Management Information Systems




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Management Information Systems



In the name of Allah the praiseworthy, the passionate whose blessings made it possible for us to complete this complex and painful task. It is a matter of great enthusiasm and pleasure for us to complete a report in its real sequence. It is all because of Almighty Allah’s great guidance that made us so able. We are cordially thankful to our respected Teacher Mr. Muhammad Naseem Qaiser who provided us an opportunity to prepare this Project report and whose benevolent guidance in discourse and constant encouragement helped us to complete this project.



“Enabling people to advance with confidence and success”

Management Information Systems




“To make our customers prosper, our staff excel and create value for shareholders”


Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” It is the prime Bank in country established in 1941 having a registered head office in Karachi. It was nationalized in 1974, but recently on 26th February 2004 it has been privatized by Government of Pakistan and is taken over by Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). They acquired 51 percent of shares of HBL. It is one of the largest Banks of Pakistan with 1439 branches and having total assets of Rs. 434,931,930,000.

HBL at its present state has a long and rich history of deeds and sacrifices. All this has been possible on the account of sustained efforts. The first branch of HBL started functioning on 30th August, 1941 at Muhammad Ali Road Bombay, where Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah first of all opened his personal account. Mohammad Ali Habib was a man of stern and persistent will. God. Almighty had bestowed him with extra ordinary capabilities. He was devoted to his Bank with a view to take his share in the uplift of the strife-torn and devastated Muslim community. At the time of its inception, the Bank's total paid up capital was Rs.2.5 million but it is evident from the following data that the Bank experienced a steep rise in the business in a few years. In 1942, on the desire of Quaid-e-Azam, Habib family migrated to Pakistan and later on shifted the Bank's Head Office from Bombay to Karachi on 7th August 1947 just one week prior to independence, to play its pivotal role in the development of this newly born country. At the time of independence, the areas, which now constitute Pakistan, were producing only agricultural products raw material for indo-Pak subcontinent. Partially no industries were there to process the raw material, therefore the raw material was exported from Pakistan.There were 19 non-Indian foreign Banks which were engaged in the export of crops from Pakistan with only two Pakistani Banks i.e. HBL and the Australia Bank. The circumstances were completely un-certain. The confidence of the people had been shaken by the un-friendly environment and till the time peace had not been restored, people would naturally have been interested in other things. The nation was quite young with extreme scarcity of resources and these definitely added to the difficulties of the govt., to run its own Banking system immediately. Following the announcement of the independence plan in June, 1947, the Hindus residing in the territories now comprising Pakistan started transferring their assets to India and vice versa. The Banks included those having their registered offices in Pakistan, transferred them to India in order to bring a total collapse of the new state. It had been decided that the Reserve Bank of India would continue to function in Pakistan so that the problem of demand

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” and time liabilities, coinage, currencies, exchange rate etc be settled between India and Pakistan and the Indian Notes would continue to be legal tender in Pakistan till 30th September, 1948. Again due to certain differences between Indian Pakistan, the Indian Govt., withheld Pakistan's share of Rs.75 core in forward and subscribed heavily to the Govt. of Pakistan to the tide over the crises, Payment was made to the Govt., by the Bank at a very nominal rate of interest, even before the actual issue of securities. At a time when this newly born country was at whirlwind of crises, it was HBL which fulfilled generously the financial needs of all its sectors, paid salaries to the employees of all Govt. departments, helped in establishment of State Bank of Pakistan, which the Quaid-e-Azam inaugurated on July 1s,1948. HBL after partition opened its branches throughout Pakistan to provide finance and other facilities to the business community. In association with HBL, the Govt. sponsored Pakistan Finance Corporation Limited for financing of cotton. The Bank helped handsomely in the construction of WARSAK DAM PROJECT, WAPDA, & K.D.A. by provided finance and other facilities. Another innovation introduced by HBL is the evening Banking cash long after the crossing of normal Banking hours. It was also the first in making available such new facilities as Gift Cheques, Rupee Traveler’s Cheques, Credit Card System, short term and long term schemes for small businessmen.

