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ActionScript 3.

0 – COMM/CISS-271-01 2008

ActionScript 3.0 Panel Features

Features Descriptions
1. Add new item The “add new item (+)” feature is a tool used mostly in script assist
mode to help you find ActionScript to use.
2. Find The “find” feature allows you to find and replace parts of your code.
3. Insert a target path The “insert a target path” feature helps you find and instance in your
flash file.
4. Check syntax The “check syntax” feature checks for errors in your code.
5. Auto format The “auto format” feature formats your code according to the settings
you specify in Flash CS3 preferences.
6. Show code hint The “show code hint” feature gives you tips of the parameters to send
into functions and popup menus that help you write code more
7. Debug options The “debug options” feature gives you options for debugging your code.
8. Collapse between braces The “collapse between braces” feature collapses a block of code from
the open curly brace ‘ { ‘ that you select to the closed curly brace ‘ } ‘
9. Collapse section The “collapse section” feature collapses your selected code.
10. Expand all The “expand all” feature expands all of your previously collapsed code.
11. Apply block comment The “apply block comment” feature disables the code you select by
turning it into a comment.
12. Apply line comment The “apply line comment” feature converts a line of code into a
comment, thus disabling it.
13. Remove comment The “remove comment” feature removes comments from any code you
have selected.
14. Show / Hide toolbox The “show / hide toolbox” feature shows or hides the toolbox – mostly
used in script assist mode.

Example of the Actions toolbar below: