ee

i:k In hi'!! ehair, witn I I!!' Ihick blul!!' d .a 100 k of infinite l.a

!p'!!Iill pre!io'!!l!!'d all!!' direClI!!'d I!!' I old a nd oily ha'lll ng I it.. ne 11!!'.an!!!'d oud·wreat '!! '!!j:lin n I n up from him.

dV. that mal Il!!'re'!!ll ng har Iitt probll!!'m. u will find para lie I ea I!!"!!. If 'fOu ee e,1!!' WeI'!! '!!oml!!'tn Ing of tne sort at w r, Ihl!!"l!!' we re 0 I!!' 0' IWO dl!!' iden hl!!'f'SI.!'lf wa'!!

n," hI!!' eb icn. by Ine V. i!p r .a uite ene, u It mv Indl!!' in And r In '77 . .and H.ague la 'fI!!'ar, Old as i'!! thl!!' idl!!'.a.

iI'S whii:n me_ 1:1 ut thl!!'

eu .aj:lj:ll!!'a red to read ... I rema rked,

you ml!io'!!l!!'d all as 1m porta n porta nee of '!!ll!!'eve!p. Ine !puggl!!' . ues that may n.ang f m .a boot-tae rna n's .aj:lj:ll!!'.ara nee?

I un neve, b,ing you to '1!!'.a11'!!1!!' Ihl!!' ness of In mb- n.ail!p. 0' tne g'I!!'.a1 Now. Id 'fOu ne r from

II, she narJ a slate a bric:ki';.n red, He r ja

-brilT1lT1erJ .-aw nat.. ith a feathe.witn black b ad'S 'Sewn upon it. anrJ a

zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

enrs, He r rJ.-e'» 'Wa';. brown, rather rJa rker

IJUI']:lIe IJlu-sh at the ner.:1ri and sleeves. He r 'WOrn through at tn ~ht ta.-efinse"-' Her small round, n.angl gold I!!'a rrlngs • .and .a eo-do In .a vu 19"a,. e e.a!OV·golng


are eoml ng a long ndl!!'rfu Ily _ You have

very wl!!'ll Indl!!'ed, I is true VOu ha mis!:ed evetything of

• bUI VOU ave 1'1 It pon Ihl!!' method. an VOU have .a q u Ii:k eye Ne r rru to ge tel I I mpressions, mv DoV. but i:oni:l!!'ntr.are n d a II'!! MV first!:e ls .alw.a'f'!! at a woma n's 'Sleeve_ In .a I!!',ha b Ite, fi 10 takl!!' Ihl!!' knl!!'e 0 tne trouser, A'!! VOU is had pi U'S uf:lon hI!!" !p11!!'1!!"Ite'S. ic:n ls a tnO'!!t u!iefu I

r she ng double liM.a little boVl!!' Ihl!!' w'ist.. whl!!'re

lIist tne ra bll!!'. 'IJIi.a!P De utlfu Ily defined, Tne

p@. Ie.aVl!!"!! a simlla r a rk, but on Iv on Ine

fa rtne!rt frem Ihl!!' In mb. in'!! of De Ing s In is w.a!io.. I tnen gl ni:I!!'d.a1 har faO!!'. and. a plni:l!!'· I!!' e IIhl!!'r 'Side of I!!'r nO'SI!!'. I ve ntu'l!!'d a I .and tv II.!'Wrlting. whic:n !:el!!'

!P then much surpri I!!'d .and Inll!!"l!!"!!tl!!'d on

n 0 I!!'NI!!' tn.a tnough Ihl!!' boot'S ic:n 'Shl!!' wa'S Wl!!'a ring

n IlkI!!' eaeh other. I ey we re 'I!!'.ally odd e'S; Ine one having .a

-cap. an tne othl!!" a pia I n 0 e_ OM wa!p bultoned

I!!' bunon!p u I of five • .and thl!!' har .al Ihl!!' fl rsr, third, a VOung I.adV. erh rwisl!!' d'I!!'!io'!!I!!'d. In odd Mots. ha If·b noned. II ls no great

arJ wrinen a note be .-e lea'l'ins home but b'5el"\l'led tnat he r ri,gn SIDve 'Wa';. torn at the

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

ta.-efinse .... but yo

'Sta ined witn vic deep. It IT1U';t ha upon Ihl!!' fingl!!'r. go 10 bu'Sine s, Wat'Son_ de!:oC:rlj:llion of M, _ O!iMe, An

see th t both gle and fi ... we.-e n in a u rry and ipperJ he pe n too • 0'" th ma rk WClU rJ net re a in r.:lea ...

'Sing,. hough .nhl!!'r ele nta ry. t I must

ou lei vou mid re.ading ml!!' thl!!'.a veni'!!1!!'d I?"

ITMi'!!!p1 ng,.u it !io.aid. Hmme, Angel. A compll!!':w:ion. .and mou'!!taml!!';

rti!!'l!!'ntn. a gll.!'nllem n n.aml!!'d !Peve I!!'ignt.:!rt ngly bui t, 'Sa llow a Id in hI!!' O!!'n 'I!!'. bu!pny. lai:k !pldl!!' wn I!pke rs • 'Slig t I nfir Iry of 'Sj:I eh, W.a!P d resssd,

esd !Pille. b i:k wa I at. go Id

wne n I.a!rt !Pel!!'n. i Albl!!'rt eh sin. .and g'lI.!'Y H.a,'- twee ela'!!tIi:·'Sided beer . Known to have

hall SUI!!'et. Any y bringing ..

IMU'S rs, witn own g.a

en em loved ln a offlO!!' I

"lbat will do." 'Sa I them, "'Iney .a,1!!' Angel. 'Save that noweve r, whic:n

.u ne !:Onll ued, gl.a ng OVll.!"

tl!!'1y no el I!!' in tne 10 M,_ re i'!! on!!!' rama rka II!!' polnl.

ITNot. on Iv that, b 'Hmml!!" Angl!!'l' .al tlon ~j:ll Leade 'Signatu re I'S very!P ggII.!'!rtlvll.!'-i

IYf:III.!'W ittI!!'n_ Loo at Ihl!!' eat I itt I I!!' i!p .a d.a • you !Pel!!'. bUI ne s pe rserl p.

whii:n ls rath r v.agol!!' _ I!!' pol nt bout Ihl!!'

faa. II II eenel !P1vII.!' _ ..

1T0f what?"

ITIVIy dl!!'a, fellow. t 1'1 e c:.a!Pe?"

ITI ea n not 'Say 'Signatu re If .an aetl

1Tf'fD, tnat wa';. n -should settle the

a II write • wn ir.:h the City. he orne ... i';. to the

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


,WinrJiba k. a'Slri ins hilT1 whetn he cou IrJ meet rrow even os- It i'5 ju'St .jJ';. well t t we 'Shoulcl do re I rives, AnrJ now, Oot:tor, we ca n 0 nothins until tt come. '!! ~ nuv put ou r lin probll!!'m uj:lon

I had had '!! '1!!'.a!:On I ng a !:Ome !:OlicI UI!!'.aIi!!'d Ihl!!' Ono:! only h

Ina ry elreumstanees bl!!' .a !!Ita ngl!!' UngJl!!'

at his bla k day j:lipe. wiln Ih co nvlaion that ing I would fl nd tn hI!!' neld in his j:I 10 tne Idl!!'ntiry of e d l!io.aj:lj:ll!!'a ring

!P I!!'ngaging my own

bu'!!V.a1 Ine bl!!'d!pldl!!' tne !puffe,I!!". It t I fou nd m'f'!!l!!'if f,1!!'e and w.a!P a bll!!' to ke r SUI!!'et. n.alf .afr.aid that I miglu De rue'rtlMt tne littll!!' mvste rv, fou nd Shl!!'rlod:

If .a!pll!!'l!!'p. with his long. In In m eu rll!!'d uj:I In I,. A fe rml a bll!!' .a,tay of bonle and II!!"!!t·tU De!P. me II of h reeh lo,ic: aeld, told I!!' hI!!' had I wo,k


"NO. no. Ihl!!'

