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M E E T S C A P T A I N S O F I T, B T

CM promises
BANGALORE: Chief minis- Two task forces, one
ter B S Yeddyurappa on on IT headed by Infosys
Wednesday assured the mentor N R Narayan-
IT/BT leaders that the gov- murthy and another on BT
ernment would provide headed by Biocon chief
both soft and hard infra- Kiran Mujumdar Shaw,
structure to sustain the in- were set up. The two task
dustry’s growth. The inter- forces would evolve a vi-
action meeting was attend- sion document in a
ed by his cabinet collegues month. The industry also
Katta Subramanya Naidu, demanded close monitor-
Karunakar Reddy, Anand ing of ongoing infrastruc-
Asnotikar and Mumtaz Ali ture works. They demand-
Khan. ed extension of Metro
The CM said the fruits of Rail till electronic city in
IT/BT were yet to reach ru- the first phase and im-
ral Karnataka and his gov- provement to Mysore
ernment would set up Road. The government as-
around 5,000 Common Ser- sured them that Metro
vice Cyber Centers in the Rail extends to electronic
State - one in every Grama city in second phase and
Panchayat through public- mono rail would take care
private partnership. These of connectivity from
Centres would provide Mysore Road.
Government to Citizen and
Business to Citizen servic-
es at affordable cost while Belgaum, Gulbarga, Shi-
doing away with the need moga, Davangere and Man-
to travel to the taluk or dis- galore through joint ven-
trict headquarters. tures of private participa-
BSY said IT tools can be tion, KIADB and KEON-
utilized in monitoring chil- ICS, the CM said.
dren's health in schools in BSY said a separate
the rural areas as well as in hardware park was pro-
offering Tele-health care/ posed to be set up near the
Tele-medicine through the Bangalore International
PHCs in rural areas. Airport. Bangalore, which
The CM also stressed is home to 80% of the Sili-
the need to establish IT/BT con Design and Embedded
zones in Mysore, Manga- Software Industries, de-
lore, Hubli-Dharwad, Bel- serves a special treatment,
gaum, Shimoga and Gul- he added.
barga. The government The IT/BT representa-
would exempt the new IT tives demanded unin-
and BT establishments terupted availability of
from levy of stamp duty, re- diesel in the State as the
duction of registration regular power cuts had
charges and waiver of con- forced them to use captive
version fee. The govern- power. The industry also
ment will also set up IT/BT demanded that an IIT be set
Parks in Hubli-Dharwad, up in Bangalore.

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