Products & Services:
Today, HBL has more than 1,700 branches all over Pakistan and presence in 26 countries across five continents. With a revamped customer oriented philosophy, we are pursuing new avenues of leadership through innovation, as we gear up to face the challenges of the new millennium. Many of the banks schemes have gained national and international as valuable contributors to field of banking.  Rupee traveler checque.  Evening Banking Service  School Banking  Mobile Banking  Computer Service  Credit Card Scheme  Computer Accounts  Life Insurance Savings  Deposit Growth Certificates  Deposit Growth Insurance

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD”  Scholarship Awards  Auto Cash Teller Machines  Owner Driver Taxi Finance  Gold Card Scheme  Monthly Investment Scheme.

Organizational Chart of HBL













Management Information Systems



Information System:
Information is the life blood of an organization. Managers depend upon accurate accessible and useful information, this requires the information system to be responsive to their unique information needs, to empower them to think and act strategically ,develop effective plans, and make decisions that increase their own and their organization’s competitiveness. Today, largely through advances in computer and communications technology, we are living at a time that many people call the information age. One major reason our era is named so is because most working people today have jobs that are information intensive. For example, jobs such as teaching, accounting, retailing and managing are all predominantly based on the handling of information. This emphasis

differs from that of the earlier factories.

decades, in which most jobs involved some type of physical labor applied on farms and

Data versus Information:

Many people use the

terms data and information synonymously. However there’s a distinct and important

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” difference. Data refers to facts. When data is filtered through one or more processors so that they take on meaning and value to person they become information, it is information rather than data which people use to make decisions.

Data Processing-Information Cycle
Both computer and human mind act as processors that select data and transform them into meaningful information. The data processing-information cycle shown above illustrates this. Some of the types of information that may be provided to decision makers after data are transformed into information by computers or some other kind of processing. The format of the information received is often dictated by the needs and preferences of the decision makers. All programs on a computer system can break down into two main categories:  Application software  System software Application software includes user-oriented programs. Application software includes the programs, software packages, and tools needed for such specific, end-user-oriented tasks as billing, accounts receivable, word processing, payroll, database management. Two main categories of application software exist. General-purpose application software includes programs and packages that are being used by workers in the organizations subunits such as word processing spreadsheets, database or file management, and presentation graphics. These are more likely to be purchased externally than developed internally by the organization. Special-purpose application software includes programs and packages that support the activities of workers in a particular subunit. Accounting debiting and crediting entries, software’s used in ATM’s, and payroll are usually called Special-purpose software’s as these software’s have been developed for special purpose operations and have to be custom made according to the organizations requirements. This kind of software is being used by a limited number of users or subunits than are in generalpurpose applications.

What Is A Management Information System?
Management information system is said to be any system that provides people with either data or information relating to an organizations operations. Information systems

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” support the activities of employees, owners, customers, and other key people in the organizations environment – either by effectively processing data to assist with transaction work load or by effectively supplying information to authorized people in a timely manner. For example, the transaction processing (data processing) system used to perform accounting and clerical operations in a Bank or any other organization are information systems. So, the systems that are used to generate periodic and pre planned reports which is called management reporting system. Decision support systems, office information system/office automation system, and knowledge based systems are also viewed as facet’s of an organizations information system, along with inter organizational electronic data inter change (EDI) system that strategically link a firm to its customer and suppliers

Management Information Subsystems
Management Information System include many subsystems such as Decision Support System, Transaction Processing System, management reporting system, Office Automation System, Forecasting System etc however these will be discussed in detail later in the report. Many types of Information Systems are being used in Habib Bank:  Transaction Processing System  Decision support system  Executive Support System  Management Reporting System  Intelligent Information System  Office Automation System All of these systems have been linked through Multi-user Online Banking (MOB).

The Transaction Processing System (TPS) supports the daily business transactions for example in the accounting department where the double entry system is used for recording the daily transactions it will record all the entries that have been credited or debited during the day and prepare the full report as well as inter relate these tasks and other into an over all accounting system. This type of system keeps the

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” organization running by automation the process of the large amount of paper work that must be handled daily. Unlike the other systems the Transaction Processing System (TPS) of Habib Bank links together all of the branches of the country in order to have one database so that the Customer Information can be accessed through all the branches in the country. Basically the TPS has more dealings with the accounting basically TPS deals with the accounting department of an organization. In HBL it is used to record withdraws and deposits of customers. Some of its functions are:  Records the transactions  Records the debit & credit  Tells the balance of customer  Gives the data about the custom TPS makes day to day reports e.g. it manages the double entry system. For accounting department two types of reports are generated in it.

