I’m persistently pursuing Investment Banking and never stop accumulating banking knowledge. I have taken the best Investment Banking Training Program to sharpen financial modeling skills.

I’m very excited about the fast-paced, people-oriented environment in Investment Banking where new things come up every day really obsesses me. I also excited about participating in different deals from which I can develop business acumen on different industries.

I’m No. 1 tier for CFA Level 2 exam in June 2010, No. 1 in M&A course and have solid foundation of corporate finance knowledge, and No. 1 in math courses and have good sense in numbers. I have engaged in the Tesla IPO pricing project, the Lockheed and Boeing equity valuations, M&A case study and business analysis for various companies

I have 3.89 GPA in Washington University in St. Louis and 3.92 GPA in Beijing Language and Culture University. I’m the author of publication: " From the financial crisis in the United States to China's credit derivatives development“. I have won the first prize for Regional Math Competition in high school.

I have great sense of responsibility. I founded the Comic Club and developed it into the most popular club in my college. I’m keen on charity activities and raised more than $200 donation for China Students and Scholars Association of Washington University.

I have developed good communication skills through internship in PwC and Summit Strategies Group, where I actively communicated with team members, clients, bank staff, and consultants. I also have great writing skills and earned many composition prizes.

I’m experienced in managing multiple projects at the same time. I used to work simultaneously on three projects in hand for my internship company. I’m an expert on setting priorities and maximize time utilization.

I’m good at finding mistakes in articles, spreadsheets, and programming codes and I’m able to grab key information from financial statements. I always double check my work in order to guarantee there is no mistake.

When I’m doing my best to quest for excellence, I always remember to put the interest of the company and the team in front of mine. I can work well with different people and I am willing to share my thoughts with them.

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