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From the Office of the New York City & Vicinity District Council
of Carpenters Inspector General
Scott C. Danielson

Contact: Karolyn Castillo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

212.366.3354 November 24, 2010

On November 19, 2010, former Executive Secretary Treasurer (EST) Michael J. Forde was
sentenced to 11 years in Manhattan federal court for his participation in a racketeering scheme
that defrauded our Union and the Benefit Funds out of millions of dollars.

Michael J. Forde’s criminal conduct left a devastating effect on this Union and Benefit Funds.
He has disgraced himself, the Union and all members of this District Council. His actions hurt
our entire membership as well as the extended families of our brothers and sisters. The members
trust in this union is broken and will take years to rebuild and restore.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters continues to fight to ensure that restitution is
made for fraudulent actions committed against our members by Mr. Forde and his co-
conspirators. The Inspector General’s Office has been at the forefront investigating all parties
involved, including members and union representatives who were hired to safeguard us from this

We have a long road ahead in our efforts to rebuild this Union to one we can all be proud of.
The Office of Inspector General is working on instituting new regulations to fight corruption
using different strategies to be proactive to deter misconduct. These strategies will help
reinforce the union and membership’s effort in fighting corruption and it will reinforce to
members our commitment to this cause. The Inspector General team is a constant presence
throughout this city and on all jobsites. All members, shop stewards, union representatives and
contractors must abide by all UBC and NYC District Council of Carpenters rules and
regulations. Jobsite visits to confirm compliance is ongoing and unannounced.

Any violations of these rules will NOT be tolerated and all who try to cheat or defraud this
Union will be investigated and when warranted penalized.