"On. tn.all I never any

n.aVl!!' bl!!'l!!'n working j:lon. ThI!!"1!!' W.a'!! USn, a'S I ';.(Jid ye'Sterd 'f, ';.Orne of the

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

deta il';. a re of inter€

Thl!!' q usstlen w.a!P h hls liP'S 10 re ply. wh n tne door.

"lbis ls thl!!' girl'!p wrlttl!!'n to ml!!' 10 'Say th

Thl!!' ma n who I!!'nll!!' of age. !:lea n ·!pn.aVl!!' .a .and .a palr of won I!!' q ue!rtloning!:1!!' at 'Side bo.ud • an d with 'S

"Good ·l!!'Itl!!'n I ng, M, J typewrlne n 11!!'tte, is f fer 'Six o'!:loc:k?"

nyl!!"!!. 'Sir. I .am nu!rte,. vou know_ I a tn ls Ilnle nunl!!'r. fo I

pu bhe, II 'IJIi.a!P qui'll!!' ag e:t:! impu I!plve gi conuolled wnen!Pn 1'1

ml nd you !PO mueh, !P ls not 1=l1e.a!PAnl to 1'1 1'1 ls a u'Sl!!'ll!!'!PS e:t:l=Il!!'n

"On tne rnntr.arv." 'S 1 will 'Su!:!:eed I n dis!:

Mr. Wlndib.ank gAve a to hl!!'.a, It." ne 'Sa Id.

"It is a cuneus thins W

.jJ';. lT1ur.:h i nd iYirJua r a ma

er€ is no law. I tea • that

f my mouth, and H rd a neavy .all I

t, Jame'S uld bl!!' har


un:lv. midd !PAIl Wo'Sk InMd. Ily n.a'1=I .and 1=1 aeh of U'S. pla hI b w !pldll!!'d do

nd, in'Sin u.aling m nner, I!!'tr.ali g grey II.!'YI!!"!!- He 'S d hi!p inv top-hat u po n into hI!!' nea re!rt !,_

I!!'!P Indib.ank." In ls

yo • In whicn yo nudl!!' n a ppolnlml!!'nl wi ml!!'

t .al 1 m a little I!!'. bulla m not quite m MI'!!'!! Su ne,1.a n has trou bll!!'d 'fOu is fa r bl!!'ne nOI 10 sh II nen of tne y wl!pne!p I at !Pne came. but !Pne is

u nuv ha nOI d • .and 'Shl!!' ls nOI .a!p11y

I!!' up her min on a oint. Of eeurss, 1 d d nOI u a nOI !:onM d wit Ihl!!' offic:la I police. ut il Iy m l!Ofonun IlkI!!' thi noi!ioed a broAd_ Be ide!p. , 1'1 eeuld you !plbly ind Ihis Hmme, An 11"

'S q U 11!!'11y;"1 ave I!!'It ry rea'Son 10 belie r. Ho!pmer A gl!!'l."

ewrit"€ .. ha-s .-eally quite they ar€ quite n , no

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


twa ei(actly ali ke. Some I

me weal" CI Iv on one side. ~Clw, .... ..._ inrJiba n k. th t in every case there i';. 'I!!'. , .a d .a 'Sllgnt I!!'fl!!'tl in Ine tAil of e eha r.a risties. DU Iho!ie .a'1!!' the more 0 w:i

"WI!!' 0 a II ou r e "1!!'~ondeni:1!!' wllh t doubt It i'!! a littll!!' rn, JJ eer w:i'!!itor .an ls b'ighl littl e'f'.!'!p,

ow 1 will how you i'!! re IIv .a VI!!'

nk." Hoi i:onlin ued, "l th In wrill

day!p on thl!!' tyf:!lI.!'Wrl na nd i

n.a VII.!' d I!!"ItOte d !PO m I!!' I" n to come from tne I

aeh i e at Ine offi d. g ni:ing kl!!'l!!'n Iv

in Ie re!rtlng anothl!!" r

whii:n pu I!!'am i:a'Sl!!'. !ie f\I'e. if 'fO eha r.a

ea re 10 u!ie mv m.agn nli:h 1 have a Iluded a

M, _ Indiba n k 'Sf:! ng out of hls eha I, WCI'!!t1!!' tlml!!' oVll.!'r t ls 'Son of f.anr.a!rtli: ra I

"Ci!!' in Iv." 'Sa Id H lmes, '!!tl!!'ppl ng ove, let yo know. tnen 1 have c:.augnt hi

0'_ ITI

about hi

"an. won'l do rea Ily it won't." !io.a

II!!' gening 0 I of it.. M, _ WlndibA n k ry bAd ee f:!11 menl whl!!'n 'fOu !io.a e 'Simf:!1e a Ll I!!"!!tion,'!p 'ighll s.

d into a eha I,. wit w_ "ll-II''S not action and a mme'l!!'d_

Our mei

I!!'ry mui:h a tel Id it ls nOI, Bul b ween ou r'!!l!!'ive!p. wi

wa-s a cruel anrJ lfi'5h anrJ heartle';.'5 a ri in a petty way a';.

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


r the course

• a nll:l you will

I!!' rna n !NIl huddled u

IlkI!!' On!!!' wno i!p utte,1y '!!hl!!'d, ae mes stuck hls k!

ne ma nt.elplei:1!!' a nd. II!!' ing bae wllh 1'1 I'!! n.and!p Ikl ng, ratne, 10 him!Oelf !P II '!!I!!'em d. to us,

n hls Drea'!!t. Ihl!!' m,n!!!" of kets. bl!!'

"lbl!!' rna n m.a"ied .a wo !Oe If f , he, mon!!!'V."
aid he. ".and he enjo Ine monlllY of th Il!!'r as long as
hI!!' liltl!!'d wllh Ine m, 1'1 ra DII!!' sum. for j:! j:!1e i tneir po'!!it.lon.
.a !Oe rleus d iffI!!' 'IJIi.a!P wortn .an
on to pre!Pl!!'I'W It. Th '!! of a good . .a i'!!j:!o!pllion. bUI
ffl!!'rtlonat.e .and WeI rm-n r w.a'f!io. !PO that it. dl!!'nl wllh
har fa I r j:!1!!'r'!!ona I .adva n hl!!'r little inee
Ilowed 10 re m.ain '!!ing .an. of eeurse,
ne 1o'!!!P of a 1'1 u nd red .a I!!'r d to prevenl it?
He ukl!!'!P tne obvlou!p ee nd fe bidd Ing hl!!'r 10
I!!'e k Ihl!!' eem p.anv of pe ne und
u Id not a n'!!WI!!" fore on har rignt'!!.
nd .announ!:ed h In ba II,
O@!P hI!!" cleve r '!!tl!!'pfCitn He rnneeiVl!!"!! .an
hls hl!!'.ad 10 hi'!! tne ee n n I\ra nee
Ifl!!' ne di'!!gu l!Oed him tnO'SI!!' keen lIlY
m.a!pkl!!'d tne faO!!' wiln a u'!!tac:ne nd a pair of DU'!!
11!!'.a, voli:1!!' I nto .an in'!!in ting wi'll pe r • .and doubly i:u'l!!' on aeeeunt of
ne gl,I''!! shon slght, hI!!' and I!!'e ps off othl!!"
lovers bV ma kl ng 10Vl!!' 1'1 I
"1'1 WeI'!! onlv a Joke at fi d ou r vl!plto, _ ..
hI!!' wou Id n.ave been se ..
"Vl!!'ry II kelV not, HoWl!!' bl!!'. Ihl!!' VOU ng la ry dl!!'i:ldedly
"ied .away • and, havl n I!!' uj:! hl!!'r mind In j:!f.alhl!!'r wa'!!
In Fra nee. Ine !pu'!!j:!ic:lon n!!!'vl!!'r for .an In 'I!!'d ne r mind_
1'1 I!!' WeI'!! fl.alt.e red by I I!!' effl!!'rt wa'!!
Ini:'I!!'.a!Oed by Ine loudly I!!'r, TI'Ien M,_
ngel bl!!'ga n to ea IL fer _ !P tne matte bl!!' pu'!!hl!!'d as
a r a';. it would So it a we.-e to be 1:1 rJur.: , There we.-e
meetins';., anrJ an e ic:h 'WOu 111:1 fin y '5 U re the ,girt'5 e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou II

affu~iDn-s fro..., t be lriept up to cumbrous, The t such .a d ramatle Ihl!!' young lady''!! for !:Ome lime Te'!!t.aml!!'nl, .and ha ppening on tn Mi'!!!p Sulhl!!',l.and