Detailed Report:
It is a full and computerized report of the transaction passed for the day. It records: How much loan was given  Time  Who was given the loan  Address and particulars

Summary Report:
At the end of the day their report will tell what has been debated and what has been credited, in total amounts.

A management reporting system (MRS) is an informatio0n system that provides predefined types of information to management for relatively structured types of decisions. As opposed to focusing purely on data and the efficient processing of data

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” (which characterize transaction processing systems), management reporting systems focus on Information and, occasionally, on effectiveness. It generates a summarized report for reporting business updates to management at higher level and for their review. It generates report having:  Name of customer  His address  Limit of loan which bank can give  Approval authority of loan  Date of giving loan  The expiry of deadline  The securities that the bank held against the loan

A decision support system (DSS) provides tools that enable managers to develop information in the manner that best suits the decisions they are currently trying to make. Unlike the MRS, which delivers specific types of information in a pre-planed format, the DSS provides the manager with the computing and communications capabilities to develop his or her own decision models, databases, and report formats. Decision support systems often also focus on such areas as flexibility in meeting a variety of continually changing needs. After getting the data from TPS and MIS manager makes his decisions on its basis. The manager can also forecast a future trend on the basis of DSS. Present decisions are based on past data that is available in the system.

An executive information system (EIS) - which is sometimes referred to as an executive support system (ESS) - is a DSS that is designed to meet the special needs of top-level managers. Some people use the terms “EIS” and “ESS” interchangeably, but others do not. Any distinction between the two usually is because executive support systems are likely to incorporate additional capabilities such as electronic mail.

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” Because executives deal primarily with data about the external environment and data that come from informal sources, they are usually less reliant in direct contact with information technology than other types of managers. When information from their company’s computers is needed, many chief executive officers make their subordinates retrieve that information. Because executive information needs are more ambiguous that those of other levels of Management, computers have historically been less useful to executives. Many executives have little hands –on experience with computers and don’t fully appreciate how information technology can improve their personal productivity and decision-making skills.ESS is for executives e.g., Retail General Manager (RGM) b/c executives are non-technical people so a very user friendly system is made for them to make their decision making process easy and feasibility, for this purpose reports are generated to give easy access to information.

OAS is the use of computer systems to execute a variety of office operations, such as word processing, accounting, and e-mail. Office automation almost always implies a network of computers with a variety of available programs. Office Automation has traditionally referred to a wide variety of computerbased technologies that make office workers more productive. The diverse set of OA tools that enhance office productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are often collectively called information systems. Many office systems can also be classified as decision support systems or DSS tools (such as spreadsheets), which can make office workers more productive and also help managers make better decisions. The blurry line between decision support systems and Office Automation System should be expected because most decisions makers work in some type of office environment. Another example of ambiguity, a database management system that manages data for a firm might also offer some decision support. Some of the Office Automation Systems used in Habib Bank are:  CPU’s

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD”  Monitors  Fax  Scanners  Printers  Keyboards  Mouse.

Management Information System

Transaction Processing System

Management Reporting System

Decision Support System

Office Automaton System

Habib Bank has different banking sectors these include:  International Banking  Retail Banking  Treasury  Corporate  Global & Overseas banking How ever this report is going to focus on Retail Banking of Habib Bank, however corporate Banking in which DSS and ESS is used has also been discussed.

System Development Life Cycle Feasibility report:
The MIS manager prepares the Feasibility Report to check cost effectiveness and the required results of developing software.

Specification Requirement:
Management Information Systems 14

“HABIB BANK LTD” MIS manager sees what is required for making system i.e., staff, time, programmers and programmers, PC’s and its peripherals. The previous system is analyzed to check what were the short comings due to which new software is required.

System Design:
At this stage no actual programming is done but you will design the required fields i.e., what are the fields for which entry of data is necessary e.g. name, address etc and then their queries are designed, modules are formed, data entry forms are made. It is just paper work.

System Construction: At this stage actual programming is done. A skeleton of
system is made and the programmer programmed the software exactly up to the requirement of the MIS manager.

System Implementation: After testing and debugging, the system is implemented,
when MIS manager is fully satisfied.

Post Implementation Support and Testing:
The problems are reprogrammed again.

. The term used to describe this view of information is information Resource Management (IRM): a concept that recognizes information as a key resource that should (as should any vital resource) be properly managed. Other fields also think of their assets in this way. MIS is perceived as an area that can generate opportunities or value for the organization, not mainly as a source of problems. Because MIS is seen as a playing a pivotal role in the future successes of IRM-oriented firms including Banks. The person in charge of the MIS area is often found at the middle managerial level. In this position the information system department participates in strategic planning and other key decisions that are made by the organization’s top level managers.

The MIS personnel can or cannot be non IT persons. The Information System Manager is present in all department of the bank. The Management Information System (MIS) Manager looks after the I.T Staff and controls their operations, the planning and

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” implementation of System Development Life Cycle also is done by the Information System Manager. Following are the job titles of people who interact directly with managers and users and in general manage the whole information system-although these are not the only personnel working the I.T Department, many other job titles may be found within this area.

Computers Operations Personnel:
These are the people responsible for the day to day operations of Transaction Processing System s, management reporting system, and all other shared multi-user computers. Some of the job titles for the people in this category are the following:

Computer operations manager/System Manager:
The computer operations manager is in charge of the entire operations activity. He has the responsibility of hiring and assigning work to the other operations personnel, he is generally a supervisor, he also plans the installation and removal of equipment with consent of the concerned authorities, and generally all other tasks to ensure that data get processed as efficiently as possible.

Computers operators:
They are in charge of running the equipment in the I.T Department. Their job is to load disks and tapes, create backup files and ensure their safe transport to the second branch of the Bank; they also initiate solutions to equipment malfunctions and similar functions.

Data Entry Personnel:
These are the people within the bank’s I.T Department who enter data into the main computer system.

System Librarians:
They are responsible for managing data stored on such media such as disks. Including among these are the backup copies of important programs and data records kept pertaining to the daily transactions of the bank. Accounting data, debit and credit entries, customer info etc.

System Analysts:

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” System Analysts are the technology professionals charged with analyzing, designing and implementing large computer-based information systems. Because they are the crucial interface among users, upper management, and programmers, they must be skilled in business, computers, and other technology-based areas. They must also possess good interpersonal communication skills as they are the one who basically have to communicate with the employees of the organization and perceives whatever they may need in the Information System that is being designed...

The computers professional who are specifically charged with writing computer programmers are called programmers. Some of the types of programmers, maintenance programmers, and systems programmers.

Application Programmers:
Code applications programs-the software that serves the direct needs offendusers. Generally it is the systems analyst who initially specifies what programs needed must do. Armed with a set of formal-often technical-specifications from the analyst, the applications programmer then write programs from them.

System Programmers:
Code the systems software that controls the operation of computer hardware and makes it possible to run applications programs.

MIS Management:
At the top of the computer hierarchy are MIS executives. In Habib Bank Limited I.T Managers or I.T Director is at top of the I.T Department Hierarchy. These MIS executives oversee the full range of MIS-related activities, including Transaction Processing which traditionally accounts for the largest share of the information processing- as well as telecommunication, data administration, and end-user support.

Duties of MIS Personnel

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD”  They manage information inflow from start of any work to its final destination and scrutinize all the information.  They generate report for a top manager e.g. is target matched or not?  Audit: They securitize the systems that are already present for the purpose of compliance of system in bank.  Payrolls: It is made on MIS. In it information about employees, his salary allowances, deductions, provided fund, tax, net and gross salary is recorded and is given to employees in printed form. • Communication:

 E-mail is used with URL i.e., www.hblpk.com  Through PTCL lines. They don’t use a secret net connection because they don’t have web-based server and they use dial-up connection.

The part that cannot not be seen or touched is called hardware. As the name represents hard means hard, so physical parts are called hardware. The term hardware refers to machinery. This category includes the computer itself, which is often referred to as the central processing unit (CPU), and all of its support equipment.

# 1

Application Server

DL320G5 (Core 2Duo), 4GB Ram, Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x3

Qty 1

Management Information Systems


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Database Server

HP DL380G5 (Dual Core), 4GB Ram, Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3 DELL (Dual Core), 4GB Ram, Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3 ACER 17" LCD Display Intel Centrino2 2.8 c2d/4gb/500gb fully Loaded(Toshiba) Epson LQ-2180 24 pin Dot Matrix Printer HP LaserJet 4250n


Internet Server

1 25 1 2 2 1 1 25 1

LCD Monitors


Dot Matrix Printer (136 Column) Laser Printer


HP Scan jet 5590 Scanner

Tape Drive

HP Storage Works DAT72 /DLT Ext D BRANDED DELL P4




“Set of instructions given to the computer to solve a problem” The term software refers to computer programs and the manuals that support them. Computer programs are machine-readable instructions that direct the circuitry within

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” the hardware parts of the CBIS to function in ways that produce useful information from data.

