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Debora : Hi, Fifi!
Fifi : Hi, Debora!
Debora : Are you alone in here?
Fifi : Yes, I am alone. And you?
Debora : I am alone too. Fifi, have you got the notes of
Fifi : Sure, I have it. Why?
Debora : May I see them?
Fifi : Yes, you may. Here you are. Did you not copy this
lesson yesterday?
Debora : No, I didn’t copy it, because I was absent yesterday.
Fifi : Okay, you can borrow my book. But don’t forget to
give it back
Soon as possible to me.
Debora : why?
Fifi : Because I really needing it.
Debora : All right, I’ll return it to you on Monday.
Fifi : I hope you not forget it.
Debora : Don’t worry, I won’t forget it.
Fifi : Are you sure?
Debora : Yes, I just want to copy them.
Fifi : Debora, would you mind if you do me a favour?
Debora : No, I will help you. I’ll be glad to help you, Fifi.
Fifi : Well, on your way home, would you mind if drop in at
Debora : Sure, what’s the matter?
Fifi : Give this letter to him and tell him that this letter is
Debora : Anithing else?
FIfi : No, it’s enough.
Debora : All right, I’ll go straight to his home and deliver this
letter right now.
Fifi : That’s very nice of you.
Debora : Ah, thank you.
Fifi : That should be me to say thank’s for you. Thank you
very much!

Debora : Your welcome. Bye!!! Fifi : Bye-bye!!! Name : Debora Febrina SinagaName : Fifi Herawati Absen Number : 11 Absen Number : 15 SMP NEGERI 1 MUARA BADAK .