!rtef:!f:!ing in at 0 n WCI'!! tne !::n.ain of

au r vl!pllo, bl!!'e n tAlkl ng, an pa II!!' faO!!'_

"It may bl!!' se. 0' I sharp you ough b'l!!'.ak Ing Ihl!!' law first.. but as long action fer assa u II

"'Tne eanne Ih,owing of:!en f:!uni'!!hmenl mo I.aV a wn If:! aeress slght of tne b lite mv cllent, bUI h m'f'!!l!!'if to_.u HI!!' it Ihl!!'re WCI'!! .a ba ngl!!'d • .and f,o at Ine 10f:! of hls '!!

r.:rime until he d

ne else. e ut the deee

n could not

hese prete ded journey;. to F rsnc

de wa-s r.:1e rlv to brins the busine 0 an end in

r it we Id Ie.aVll.!' a pe rnunl!!'nt i p '!!!plon upo n nd f:!'lIl'Itl!!'nt e r frem looking upon .a other su 110' I!!' _ Hen!::1!!' O'!!I!!' voW'!! of fide l;tv I!!' a I!!'d upon a

n a I!:O tne a IU'!!ion!p 10 a po'!!!plbiliry !:Ometh Ing

ry mo,ning of ne Wll.!'dd lng, Ja me'!! wi dan k wl!pned

bl!!' '!! DoU nd 10 o!pme, Angl!!'l • .a nd !:O un I!!' in as 10 hls

vea to come • .al .anv r.are. '!!hl!!' wou I ot Il!rtI!!'n to

Ihl!!' ch u reh door ne broughr ne r • .a

conve n II!!' Iv 'II.ani!iohl!!'d aw.av bV I old uick of

of a fou'·w eell!!'r .and oul at thl!!' 01 I!!' , I tn Ink that Mr, Wlndi nk."

of hi'!! assura nce wn I I!!' Holml!!'!P had e , '!!e frem 1'1 I cn.air now witn .a mid n I!!" uf:!on hi!p

b sharp en ugh to know that it -

W. nd nOI me_ I ha'lll!!' done notn Ing aetl vo keef:! 00' loded you I.aV you

d II I eenstra nt."

u '!!ay. 10 !::h you." sa Id lo!::king and

0'. "'yl!!'t tn 'I!!' nlll'ltl!!'r wa'!! a nun 0 de'!!l!!'rved

VOung has a brotne, or a f,il!!' d ne oughl to

u, heu Idl!!'f'S, J OVll.!' 1.11 hI!!' contlnul!!'d. flu ng uf:! .alIne

n's face. "II i'!! nOI pa rt f my dulle!p to

1'1 u ntlng!:: p h.andv • .and I tn Ink. 1'1 II ju'!!t treat !ioW1ft!rtef:! to Ine wn If:!. but bl!!'fo,1!!' 1'1 muld gr.a!pp

, of '!!tl!!' upon thl!!' '!!t.aif'S. tne ha II door

- ndow we uld !Pee M, _ J a me!p Win own tne '0 d,

seeundrel " sa Id Holml!!"!!. l.augn I '!! hI!!' tn rew

.al r once re_ "rhar fe llow will ,i'!!

ern ins lie bad, and enrJ';. on a sa Iv rJevoid of inte rest, W

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo



urs it wa-s obviDu from the tim that thi'S Mr. H

must h w se strong oDJea 0' 1'1 I'!! eu rleus c:ond uet, and il

elear I at ne nly ma n who , .ally profiled by tne Ini:idenl. a

eou Id '!!. !P ne 'Stl!!'pfCitne r. I!!'n Ihl!!' f.att Ihl!!' IWO me n

togl!!'tn t, ut t .al tne on!!!' .alwa a ppea red wnen Ihl!!' other WeI'!!

w So 'I!!' thl!!' tlnll!!'d '!! I!!'!p .and tne eu ,iou'!! voice.

U I'!!I!!'. as did tn bu!pny whi'!!kl!!'f'S. MV suspicle i'!! pei:ulla, ac:ti n in IYflIl.!'W,itlng 1'1 I'!! !pign.alu,l!!'. w ic:h. of rre tha I hi'!! ha ndw itlng 'IJIi.a!P se fa miliA' lone, that h would Vll.!'n tne !pmalle!rt sa pll!!' of II. You !Pee a II tne!Pe i!PO I til.!''!!. any mlner ones all polntll.!'d In tne !PAml!!' di,l!!'c:tio ..

I!!' '!! oiled my man. 'IJIi.a!P ea'!!v 10 gll.!'1 eorroboraron. Ii:h tn ls work . Having ta kl!!'n thl!!' prlnll!!'d dl!!'

nlng from it ieh i:ould bl!!' thl!!' rasu II of .a d I

'!!!Pe!P. Ihl!!' voli:l!!'. a nd I '!!I!!'nl II to Ihl!!' firm. wiln .a

c:onfir C:OUr'!!I!!'. In rei:ognl togl!!'tn ,

,M,. If hI!!'

ria nd?"

will n 01 Dl!!'lie me_ You may 'I!!'me mbar thl!!'

'I!!' d.ange' fer 1'1 I wno ra keth tne tige' eu D • .and hI!!"!! a dl!!'l usien rom a wom.an_' Thl!!'re i'!! as mu • a nd as much nowll!!'Lige of tne wo,Id_"


e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


"It.. rea een lder the ugn will ~p

TIl BOse



wer€ 'Seated a:t kta'St one 1T10min,g,. y wife and L wne n

he ma d brought ina te les ... a m. It 'Wa';- f m Sner1Dck HollT1e';-

o pare r Have ju';t been wir€d to ... from the

con nectio - h Bo';ColT1be Valley t Sedy- Sha II be SlarJ

lT1e h me. Air n ';.Cenel"'( perfect, Lea ParJrJinston by the

rk to ... you- You nave been Iookins a linle e would de you sood, anrJ you sre a Iway,;-

not, seei ns wna:t I .sa nerJ tn rouSh one of So, I IT1U';t .,aclri at nee, to ... I have on Iv Ihl!!' efk!a of 'I!!' few and !plmf:lll!!'. mv va lisl!!'. r.anllng

,lock Holme'!! WCI'!! up a nd down Ine

ade eve n ga u nt.e, .a d ta ller bV 1'1 I'!! long I ng doln ea p.

come. W.aI!:On. JJ '!! avl ng !:Omeone with me on who m I can

ea I .aid i!p I "f'!! e IIhl!!'r wonhle'!!!p 0 I!!'kl!!' bia'!!!ioI!!'d_ If vou

rne r !Peat I hall gl!!'llhl!!' tii:kl!!'t'!!_"

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

with interv~ I';. of n Then ne 'Sudden Iy onto Ihe raek,

ve fer ~ n ilT1lT1 nse liner of .,~ pie f"S mOD3 the-se he IT1IT1~serJ a rJ read, rJitation, until we.-e .,~'St arJins .. i!I gigi!l ntie ball and lO'!!!ied I em ul=l

"Have you hea rd i!I n

"The London l=I'e'S!P i!I'S nOI i!ld very tn rough all tne' nl pal=l rs in erd frem whi!lt I galne r, 10 De 0 e of the d Iffic:u 1'1 ....

u II ai:COU nt'S .. I h 'lie ju'!!t bee n lookl ng , to master Ihe nlc:uli!lf'S. II 'Seetn'!!.

!plml=lle Ci!I'Se!P W Ii:h a'e 'So remely

ls i!llmo!rt in'lli!l rl Diy a clue. T mere

I'S. the more d I Ii:ult it. I'S to brl ng il ave e'!!ti!l Dlished i!I very !ie rio !P ca!ioe

"Well it. ls ee nJettu d 10 b tne ol=ll=lonunity of leeki tn lng'S 10 you. a!P f , i!I'S I word'S ..

'So .. r sh I 'ti!I ke notn Ing f gti!l nted unl I I nave persona "I into 1'1.. I will expli!ll n the te of

ve been i!lDle 10 unde nd it... In a

"Bo'!!i:ombe Vallev I i!I ceu Iry dirui 'Shire. The la rge'!!t I nded 1=1 Ol=l,ieto, made hls money I Au!rtr Ili!I i!I nd country. One of Ih Cna,Ie'S Mtl:anhv. !P alse i!I ei!lcn ether in Ihe olon le!P !PO Inal

came to !ietlle do tnev shou Id d 'So i!I'S nei!l r ei!l 1'1 ether a!P

Tu,ne' Wi!I'S i!I ppa'e 11"1 tne ii:ne r rna • !PO McCanny b me hi'!! Ie

'!!till 'emi!llned. 1'1 em'S. pen Ie r of perfect eq allry. a!P Ih

freq ue ntly tosetne Mc:Ca hy narJ e son, a larJ of ishtee n, an

narJ an only rJauyrt r of tn '5~ me ~s but ne ither of elT1 narJ ..

nOI very fur f tnal part i'!! a

U rned 'Some i!I rs ago 10 he old

e ld, Ihi!lt of Hal e rlev. Wi!I'S le 10 M' .. ex-A u'!!trallan.. ne men hi!ld known

n Ihey !io'!!iDle .. nl bUI

we'e Turner

lir.rins ..

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I

They al'l' ... to have a - ed the ';.OCi falT1il ies ani rerJ live';., tho fond of '5 rt a nd were f Quently seen

ed, McC.artny pt. two !i.e rv.anl

a eensldera II!!' household. me n.alf·doten I have bl!!'e n bll!!' to gatne, a

. that is, on day lasr, McC
In Ihl!!' .afte,n nand walkl!!'d d
II lAke for bV Ihl!!' '!!f:I'l!!'ad I
down Ihl!!' He had been u !i.ef\ling. rna n in tne
mo,ning at huuy. as ne had .an
appolnlml!!' I of I at .af:lf:loinlme nt ne
nlll'ltl!!'r ea back a IiVII.!'.
"From Hat e,11I.!'Y F.a,m heu to Ihl!!' 1:I0000i:O b
and two opll!!'!PAW him hI!!' f:la!P'!!l!!'d 0 w O!i.e name i'!! 01 mentle ned.
C,owde, • .a a me ·kl!!'l!!'pe r i I!!' emplov of 011'1 thl!!'!i.e witne!P'!!l!!'!P
dl!!'pO'!!l!!' tha M, _ Mi:Ca rth '!! wa Iking .alo e ·kl!!'l!!'pe' adds that
wilnln .a fe mlnutss of hi I!!'eing M,_ Mi: I!!' had '!!l!!'l!!'n 1'1 I'!! son,
i:Ca rthV. gol ne !PAml!!' way
1!!'111!!'f. tne fatn wa'!! in !P
wa'!! followi g him, Hl!!'tno hI no mere of
IIl'Itl!!'nlng of I!!' tr.agl!!'dv tn.a .ad Otto rrad,
i:Canh'f'S we,1!!' Crowd I!!'r. tne
g.aml!!'·kel!!'f:I r, lest '!!ighl hem The 1:10 I i'!! Ihic:kly wood I!!'d
round, wit ju!rt .a f,ingl!!' grass and of In I!!' I!!'dgl!!'. A gi,1 of
fou rt.el!!'n. P til!!'nc:e no I'!! Ihl!!' daug I Iodgl!!'·kel!!'f:ll!!'r of Ine
l:Io'!!COmbl!!' allll.!'Y I!!"!!tatl!!'. '!! in on!!!' of t e '!! ic:king flowers. Sne
rule'!! that wn lie '!!hl!!' wa'!! I I!!"I!!' '!!hl!!' !PAW. ebo e, of Ine wood and
i:1O'!!1!!' bV Ih lAke. M,_ hV .and hi'!! se d hll.!'Y a ppea red to be
having a v Il!!'nt q u.aul!!'l. I!!' ne.a,d M,_ rthV ne elde r u'!!ing 'ltety
strong l.a agl!!' 10 1'1 I'!! son nd '!!hl!!'!PAW Ihl!!' r rals up hls hand as If to
!rtrlkl!!' hi'!! f her, Shl!!' wa'!! f,ighll!!'ned by t w:iolen I!!' !Pne ran aw.av
r merher whl!!' '!!hl!!' 'I!!'.ai:hl!!'d h that ne II!!"I1 thl!!' two
ua rreiling ne
they were oins to fisht. e wo ';. when 'fOwns Mr.
M~rth'fr.: me .-unnins u hat he had tounrJ hi'S fathe r e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


e-kee pel". He wa-s is risnt h nd anrJ Ilowins im they

u n tne grass De ide tne I. Thl!!'

.a d blows of sem hl!!'avy.a bl!!'en infl the grass !ioe eireu msta ness t VOung

wi ul mu,dl!!'r' n.avl Del!!'n 'I!!'I

WI!!'d ne'!!day b ughl De tne !:a'!!l!!' 10 Ine e:d A!P'!!i1 ml!!' out bl!!'fore I I!!' co ronsr and Ihl!!'

f I!!'W pac I!!"!! Inrunlly .au tne inq ue!rt on T nugl!rtr.all!!"!! .a,1!!' tne mal

"CI'!:umrun lal I!!'It tnoughlfully "lima '!!hn you r 0 poln

If eVl!!"

nWIIl!!'red Holme'!! tnlng, b t If you ling in an lI.!'qually

,ing la ndownl!!'r. r.adl!!'. whom y work out Ihl!!' ul!!'d Ine c:.a!iol!!' 10 I!!' • .and h nee II i'!! _ ng we!rtw.ud .al fifty mlles sts at hema."


"Thl!!'re ls n In I ng la ughing_ "'1:1 idl!!"!!. wn Ich m.av .aVl!!' b too well to I in k tn de';troy h i';. heory even of u n erstan

n .an obvlou!p f tt..u ne .a 1'1 II uj:lon some har obvl 10uHo Mr. Le!rt dl!!'. You k ow ml!!' n I !PAV that I!pn I I!!'lthl!!" co firm or is quire inr.:a pab of em!, I yin,g,. or

tn f rst eJJam!'1e to nrJ, I 'Ie dearty

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


tna:t in 'fOUl" bee:! room he indow u po the ri,gnt-ha nd ';.id • anrJ

esticn whetnel" ......... te rarJ u Id ave n rJ eve n ';.0 self-e - e nt

a thin

"My I know VOU wI!!' I I k n Ine militarv ne.une'!!!p hic:n

eha r.a rises 'fO u. You !Pn.aVl!!' o'nin • a nd In tn ls !Pea'!!on 'fOu have

bV tne '!!unllgnt.: bUI '!!ince you ng ls Ie !P .and less com pll!!'le as get

f.anhl!!' bad: on Ihl!!' left !pldl!!'. bl!!'rnm pos IvII.!'Iy !ploVl!!'nly as gl!!'t

,ound In I!!' .angll!!' of In I!!' jaw. rely 'It ry cl r that that '!!ide 1e'!!!P

II!!'d tha n thl!!' other _ I In .a mAn of 'fOu'

II!!'d wiln such .a .and infl!!"l!!'nce_ T e'l!!'l n may I!!' of some !Pef\li!:e n the one e two mlno r points hic:n rth rnn'!!idl!!'rlng:"

~l~'. and il i'!! ju'!!t 1=1 ssi in'ltl!!"!!t ation wn 1m 111!!'!p bl!!'fore WI!!"I!!' rought Oul In tne inq ue


"It ap Hatne y Fa rm, an Ihl!!' in'!!l=Il!!'