UNIX is being used as the main operating system in Habib Bank according to them it is more powerful than Windows. Having built-in office and e-mail (external & internal)

The main system used by the bank is called Multi-user Online Banking (MOB). This is the main system through which all of the branches of Habib Bank are linked together. This system has many sub systems of which the foremost and important is Management information system.Multi-user Online Banking (MOB) works in such a way that for example if customer opens an account in Habib Bank once that information is fed into the system then that information will become available to all the braches of Habib Bank located in Pakistan. For instance if the account has been opened in Islamabad the customer can deposit and withdraw money from wherever in Pakistan from an on-line branch, this is mainly possible through Multi-user Online Banking (MOB). Multi-user Online Banking (MOB) is a customer made software and the computer language that has been used to develop is Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL).The software of MOB has been kept different from same type of software so as to prevent unauthorized entry.Habib Bank used Kindle Banking System until 2001 in their Retail Banking sector.


Internet Server:
DL320G5 (Core 2Duo), 4GB Ram, Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3

Database Server:
Management Information Systems 20


HP DL380G5 (Dual Core), 4GB Ram, Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3

Application Server:
DELL (Dual Core), 4GB Ram, Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3

HBL uses following supporting software through them are performing there work daily and that are:     MS WORD MS EXCEL MS POWER POINT MS ACCESS

Database administrators:
Database administrators are responsible for ensuring that users and programmers have access to the data that they need in order to make decisions or run applications and for integrity and security of the data in the database.

Database management system is a collection of software that has been designed to provide a systematic and flexible approach to organizing and access to data that could possibly exist as separate files in database management all of the Information is put into a central database and only one program or file entry is required. When a customer makes an enquiry all the checking, savings and loan data are instantly available.DBMS has not yet been fully implemented in Habib Bank and will be used when web-access is made. It is used for references only and soft copies are made for example a credit database may include:  Name

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD”  Location  approval authority of credit  expiry/tenure  securities  sort of finance

Managerial decision making is likely to be more effective when managers are able to quickly access the data they need on demand. Most of the other databases data has been stored on computer-files and databases. These databases include:  Customer/client databases  Employee databases  Accounting databases  Credit databases Data has been physically stored on a variety of media, including magnetic disks, compact Discs and paper such as business forms, memos and reports. However it has been experienced that Computer based storage offers several advantages over paper based storage, such as abilities to;     store data compactly and efficiently quickly edit and modify stored data and make backup copies In HABIB BANK all the data is directly stored in head office. Information Technology department of HABIB BANK have a simple database structure and use online processing/real time processing that transaction

 Simple application software is being using to control, create and manage database..

File processing refers to an environment in which data is physically organized into files (collection of related records). The file processing environment is linked to the specific application programs that are being used in the organization. These data and files are shared by many application programs. Although file management is done manually as files on the computer cannot be manually signed, but files are also created on computer for record and references. Files made on FMBS include:Management Information Systems 22

“HABIB BANK LTD”  Basic borrowers fact sheet (personal & professional record)  Their Securities (legal documents are manually kept0  Correspondent Files  Credit Files & Legal Files

Habib bank uses a file processing system with different customer files for example: checking, savings and loans. Often, customers call the bank questions on several of their accounts. Service representative has to go through the following procedure:  Enter the checking-account-balance program  Get the required checking Information  Leave program  Enter saving-account-balance program  Get the required saving Information and leave program  Enter loan-account-balance program  Get the required loan Information and leave program

Network Administrator
Telecommunications mangers and network managers/Network Administrators are responsible for meeting the data communications needs of users in the organization. The increasing trend toward networking and distributed processing has increased the importance of these positions. All the workstations within the Bank are connected through Local Area Network (LAN).The bank has over 101 branches all over the country which have been linked through Microwave or Phone lines, Satellites and most of the connections have been provided by PTCL. CONNECTIVITY:

