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By Devendra Kumar, Joint Secretary, ICAI

This quiz contains 50 questions and covers the technological aspects of Information Technology. The objective of this
quiz is to highlight the developments of IT and to provide information to the members of ICAI who are working in
this field and/or preparing for forthcoming DISA examination of our Institute.

A. Find the Odd one out: C. Answer the following in one word/sentence:
1. Ring, Mesh, Star, Bus, Tree, Optical fiber 16. What is Black Box Test?
2. Session, Transport, Network, Data link,
17. What do you mean by Bridge in Information
3. Error control, Flow control, Framing,
Congestion control 18. What is dedicated line?
4. Ethernet, Routers, Bridges, Brouter, Gateways 19. Which type of communication media that is
5. Packet-filtering router, Single homed firewall, most often used to connect computers in local
Demilitarized zone, Cryptography area network?
B. State True/False & write true statement if 20. Which are the two frequently used data codes for
false: communication systems?
6. CB radio is an example of half-duplex transmis- 21. What is voice mail system?
22. What are the main considerations to be born in
7. A topology is a method by which devices in a mind while choosing a topology?
network are laid out and connected.
23. What are the three factors that can degrade the
8. EDI stands for electronic documentation quality of signal?
24. In which of the layers of ISO/OSI model the
9. URL stands for Universal router location. confidentiality and data integrity services are
10. Analog signals are represented by continuous provided in the network?
sine waves. 25. How digital signatures help in non-repudiation?
11. EDP auditors are charged with the review and 26. What is Gopher?
analysis of information system to prevent, dis-
cover and remedy security problems. 27. What do you mean by mailto?
12. Data diddling involves making unauthorized 28. What is Lynx?
changes to program code. 29. What do you mean by Cookies?
13. A computer virus is a hidden program that 30. Mobile user network access over an air interface
inserts itself into a computer system and forces in wireless IP is provided by which network?
the system to clone the virus.
14. Encryption is the process of scrambling and D. Expand the abbreviations:
encoding e-mail messages, files, and other data 31. SDLC
so that they will become intelligible to anyone
without proper authority to view the data. 32. DFD
15. A short password is more effective than 33. PDL
long one, because it is easier for the user to 34. SRS
35. RFP


1012 MARCH 2004
usually will not bring the network down
E. Match the following:
45. In the context of the OSI communication architec-
Areas of Vulnerability Control Types
ture, in which of the following layers are encryption
36. Authorization of a. Physical Access control
controls unlikely to be exercised?
software changes
A. Presentation
37. System Backup b. Environmental controls
procedures B. Data link
38. Password management c. Operational control C. Physical
39. Alarm system/ d. Management control D. Transport
motion detectors
40. Smoke detectors e. Technical control 46. Method of delivery used by connection-oriented
and fire detectors TCP/IP protocols only is :
A. Unicast
F. Multiple Choice Questions: B Broadcast
41. Which of the following transmission media is most
resistant to interference? C. Anycast
A. Radio frequency D. Multicast
B. Coaxial cable 47. Hash function is not utilized in:
C. Terrestrial microwave A. Encryption of messages
D. Satellite microwave B. Message Authentication Code (MAC)
42. Which of the following is not a desirable feature in a C. Message digest
modem? D. Digital signature
A. Dynamic equalization
B. Automatic dial-up capabilities 48. Data communications controls are primarily con-
cerned with ensuring which of the following?
C. Multiple transmission speeds
A. Absence of eavesdropping
D. Attenuation amplification
B. Availability of communication lines
43. Which of the following error detection controls has C. Maintenance of data integrity
the most impact on throughput of a communication D. Installation of answer-back terminal
A. Horizontal parity check 49. Electronic junk mail is often referred to as:
B. Cyclic redundancy code A. WYSIWYG
C. Vertical parity check B. Flaming
D. Loop check C. Mudding
44. Which of the following statements about star topolo- D. Spam
gies is false?
50. To ensure availability in a heterogeneous networking
A. A star topology is more reliable than a mesh environment, which of the following is most important?
A. Security
B. The hub is a most critical node in a star network
B. Routing
C. Servicing and maintenance of a star network is
relatively easy C. Interoperability
D. Failure in an outlying node in a star network D. Confidentiality


1013 MARCH 2004

ANSWERS OF DISA QUIZ-2 24. Application layer.

25. Since the individual doing digital signatures only
A. Odd one out:- knows the private key, and the message sent by
1. Optical fiber – media used in communication him cannot be encrypted without his concur-
whereas others are different types of network rence. Thus at a later point of time, an individual
topologies. cannot repudiate the claim.
2. Repeater – Intra- Networking device while oth- 26. Gopher is an information browser just like FTP
ers are layers of OSI model. with enhancement for ease of use and flexibility for
3. Congestion control – Task of Network layer searching databases, read text files, transfer files
while others are the tasks of Data link layer. and navigate around the collection of information.
4. Ethernet – a type of computer network whereas 27. Mailto represents the Internet electronic mail
others are networking devices. service so that readers can send e-mail simply by
5. Cryptography – science of encrypting & decrypt- clicking the hyperlink. e.g.- mailto:ninter-
ing written communication while others are the
common implementation structures of firewall 28. Lynx is a text only browser capable of displaying
B. True or False: - only one window at a time and runs on the
6. True. provider’s system. Hence large files get loaded
7. True. quickly.
8. False. – EDI stands for electronic data inter- 29. Cookie is a small piece of data sent to the user’s
change. browser from a World Wide Web server.
9. False. – URL stands for Uniform resource locator. Cookies make the Web much easier to navigate
10. True. and enable a Web site to store information on a
11. True. user’s machine and later retrieve it.
12. False.– Data diddling involves unauthorized 30. Radio Access Network.
modification of input submitted for process- D. Expansion of abbreviations:-
ing. 31. System Development Life Cycle.
13. True. 32. Data Flow Diagram.
14.True. 33. Program Design Language.
15. False. – Password should not be too short. 34. System Requirement Specifications.
Password combination should be random and 35. Request for Proposal.
use alpha and numeric characters easy to E. Matching as follows:-
remember but hard for the perpetrator to guess. Areas of Vulnerability Control Types
C. Answers in one word/sentence:- 36. Authorization of d. Management control
16. A type of dynamic analysis test, in which the software changes
functionality of the program is tested but not its 37. System Backup c. Operational control
internal logic. procedures
17. A bridge is an intra-network device that is used 38. Password management e. Technical control
either to extend or to segment networks.
18. A pre-established point-to-point communica- 39. Alarm system/ a. Physical Access control
tion link between computer terminals and a com- motion detectors
puter processor or between distributed a proces- 40. Smoke detectors b. Environmental controls
sor, which does not require dial-up access. and fire detectors
19. Coaxial cable.
20. ASCII & EBCDIC G. Answers of Multiple choice Questions:
21. An office automation technology that uses a
PBX to digitize and store telephone messages is Q. No. Ans. Q. No. Ans. Q. No. Ans. Q. No. Ans.
called Voice mail system. 41 B 42 D 43 D 44 A
22. Money, Length of cable, Future growth and 45 C 46 A 47 A 48 C
cable type.
23. Attenuation, Delay distortion and Noise. 49 D 50 C


1014 MARCH 2004