'WCI'!!.a ,i'!! e nI!!" • hI!!' 'I!!'mA,ked at

it 'WCI'!! no more hls dl!!"!!l!!'

I!!"ffeCl 'I!!'moving .anv traces

f Ihl!!' eerener's jury:"

"Comi g on Ihl!!' top of such .a da mest '!!1=Iic:lou!p 'I!!'mark.'"

"an t e contra ry." !PAid Hoi 1=1 'I!!"!! I!!' !Pel!!' in Ihl!!' clouds. Ho such a a tt'!!olute imbecile as

bl.a!:k I nst him. Had ne .a 1=1 1=1 .a,1!!'

ion a:t it, I shou Id nave 100

pl.a!:e at on I!!'. but ane r Ihl!!' ret ,n to

r f eon bu la informing him I at ne

wa'!! n I!PU r rl!Ped to haar that i'!! ebs of hi'!! had Ihl!!' tufa I bt wi'll h mi hI n.aVl!!' remained n the

lnnec nea,"

ls Ih b'ig II!!"!!t ,ifI wn I!:h I

nneee t ne ighl bl!!'. hI!!' eou Id

'!!I!!'e Ih tIne ireu msta nees we, verv su rprl i'!! own arrest, 0' f Igned

upon it a';. h 8n Iy '5u';.pir.:iou'5. b use

natu r unrJ the r.:irt:u m'Sta nee , and

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


ear be the best I'oli~ to His

he -sit ation ma rks him a';. enhe an in nocent an, 0'" e I a-s era b ';.eit-re'5traint anrJ firm ess. A';. to h· rerna rk a out

s a 0 nOI unna IU ral If 'fOu n'Sidl!!'r that !rtOod bl!!' Idl!!'

of hi f.alhl!!'r • .and that Ihl!!'~ I no eeu Dt. forg nl!!'n hls d U f!I/ a'S 10 andy wo,d

to th liltll!!' girl who!ioe lIl'Itide n ls 'So 1m po hi'!!

'!!t,ik him. Tne !PI!!'1f· ~ proac and eeneri 'k .af:lf:ll!!'.a, to ml!!' 10 De ne 'Sign!p of

nv men n.aVl!!' bl!!'en ha ng

Vl!!'ry I!!'ncou r.aglng to hls upperters, I wn Ich .a,1!!' 'SuggI!!'WltI!!'. 't u will find·

H pli:kl!!'d out rem h bundle.a rnpy of thl!!'

1'1 . ng IU rned down ne !Pneet ne f:lointed ou

u fonunatl!!' a n had give n hls 0

ul!!'d. I I!!'lf down In Ihl!!' eorne

ry ea refu I Iv. t ra n i

IT t, James Marth • Ihl!!' on Iv son of Ine de I!!'.a!ioed. wa'S ew:idl!!'nce a'S fol ws: 'I bl!!'e n .away f m horns f

seel, and h 0 n Iy ju'!!t ~tu'nI!!'d uf:lon tne orning of I.a

. My f.alne I!!'nl from home .al Ihl!!' I me of my a

In rml!!'d by I that ne d, IvII.!'n OVl!!" 0 RO'!!!P with

g' om. Shon .aftI!!" retu,n 1 hea rd Ihl!!' weeI'!! of hi'!! I

.a d. looking 0 I of y wind ow. 1 'Saw hlm g oul .and tn ~ rd. the i'll'S nOI .aw.a,1!!' In whic:n d I I!!'tllon hI!!'

k my gu n nd st III!!'d out in Ihl!!' d 1,l!!'tllon tne 1:10

intenlion f vl!plti g Ihl!!' tel bbl'l wa rren wn I h i'!! uf:lon Ih way I ';.oiJW Willia Cl"Clwtie .... the ,galT1e-ke eer, a';. he h e idence: but e is i'5ta ke n in thin kins that wa-s folio


i~!!'r. in wnli:n thl!!' ad

f:I in Ihl!!' 0 going. 1 De pooL


wa-s in front of me. Wne n about a h u nd d yard';. frolT1 ry of ""Cooeel.u wn ir.:h wa-s a usua I ';.i,gnal between lT1y then h u rried forward, anrJ founrJ h i m st nrJins by the

PPI!!'.ull!d t.e mui:h su rprl!ioed .rt '!!~ Ing me and as me tatne r

at I 'WCI'!! doing Ine re_ A i:onVll.!'rs.ulon I!!'n!pued whi Il!!'d to h ign

.almo!O't 0 blOW'!!. fe r mv f.alhl!!'r 'IJI\a!P .a nun of avery viole nt I!!'ing In.a hi'!! passlee 'WCI'!! bl!!'rnming ungo\le,na Die. Il!!'ft him and

,I!!'t rn d a rds .alhl!!'rll!!'V F.a,m. I had nOI gOM more tn n ISO y.a,d!p.

t, wne nih .a,d a hideou'!! outcry t.ehind me. whii:n u!ioed ml!!' to

run D.a k ga ln, I fe nd my f.alhl!!'r I!!'Xpl ring upon Ihl!!' grou nd. itn 1'1 I'!! hl!!'ad

Il!!'r Ibl u red. I d pped my gun .and hl!!'ld hlm In my arms. ut hI!!' .almo!O't

in :t:f:ji,lI!d. I Mit bl!!"!!ide 1'1 I m for !PO me mlnull!!'!P,. .and I!!'n nudl!!' mv

_ Tu'Mr' Iodgl!!'·kel!!'pe r, hi'!! hou!ioe bl!!'lng thl!!' nsar • to a'!!k for . I '!!aw no OM naa r my f.alhl!!'r wne n I retu,nll!d. a nd I have no ldea me bV h" Inju,ie'!!. He wa'!! not a f:jOf:jul.a, man. bl!!'l '!!omll.!'What ,bidding in hi!p rna n nars, but hI!!' had • as f.a, as I kn

know n ing furthl!!" oftne mattl!!'r:

led a few we rd'!!.. but I co u Id on Iv i:at.c:h !PO a Ilu'!!ion to

did you undl!!'rsta nd by Ihat?

no ml!!'.aning 10 me. rthought that ne 'WCI dl!!'lirlou'!!_

'IJI\a!P thl!!' polnl upon whic:n 'fOu and vou r f ther had this

1m po'!!!plble for ml!!' 10 tell you_ I !:an assu I!!' vou Ihat It 1'1 thl!!' '!!ad ltagedy wn Ii:h followed_

ner: That I'!! fer tne eou rt 10 decidl!!'. I need not pei r eut to vou u refusal t an';.W€ r will prejurJir.:e you.- case r.:on-sirJ rably in any tch mayari';.e-

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou I


ur falher?

h cry ·C ee' wa~ (II r.:CIIT1..., n ~i8n~ I

s: I Was SO Istu rbed i!I nd :t:i: hin k of n 1'1 Ing eXJ:ef:ll of tnal as I ra n fol"'lJll rd sotnl!!thing to tnI!! 10 e sotnl!!thing ,hi!l ps, Wn n I 'Ose frem

it. befo'e he 5i!IW u, and


'5.0meln I ng w s ere.'