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD” Parallel. Microwave or Phone lines. VIA-satellite. ROUTERS: Model RA 46-40 (Red line)

Model S3000-S3500

Power cable:
PABX for VOIP Fiber Cable As we elaborate on Information System or Management Information System (MIS) we will discuss the many sub-systems that make up a Management Information System (MIS) these are: Before any MIS is discussed here it is to be made clear that computer is only a part of Information System or Management Information System (MIS). The information system may be computer based or manual both have to be taken into account while discussing a Management Information System (MIS)

HABIB BANK has online presence. We can get data from the web. And also discussed our problems through mail. www.mail hbl.com is HBL mailing site. U can easily communicate with HBL management on website. & also submitted your Problems. www.hbl.com.pk is hbl website.

 Availability of DEBIT and CREDIT.

Management Information Systems


“HABIB BANK LTD”  Cash withdrawal and deposit.  Transfer of funds. There are mainly two persons involved in online transitions to make tem successful. The initiator (transaction creator) and the supervisor (supervising the transaction process).

Security is a very important part of an information System, every organization has to protect its vital data from unauthorized access for this purpose Habib Bank has many security policies, these are:  A password is assigned to the employees and there is limit to using the password for example an employee can issue up to a specific amount.  In order to protect from any unauthorized access into the system, the software that is being hacked from outside and is said to be fool proof.  In order to protect the data, backups are used, for back up Habib Bank uses floppies, every day backup is done and these floppies are transported to the nearest branch to protect against any potential hazard for example fire, arson, Management Information Systems 25

“HABIB BANK LTD” earthquake, theft etc,. After a week these backup floppies are transported back to the branch.  Whenever checque has been cashed so the bank checks the signature and amount of account holder.

Biometrics, where authorization of transactions is based on the scanning of a customer's fingerprint, iris, face, etc. To maintain security HBL has a new technique of thumb impression recognition.i.e, whenever customer wants to withdraw cash from ATM a thumb impression with personal ID card of customer is needed to be identified .If it is matched with the database maintained by HBL in Karachi head office. And this can be verified within seconds to facilitate their customers.  Cheque/Cash Acceptance, where the ATM accepts and recoginse cheques and/or currency without using envelopes  Bar code scanning  On-demand printing of "items of value" (such as movie tickets, Travellers Cheques, etc.)  Dispensing additional media (such as phone cards)  Co-ordination of ATMs with mobile phones  Customer-specific advertising  Integration with non-banking equipment

C.C. TV:  Creating duplicate copies

Duplicate copies of all data are used and all original data are placed at the website of HBL Ltd Palistan. There is such distance between the original and duplicate data.

Contingency Plans

Contingent plans are used to protect the hardware data.If any problem occurs in the hardware system then there will be no difficulty for the data. It means that protect data in the hardware system.

Storage Devices

Primary and Secondary storage devices are also used in the process to protect and save the important information from loss or misuse. Often the master file is stored on these devices while the users are provided access to the duplicate file. Master file containing the permanent information is updated during processing by transaction data. The External Storage devices that are used in the Department are. Management Information Systems 26

“HABIB BANK LTD” a. b. c. d. RAID Hard Disk Moveable. DVDs. CDs.

Basis for Data Backup
• • • Daily Basis. Weekly Basis. Monthly Basis.

HBL is clearly the first choice of every one who believes in qualitative approach of banking an environment of highly responsible people. Bank is enjoying a healthy market share and taste of good status in terms of its operative features and customer support. HBL is clearly the best bank operating in Pakistan. Personal loan is a distinguished feature of HBL experiencing a good reputation and reasonable mark up with respect to prevailing market mark up with assurance of satisfaction and support. HBL has more customers as compare to other banks, if they given proper attention to every customer then in few years it will be the leading bank of the country.


 The management should try to decrease job insecurity among the employees.  Training program should be started for internees and newly appointed employees  There should be transport facility for the employees.  The number of employees should be increased in order to decrease the workload.  The bank charges high service charges as compared to the other banks, so these should be lowered down. Management Information Systems 27

“HABIB BANK LTD”  Surveys must be conducted regarding customer satisfaction level and all employees of this dept. should look forward to getting feedback whenever possible.

IT Engineer:


+92-3015554442. +92-3215554442.


www.hbl.com.pk www.wekipedia.com www.google.com

Email: Fax:


Management Information Systems


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