Cement prices up 40% in a month

Prepared by: Roma Zala Source: Times of India Date: 21-10-10

‡ Current price of cement for 50kg is Rs285 which is increase up to 40% from last month. ‡ Some builders have argued that cement manufacturers have cartelized and have deliberately cut production in order to raise price. . ‡ It has hit house building budgets as cement constitutes 25% of the overall cost.News in detail ‡ Cement price are being increase from Rs 165 for a 50kg bags in the first week of September.

Cont ‡ So builders have suggested to have Government regulatory bodies to curb it. .

resulting in increasing in price of real estate. . ‡ On individual burden will increase. as many small project which are being delayed due to hike in the price. ‡ As also seen in BSC (Bombay stock exchange)that their is continuous decrease in share price of cement industries.Analysis ‡ As there is no control on Manufacturer regarding price.

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