the edge of t e

1'1 i!I 'fOu' '5.uspli:ion'5. W en you , futally in] u red?

ed as ru ned Oul Into In e 0 falne ,Y I nave i!I Vi!lgue 1m e ,ound 10 tne left

eer i!I coal of '5.ome 10 ked ,ound for It. b


e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boou


~ 'About th

.. 'Y1Il'!!. but

true, and mv f:loi:kl!!'t a~ on Ine Ihl!!'~ in I

II 'IJI\a!P nl!!' r bl!!'.auliful

al'l!!'ady b

d it wa while you W€1'"e within a dozen yarrJ';. of r

la nD.!'d d wn tne column. 'l:hat tne eerene in his cCanny _ He a 11!p hls fatne, n.a - ng glvl!!' dl!!'l.ails 0 his d hls !plngu la r aeeou nt f his fatner'!P d -ng '!! ne rema ks. \Ie ry m urn .ag.ain'!!t tn

Iv to 1'1 I !ioe If and '!!ul!!'t.C:ned hi VOU .and Ihl!!' eorone r n.ave bl!!'l!!'n

I!!' 'ltl!!'ry onge!Ot f:loinrs in the

u a IIl!!'r .all!!'iy give him Cfl!!'dit 11It11!!'? T 0 Ilnle. if hI!!' eou Id n give hlm tne '!!~f:latny of Ine J u

n In nar n'!!i:iou'!!nI!!'!P'!! .anvtbing

l. nd Ihl!!' In ide nt of tne v.anishing

!ioe f m tne Inl of vll!!'W what tn I

I !iOme p,ain'!!." ung maa's f.a r n.aving 100 inVll.!'n I .a ea us ; 100 much. i ne ouu!l- as a d Ing 1'1, No. sir, I n.all i!p is tn ls i:a'!!l!!' unll we I!!' wI!!' sha De

u r 'i:loc:k w en WI!!' .al la'!!t • .afti!!',

V III!!'V. .and ove, Ine broAd gll!!'.a

little u ntry·town of Ro!P'!!_ A

WeI'!! WeI ing fer u!P uf:lon Ihl!!' pia an d !eat e,·legging!p wn Ii:h hI!!' gs, I n.a no d Iffii:u ltv In raee 1m WI!!' d, VII.!' to thl!!' H I!!'~fo,d A r

!P'!!ing tn rough tne ing SeVll.!',n. fe nd n. fe rret·l.kl!!' !ppltl!!' 'I!!' In defe'l!!'n to I!plng Le'!!tr.adl!!' of whl!!'~ .a room ad

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I

ITI have ordered a ca rriage, w '5.51 irJ testrade '5 we set k W 'fOUl" energetic natu re .jJnrJ that you wou IrJ not h rJ been on the '5~ ne of the cri me. W

IT 'IJI\a!P Vl!!'ry niu! .and com liml!!'nt..aty of e lire Iv a qUlll'Slion of ba rom rle prsssure.

IT ow ls Ihl!!' gla!P'S?!!'nty·ni I!!'.' !Pel!!'. No w nd. and n

VII.!' a easeful of elg.ul!!'tt.l!!'!p ere wn h::h ne d !pmoking. a

m eh su pe rio, 10 thl!!' usua I u ntry notel.a omin.alion. 1

ls reba Die 1 shall U'!!I!!' th c:,aui.age to-ni hr,"

r.adl!!' laugned Indulgll.!'nl . ""'fou n.ave. ndu!plon!p from Ihl!!' n!!!'WS j:ll!!'r'!!." hI!!' '!! pi eruff. and Ihl!!' more on

U r'!!1!!'. on!!!' ea n'l refu'!!l!!' a Ia a rd of 'fOu. and wou Id ha tn I Ihl!!"l!!' w.a!P neeh I ng wn le y. DII!!"!!!p my souu nere ls 1'1

had ha rd Iv '!!j:loken Defo 10 Iy vou ng wome n 1 n.ave eve, '!! n In mv '!! in Ing" 1'1 I!!'r Ilj:I!p p.anl!!'d. a p n k flu!pn upon hl!!'r i::hl!!'e tura I re!Pe rve lost In ne r 0

r .jJ r.:UIJ happy

a n'!!We!' d. "It i'!!

doud In hI!!' '!!ky .• dIne se .a I Vll.!'ry e not Ihi k II

on!!!' of hI!!' most . He, 'III II!!'t eye'!! II Ihoug t hI!!" neern,

IT h. M,. ShI!!',loc:k Holme!p," ne i::rll!!'d. glan ng from 0 e

.a d fl n.allv. wllh a woma n',!! uic:k intu Ilion. f.a!!ll!!'ning

m se glad that 'fOu have e mI!!'. 1 n.ave d, n down 0

I Jame!p dldn'l do it. 1 kn it and. wa I you to

ing it too. NI!!'VII.!'r let yo r'!!l!!'lf doubt u on j:I in . We n.a 1'1 other sl nO!!' WI!!' WI!!"I!!' Ii II!!' i::hild'l!!'n. nd 1 know

nun .a

ITI hOj:ll!!' we may elsa r him. re V upon my doing a Illhat •

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou




e evirJenC€. You ha hole, ';.Ome flawl' 00

"'Ihin k tn.n 1'1 ls

formed cme conciu';.ion I'

u not U rself tn inlr; that he i

d. Ih,owing back 1'1 hl!!'.ad a n look Ing dl!!'fla ntly a

I!!' gM:!'S me hopes."

Ll!!"!!ttade shru link! quick in fe

shou Idl!!'f'S ... , am .afr.a m i:olll!!'ague has Del!!'n a

I'S eenduslens," ne id.

know Ihat ne ls 'igh Ja me'S n Vll.!'r did il. And a DoU Ine r, I am su re tha tne re.a n whV ne wou Id n 0'0n!!!" 'IJIi.a!P bl!!'!:au!Pe , 'IJIi.a!P cene rned in il."

"It ls no lime di'!!ag'l!!'e ments bl!!' a m.aui.age brether .and 'S'fI!!'1. .and-.andSo Ine re wl!!'re q

10 hide a nytn Ing. J me!p .and hi'!! fatne r had . Mr. Mi:Cartny 'IJIi.a verv anx Ou!P that thl!!"l!!' 'Snould

n U'S_ James .and , h ve .alwa IoVll.!'d olne r .a

of eeurse ne i!p you and has !Pel!!'n Vll.!'ry link! of life e natu did not lsh to do nvtbing like yl!!'t.

• .and tn ls, , .am su rs. !P on!!!' tnem."

"NO. hI!!' w.a!P avl!!' A quick blu!pn f:I kl!!'l!!'n. qUI!!'Mni

it also, No one bUI M . V 'WCI'S In f.avou' of it." I!!'r hI!!" f'l!!"!!h you ng face as H lmes shot one of hi'!! i:1!!"!! .al her,

"'Tn.ank 'fOu for mouow?"

rmation." 'Sa Id hI!!'.

.. , am .afr.aid Ihl!!'

"'Tne doctor?"

u r f.alhl!!" If I call 10·

~Ye';., have you ot earrJl' POOl" father h ';. never en ';tI"ClOS fol" yea back. but this h ';. b ken him down cornp etely. He has taken to hi'S bed,

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou


Thill' nt.Irn '" St.I,,~k l-IoIl'JIH • =-i.. 11
'- ..
,<", •
anrJ . Will~ ~y~ that he i a Wr€ and at h n rveus W!itelT1 i~
. MI". McCarthy wa~ th only n aliv€ CI d own arJinthe
in Vit:toria.'"
ITH.a11 virtorla I Is imf:jon.a
"Y1Il'5.. I thl!!' mines.'"
'5.0; .al Ihl!!' gold· mlnl!!'s. W e~. a'5. 1 under'S. nd, , . u,nl!!' made 1'11'5. go horns now. for i'5. w:ry IlL Is'5.lIl'5. ml!!' 0 if I eave him .

