Hypomagnesemia: Serum < 1. Dysrhythmias Hypokalemia .5 mEq/L o Usually coexists with hypokalemia and less often with hypocalcemia Decreased intake Prolonged malnutrition. Tremor. conditions causing large losses of urine HYPOMAGNESEMIA Mental Changes Agitation. Depression. Spasticity. Draining intestinal fistula Excessive Excretion Increase Aldosterone. Paresthesias. Diarrhea. Tetany CV System Tachycardia. starvation Impaired absorption in the GI Tract Malabsorption syndrome. Ataxia Muscles Cramps. Hypotension. alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Confusion CNS Convulsions. Hypercalcemia.

Pathophysiology of Hypomagnesemia Predisposing Factors Age Race Sex Precipitating Factors Sedentary Lifestyle Malnutrition Alcoholism Magnesium Inhibits Transport of PTH Decrease in the amount of calcium being released from the bone Possible calcium deficit .

Prepared by:  Hemerson Bercadez  Bryan Dave Castro  Ben Nicole Bueno BSN 3 -D .

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