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The New York Times, Upfront News Magazine Survey

Review the pair of magazines and answer the following

questions. What are the publication dates of each


Look at the table of contents on the inside cover. Review the red titles
and list three red titles that are features of both issues.

What is Times Past about in the September 6, 2010 issue? (You might
need to turn to page 24 for a closer look.)

What is the website for Upfront magazine? Where did you find this

On page 5 of both magazines is a grey strip titled “Numbers in the

News.” Refer to both issues to answer the following prompts: # of children

being forced to serve as soldiers around the world __________________ # of film

scenes depicting cigarette smoking _________________ # of illegal immigrants in

United States _______________________ % of teens using email every day


What is your most preferred means of tech communication?
______________________ Look at the diagram on page 15 of the September
issue. What percent of the U.S. foreign-born population is from Latin America?
(pink shaded area)

. what are the top two countries of origin of U. foreign-born countries? (Top 10 countries…2008) Look on page 8.And. of the October issue.S. List three countries where armed rebel groups use children soldiers.

. In a paragraph of 6-10 sentences.Finally. and use proper grammar. thoughtful. “Was what my son did wrong” (cheating)? Brainstorm. then write a final draft quality. go to page 20 of the October issue? Read the prompt about Homework help— or cheating. Be neat. summarize the situation the mother from Oregon explains and respond with your opinion to her question.