• a nd God nelp 'fOu I vou r u dena ki g." S I!!' uuje frem thl!!'

s Imf:jukivl!!'iy a'5. sne had I!!'nre ~d hl!!'.a wn I!!'k of hI!!"

carr r.anle off down Ihl!!' '5.1~

III t.l!!'11 me If you ha'lll!!' .an on to '5.1!!'e James. Oh. if De InnoD.!'nl.'"

• mor . No ou yo will go 10 r. Holm s, d tell hlm at 1 know

ITI Ihin 1 '5.1!!'e mv WAV 10 ell!!' order to see hlm in f:j rise

ITI am .asn.aml!!'d of you. Holml!!' ... sAid ml nus' '5.ill!!'no:!. "Wny sheu Id d IsAf:j oint? 1 am nOI O'ItI!!'Nl!!'nde

"Y1Il'5.. ut only fer you a nd me."

"rhen I sha II 'I!!'rnn'5.idl!!'r mv ~'5. lutlon.a oul goi g ou

to lat: a Ir.ain to HI!!'~fo,d .and '5. him ·nighl?

ha '5.lill timl!!'

e 1 I n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou


"'Tnen let U'S do 'So- Wal"; only

d Irled 10 I nb.!',1Il'SI

Ihl!!' ry 'Wa'S 'So tn In.

thre 1'1 whic:n WI!!' we,1!!' g i:onll n .ally from thl!!' aerlo I and g VI!!' mvs.elf up I!!'ntl, I Su ping that tn ls un n.a f:I what 1!!'11i'!!h thing,. b avl!!' Oi:i:uul!!'d bet me nt wnen. d 'Wa'S mething Il!!'rrlbll!!' .a of thl!!' I nJu,ie'S som ea lied 0' Ine wel!!'klV ceu f!I/ Ihl!!' in uast. In tne 'Surge n

Ihird Ihl!!' left. poI,irul

n.anl!!'red bV a haa own hl!!'ad. Cle

. 'Wa'S 10 'So qua riling hI!!' wa'S face much. fer tne olde, rna n Still. I m lght bl!!' wonh w Ihl!!' f:I i:ulla r d~lng 'l!!'fI!!',1!!' ce bl!!' dl!!'l rl u m. A d~ng dl!!'ll'- 'S_ No. it 'Wa'S mere Ilk

I!!'Xpl.a ation _ And Ihl!!'n I I!!' Mi:C.a hV. wl!!'re It I!!' hi'!! d 'S!P. f:I'l!!"!!uma bly hi ha rd I ed 10 'I!!'IU rn .and kn!!!'l!!'li wllh hi!p I , m'f'!!te II!!"!! .and improbabi 11- LlIl'SIra e'!p opinion. and y I that I ould not 10!Pe hOf:ll!!' a'S hi'!! co vlaion of you ng M

II fi nd it very 'Slow. but I ';.nall

tnen 'Wa nde red tn rough Ine I!!' hetel, wne,1!!' I I.aV uf:lon Ine i:kl!!'d novl!!'!. Tne f:lunv plol of pa red to Ine dl!!'e p mvsterv nd my attenlion 'Wa nde r !;O I la'!!t flung it aeross Ihl!!' '00 m 10 a con ide r I n of thl!!' I!!'VII.!'nt'S of Ihl!!' day. rv we,1!!' a b'!!olutely true, tnen n .and,dina ry ea la miry I!!' poItted from hi!p f.alhl!!'r. and k by hls i:n:!.a • hI!!' ru'Shl!!'d Into Ihl!!' gl.adl!!'? It

.adly _ W .al e u II De? M lght nOI Ine natu re 10 m~ ml!!'d- I In!rtlnas? I ra ng tne bl!!'ll and

ape'. ieh t.ained a vl!!'rD.alim aceeunt of

dl!!'po'!!- on II !P ruled Ihat tne po'!!tl!!'rlo r

.and Ih left If of Ihl!!' bon!!!' a bl I I m,a,kl!!'d tne !Ppot blow u'!!t have bl!!'e n wui:k f,o m Ihl!!' aceused • as wne n 'Sl!!'en r. Still. It did not go for verv i'!! bl!!'fo,1!!' thl!!' blow fell. nlion to 11_ TI'Ien Ihl!!'re w.a!P u Id It i:ould not doe'S nOI rnmmonly bll.!'COme f:l1 to I!!':t:f:ll.ain now ne ml!!'t h ls bra lns 10 find seme po'!!!plble grey i:lotn !Pel!!'n bV VOung h.avl!!' dropped seme poIn of t, .and mu!!l n.ave tne ne I n'!!t.anl wne n Ihl!!' son w.a!P poIi:l!!'!P off. a tl!P'!!ul!!' of I g 'IJIi.a!p1 I did not wonde, at I In Sne,loi:k Holml!!'!P' In!p!gnt sh faa !Pel!!'ml!!'d to '!!t'l!!'ngrne n


ng a'S I!!'ry

ny''S Inn

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I


es returned. He ca me bar.:1r; thetoWD-

"lbl!!' glass 'Still ~ell!p hI!!' rama rkll!d as hI!!' sat dow

1m porta n il sh In Defo'1!!' WI!!' are .abll!!' 10 go 0 r ths

ground, 0 tne other .and • .a n '!!hould De .al hls verv De'St an el!!'nI!!''St

fer '!!ui:h n I wo,k as at, a nd I Id nOI wish to do it. wnen fagge b .a long Jo u rnev- 1 a v I!!' !Pel!!'n yo ng Mtl:.a hV_"

IT And did 'fOu Il!!'a r

IT Not 1'1 Ing . .u

ITCou Id ne h,ow no lig

ITNone at a I_ 1 WeI'!! Ini:11 ed 10 thi II .and WeI '!!i:'1!!'e n Ing im or ne • but I am i:onw:in!:ed now In kl!!' _ He I nOI a "II!!'rv q u Ii:k·wittl!!'d yout •

shou Id tn nk. se u nd at hl!!'.an_"

ITI eannet 'Stl!!' • .u I re 'kl!!'d. ITIf it. i!p indeed a f.aa th I .a"ll!!'Be to ma rrl,agl!!' w se ehar ing a 'fO u ng lady as tn ls Mi'!!!p T r

IT Ah. tne,1!!' V ha ng!p a fu I ra II!!' _ Thi'!! fellow ls nudly. I love witn er, bUI sem IWO 'fI!!'.a .ago. wnen hI!!' wa'!! on Iy .a lad,

ne rea IIV k ew ne r, fer !Pne I!!'n aw.av filte yl!!'.ars .al a boa rd I dees Ihl!!' Id 101 do bUI gI!!'l In 0 Ihl!!' el utehes of .a ba rma Id in

nu'rv hI!!" t a regl!rtry 1i:1!!'? None knoW'!! a word of tne ma Imagi e how nud I!!'ning II

doing wha ne wou Id Ive hi!p rv eve!p to do. but what hI!!' kn

.ab!ioOlull!!'ly 1m po'!!!plble. 1'1 WeI'!! sh e, fre nzv of tn ls sort whii:n

tn row hls ands up Inl Ihl!!' .air I!!'n 1'1 ls fatne,. at thl!!'ir la'St inte

goading hi I!!' 10 M ~ Tu'nI!!'r. an thl!!' other n.and. e!p of pportl ng 1'1 I !p1!!'1f. and 1'1 ls f.alhl!!''. wno w.a!P bV a II acee

n.a,d man. wo u Id ha'lll!!' 1'1 rown 1'1 I ove, Utti!!',1y had ne known ulh_ II

w.a!P wiln i'!! b,a,mald had !ppenl thl!!' la'St Ih,1!!'e d.alf'!! "n BrIMI •

.and 1'1 I'!! har did n I!!"I!!' ne WeI'!!_ M.a,k Iloin. I ls of

1m porta n f I!!'w:il. noweve r, fer tne barma • ind ing

fro..., the ape rs that e is in se u-s trou ble anrJ lilr;el'f to be h rJ, ha-s

and h ';. wrinen to him to -say that h ha-s a

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou

...... ~,

- ~"

