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Public Speaking Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Public Speaking Success in 20 Minutes a Day

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Published by: casanerd on Dec 01, 2010
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What is your favorite type of ethnic food? Do you like

spicy foods, such as hot chili, or do you prefer more

bland foods such as rice or plain noodles? Most meals

are made more enjoyable with a little spice—but too

much spice can ruin good food.

The same principle is true with public speaking.

You can spice up your speech by using visual aids, but

too many visual aids can become very distracting. Here

are a few techniques that you can use to add some zest

to your speech:

n Visual aids: As discussed previously, visual aids

can add great impact to your speech by demon-

strating visually what you are discussing verbally.

They also help to keep your audience awake.

n Humor: An amusing anecdote from time to

time livens up your speech and can also

increase your rapport with the audience. Too

much humor, however, can backfre, making

–good SPeaking requireS good liStening–

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–good SPeaking requireS good liStening–

you seem like a stand-up comedian rather than

someone with a serious message.

n Practical examples: It is important to give

practical examples in your speech, especially

if they address technical matters. But don’t get

carried away with these, or the audience will

think you’re treating them like children.

n Speed bumps: You can use verbal techniques

to jar your audience into attention, such as an

unexpected pause or attention-getting phrase

like “Now listen carefully to what I’m about to

say,” or “Did you catch that?” Overuse of such

techniques, however, can make you appear

too slick.

n Poetry: Reciting a short poem is an excellent

way to regain your audience’s attention, and it

can also help them remember your main

points. Restrict yourself to one poem per

speech, however, which should be just enough

to keep it interesting without going overboard.

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