Social and ethical aspects of advertisements


peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara)

Ethics in advertisement ‡ Ethics: Moral principles and values that govern the actions of and individual or group. A Marketing or Marketing or Promotion Action May Be Legal but Legal but Not Considered Considered Ethical Marketers Must Make Decisions Regarding the Appropriateness of Their Actions Not All IssuesCan Not All Issues Can Be Regulated Be Regulated peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

It is against the national and public interest. An advertisement is considered as unethical when: ± ± ± ± ± It gives false information. It gives misguiding information. It is obscene or immoral. It degrades the rival¶s product or substitutes. peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Unethical advertisement can take any of the following form ‡ Use of sex. especially the use of women as a sex objects ‡ Alcohol &tobacco advertisement ‡ Untruthful claims ‡ Use of testimonials or endorsements ‡ Exaggerated claims ‡ Unverified claims that is ambiguous peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Use f sex. es ecially t e se f e as a sex jects ¡ ¤ £ eter ste ¢ ¡    e (MSN k lla c avara) .

What is your opinion of this ad? peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Alcohol &tobacco advertisement peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Exaggerated claims peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Use f testi ials r e rse e ts § ¦ peter stephe (MSN k lla chavara) ¥ .

Unverified claims that is ambiguous peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Many People Found Benetton¶s ³Death Row´ Ad Campaign Offensive peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

Advertisements and childern peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

‡ In a study by boddewyn for the international advertising association .5 hours of TV per week and may see 22. ‡ Television is an important source of information for children about was noted that decency and sexism appeared to be issues causing less concern in future issues than advertising to children.000 commercials per year.Advertisements and childern ‡ Children between ages 2-11 watch on average 21. peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

indecent.1985 is a commitment to honest advertising and to fair competition in the market place. misleading.Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI)  Advertising Standards Council of India is a self regulatory voluntary organization of the advertising industry.  The main role is to deal with Complaints received from consumers and industry.  Against Ads.  Code for self regulation in advertising.  ASCI. peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) . illegal.false.

Within the bounds of generally accepted standards of public decency and propriety. Not used indiscriminately for the promotion of products. hazardous or harmful to society or to individuals.ASCI S MISSION ASCI has one overarching goal: ³To maintain and enhance the public's confidence in advertising´.particularly minors. ASCI seeks to ensure that advertisements conform to its Code for Self-Regulation which requires advertisements to be Truthful and fair to consumers and competitors. to a degree unacceptable to societykollam chavara) peter stephen (MSN at large. . .

that may be considered desirable for the promotion of or carrying out of the objects of the Company. peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .Objectives of ASCI To monitor . adopt and modify the code of advertising practices in India and implement. administer and promote and publicize such a code. To print and publish pamphlets. leaflets.administer and promote standards of advertising practices in India To codify. To give wide publicity to the Code and seek adherence to it of as many as possible of those engaged in advertising. circulars or other literature or material.

peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

peter stephen (MSN kollam chavara) .

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