';.0 t at there i';. really no tie has c nsolec you n8 Mr.:Ca rth'f

rJ already in the erm uda n them, I think th t that b hat he has suffere W

I!!' ls in n oo:! nt. wh


n ~ ry f:I rth::u ,Iy to IWO points, Onl!!' ls

nt wi '!!omeonl!!' at Ine poel,

hls n. for hi'!! sen 'IJI\a!P away.

ould ne saeend I'!! tn.n tne

'I!!' I!!' knll.!'W that 1'1 I'!! son had

wn le tne i:=a!ioe dl!!'pl!!'nd'!!_ And • a nd we shall Ie.aVl!!' all

an Ih t tne '!!omeonl!!' an 1'1 did not know m ,dl!!' I!!'d man WeI'!! haa rn d, TnO'SI!!' .a,1!!' thl!!' Ie

lie rs U ntlllo·

as no tel I n. as H mes had fo,l!!'told .and I e mo,ning b,okl!!' brlgnt

ud II!!"!!!P, At nine 0' eek LI!!' de eal d fer '!! with Ihl!!' ea rrlage, and

'!!I!!'t ff fer H athl!!',lev F ne Bo!:Ol De Pol,

""T e,1!!' ls ssrleus neW'!! tn morn I Tu ne r of Ine Ha II. i!p se il that hi'!!


u !p1:w:rv; bUI 1'1 ls con ltulion 1'1 hI!!' has Del!!'n In f.aillng ne

ba tt upon nlm_ HI!!'

I!!'nmcto, 10 hlm

!P bl!!'l!!'n '!! attl!!' d by hi!p Ilfl!!' a broad. and , Thi'!! buslness has a ~rv rthr(!P • and, I nuv .add • .a ne gaVI!!' him H athl!!',lev

1'1 I m, Everybody a bout

Dol!!'!P il not !rtrlk 10 n.a~ had I"

ns 10 Tu,nl!!". '!! r, who i';., IJ.-e-sUIT1 ma nne .... a';. if - we.-e

at this Mi:=Ca rthV. who have bl!!'e n u nde, !puch Ing hi'!! son 10 Tu rner's • a nd that in '5 ueb a vel"'( a IJI"CIIJo';.(Jl a nd all else

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou



Ilow? It i'S the rncre '5t1" n rse to the idea- The rJa u i n8 n-o..., thatT

got 10 tne dll!d uetlens a I fin d 1'1 ha rd I!!'nougn 10 o,il!!"!! .and fa neles."

now that Turner hi elf ur.:h- 00 you not de

the infl!!' n s • .u!io.aid Ll!!"!!ttade. wi k II!!' faa!p. Ho I!!'!P. wilnout flyl ng

"YOU .a I!!' 'ighl." !io.aid Holme!p dl!!' u 1!!'1y; "'fOu do I nd it Vl!!'ty n.a,d to I d II!!' tne

IT An • I n.aVl!!' gr.asj:ll!!'d On!!!' f.a

.. rej:llied Le!rtr.adl!!' wl'lh se

10 fl nd 1'1 difflc:ull gll.!'1

nhv '!!I!!'nior met hls to Ihl!!' i:onltaty are tne

n'!!hine ls a b'ighll!!'r In n mui:h mlrukl!!'n If Ihi'!! I'!!


at i'!! 1'1_" II w.a!P a wide'!!, d. ee mf rta 11!!'·looking bu Iiding. WO°

steri d '!!l.all!!'·,oofed. witn gtl!!'at Ilow bioI h of lii:ne n uj:lon tne '@'f/

w.alk ne d r.awn blind'!! and Ihl!!' oke 11!!"!!!p 1'1 I ne'f'!!. hOWl!!'VI!!'r. ga'll It .a

look • as though tne Wl!!'lg I tn ls no ror III lay neavy upon 1'1 WI!!'

I Ihl!!' door. wne n Ihl!!' I. at Hoi I!!"!! , 'I!N:I ussr, '!!hoWl!!'d u thl!!' hien hl!!'r m.a!rte, wo'1!!' at I I!!' timl!!' of 1'1 !P d ath, a nd a I!PO .a pair 0

sen' ough nOI Ihl!!' pa I, wn 1m tne n.a _ mea'!!u'l!!'d I

!!!'fully from '!!l!!"Itl!!'n or I!!'Ig t I s, Holme!p de'!!l red I

ne eou rt·~ rd. from whii: Ine wind I ng traek ieh

Il!!'d o!PCOmDe Pool.

Holml!!"!! wa'!! tra n!!fo,m n who had on Iv known t e quil!!'t

u Id n.ave fa lied 10 raee n I 1'1 I m. H

!P 01 upon such .a '!!!:e t as

r .and Iogii:la n of kl!!"

flu!pned .and d.a,k I!!'d_

t e vein'S 'ffi:IorJ out -1'5 seerned to dilate w h a

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou


J anrJ his ind wa-s ';.0 ab';.Olutely concenm that a II:! ';tion 0 re marl; full unheederJ the 1T10 J on Iy provo ed a II:! ir.:Iri, ilT1!'atient ';.nart in

~lenlly ne adl!!' hls V .don tne whic:n ra n

thre • and se w,aV of Ih wood!p tne aeseembe Pool,

II wa'!! p. m.ars y ground. !P ls all that d itt..a dIne re WI!!"I!!''!! of

I!!'l. beeh u n Ihl!!' flat nd a mid tn

I!!'lime'!! Ho es wou Id h fry on. !POml!!'tlml!!'!P !rtOp dl!!'ad. q u ItII.!' a I I dl!!'lOu r in thl!!' m adow, Le!rtr.adl!!' a nd I Ihl!!' dl!!'le VI!!' indiffe, IIh Ihl!!' In I!!"!!t whic:n d tow,a,

ntsmptueus. while I pra ng f m tne i:onw:ittlon that !P a dl!!'fl it.e I!!'nd,

Ihl!!' I as I e uld '!!I!!'e bV h e.agl!!" fa WI!!"I!!' 0 bl!!' read u on thl!!' tra flic:kl n up a !:Unl. nd thl!!'n tu

t, Turner, Ihl!!' 'I!!'d. Wl!!'lling,_ a thl!!"l!!' w,a!P I!!' edge of us Ine e:w:a !rt w,a!P Ine V tne fall

irt '!!hl!!' of wate, !POme fiftv WI!!'e n t e H.alhl!!',IeV Fa rm and Dovl!!' t e wood!p wn Ii:h IlnI!!'d it. unlng n!!'!p wn Ii:h ma rked tne H ne rlll.!'Y ~dl!!' of Ihl!!' pool

na r De II of '!!Oddl!!'n grass

hI!!' trel!!' .and Ihl!!' reed!p whic:n !Ppot I wn Ich Ihl!!' body had euad, at I i:ould plAin Iv '!!I!!'e

Ihl!!' !rtr i:ken man, To Holme!p.

II.!'YI!!"!!. ry m.anv otne r Ihing!p und. like a dog wno i'!!

me Wl!!'a pon 0' olne r


no liml!!'l mole ee flle II woul buff.alo n

"IOu rs -In Its inw,a,d lwi!rt i!p trace it... a d Ihl!!"l!!' il v.ani'!!hl!!'!P among Ihl!!' II have De n I en ne,1!!' Defore tnev 11_ He,1!!' i!p whl!!'re Ine ve'l!!'d a II traeks fer !pIx

th,el!!' p.atatll.!' tracks of Ine upon h ';. wale rproot to have a ilT1';.elt a n to us, "1he-se a re

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou